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There’s a great deal of news to share with you this week. The legal “bullet” is finally catching up with Merck after years of dodging responsibility for Fosamax’s terrible side effects. Also, the latest research confirms bisphosphonates deplete your body of crucial antioxidants. And (finally!) there’s good news about water fluoridation.

Let’s start with the latest news about Merck…

Merck Agrees to Settle Fosamax ONJ Lawsuits

Savers are familiar with the horrible side-effect of bisphosphonates known as ONJ, or osteonecrosis of the jaw, which causes bones in the jaw to decay leading to loss of teeth and disfiguration. ONJ is caused by bisphosphonates, and Merck, maker of the popular bisphosphonate Fosamax, has been inundated with lawsuits from unsuspecting patients who have taken the drug and paid the high price of ONJ.

News Excerpt:

“Merck & Co Inc said on Monday that it was prepared to pay $27.7 million to settle lawsuits by hundreds of people who sued the company over allegations that its osteoporosis drug Fosamax caused bones in the jaw to deteriorate.

Merck, which confirmed the agreement later on Monday, said the accord requires a 100 percent participation rate and evidence that the claimants satisfy eligibility requirements. The deal covers about 1,200 people, the company said.” 1

ONJ is not the only disorder that’s been connected to Fosamax; the article goes on to point out that “…the settlement does not cover the 4,115 lawsuits the company continues to face by people claiming to have sustained femur fractures or other bone injuries due to taking Fosamax.” 1

It’s tragic to think of all the lives that have been negatively affected by this popular osteoporosis drug.

Of course, $27 million is a drop in the bucket for a pharmaceutical giant such as Merck; but even if this closes the chapter on ONJ lawsuits, Merck still faces multiple femur fracture lawsuits.

News Excerpt:

“Court documents, updated by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation reveal that on December 16 (2013), there were 899 cases pending in the Fosamax Products Liability Litigation (MDL 1789), and 1,107 cases pending in the Fosamax (Alendronate Sodium) Products Liability Litigation (No. II) (MDL 2243).” 2

How ironic that Fosamax, which is marketed as a drug that makes your bones stronger, actually has the opposite effect. Atypical femur fractures are a devastating side effect of this dangerous drug.

But it’s not surprising that Merck has agreed to settle; it has already racked in billions with sales of Fosamax and its patent has already expired. So now the search is on for new osteoporosis drugs. As was the case with bisphosphonates, new osteoporosis drugs will be approved by government regulators, and it will take years for all the terrible side-effects to show up and to be linked to the drug. This, unfortunately, is the nefarious cycle of osteoporosis drugs…

More Bad News about Bisphosphonates

The Save Our Bones philosophy is rooted in the concept of the body’s ability to repair, heal, and build itself when it’s given what it needs. Drugs are never part of the Save Our Bones equation, and it is always a mix of positive affirmation and a sense of tragedy when mainstream sources finally line up with aspects of this philosophy.

For example, recent research reveals that bisphosphonates are associated with decreased levels of the crucial antioxidants Coenzyme Q10 or ubiquinone and Vitamin E – something already revealed and discussed in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program from the get-go

News Excerpt:

“In postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, treatment with nitro-bisphosphonates appears to be associated with diminished coenzyme Q10 status and vitamin E levels, according to recent study findings.

Besides its anti-bone resorption mechanism, N-BP [nitro-bisphosphonates] may block a pathway that is involved in the cellular synthesis of coenzyme Q10, which in turn may place a greater antioxidant burden on vitamin E, according to the researchers.

They added that based on these findings, adjunctive supplementation may be warranted.

‘Investigations are now needed to determine whether coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E gamma-tocopherol deficiency are contributing factors for some serious N-BP-associated adverse effects,’ the researchers wrote.” 3

Nitro-bisphosphonates are the most widely prescribed type of bisphosphonate, such as Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel, Reclast and their generic versions. The ability of these drugs to inhibit crucial metabolic pathways is discussed extensively in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program:

“In short, nitrogenous bisphosphonates interfere with the production of coenzyme Q10 resulting in a potential deficiency that could be damaging. …That’s because CoQ10 is an essential vitamin-like fat-soluble antioxidant that is present in practically all cell membranes (thus its name ubiquinone). … Once converted into ubiquinol (QH2), which is the reduced form of ubiquinone (meaning that it lost one oxygen molecule), it operates as an antioxidant on its own and in synergy with the important antioxidant Vitamin E.”

You see, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is well ahead of its time. Over and over, there’s “new” research confirming what was written in the Program all along!

Good News! Nine US States Propose to Stop Fluoridation

The poisonous nature of fluoride is becoming more and more recognized. As it relates to bone health, fluoride has been found to actually increase the risk of fractures. Not surprisingly, a movement is afoot nationwide to reconsider adding fluoride to municipal water supplies.

News Excerpt:

“According to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), some 16 pieces of legislation across nine states were introduced or passed just within the past year to protect the public against this pervasive poison.

“‘In years past the dental lobby has been successful in getting pro-fluoridation bills introduced in state legislatures across the United States, including legislation that would mandate statewide fluoridation — a law 13 states presently have. But the tables are turning,’ explains FAN. ‘In 2013… instead of the introduction of pro-fluoride bills, we saw the exact opposite, with the introduction of 16 anti-fluoridation bills in 9 states.’” 4

This is wonderful news – fluoride is a toxin that should not be ingested by anyone. (This is why fluoridated toothpaste carries a warning against ingestion.) In the Osteoporosis Hydration Protocol, a free report included with the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, the dangers of fluoride are discussed extensively. As mentioned earlier, countless studies have shown that fluoride damages your bones and actually increases fracture rates, especially the dreaded hip fractures.

Let’s hope the tide continues in the anti-fluoride direction!

Till next time,


1 Raymond, Nate and Dye, Jessica. “Merck agrees to proposed $27.7 million settlement over Fosamax lawsuits.” Reuters. Dec. 9 2013. Web.
“Fosamax Multidistrict Litigation Moves Forward: AttorneyOne Can Provide Advice.” Digital Journal. January 15, 2014. Web.

2 Kalyan S. “Nitro-bisphosphonates may inhibit antioxidant vitamin E levels in women with osteoporosis.” J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2014; doi:10.1210/hc.2013-3648.
3 Huff, Ethan A. “Nine states propose 16 anti-fluoridation bills in 2013 to protect public against poison.” Natural News. December 19, 2013. Web.

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  1. Karen Bradley

    I have had jawbone necrosis due to Prolia and had surgery 2 weeks ago. I wonder if the lawyer that settled the Fosamax suit would be willing to take on Prolia. I am beyond angry.

  2. Elsa J Hernandez

    I took Fosamax for 10 years. It caused me to have leaky gut and I had to have 2 dilatations of the glottis for inability to swallow and eat properly. I had terrible pain in my jaws and cramps in the mandible. I lost several teeth in the process. The main problem was leaky gut, due to stricture of the esophagus caused by this Fosamax, of which I was unaware of the effects. I had to use pads all the time or diapers because I never knew when I would have leaky gut. It was embarrassing, I was in a lot of mandibular pain, I lost weight because I could not eat. I am so sad that all my good years of living were not good. I would have leaky gut at work, I would have to spend the whole morning in the bathroom or come home. I could not go to dinners or parties. I could not enjoy outings. Leaky gut and mandible pain, I could not open my mouth wide. And the doctors, quiet about these side effects. Not caring. What a shame that hard working people like me in America had to suffer so much due to the effects of Fosamax.

  3. Laura

    I started taking this in October 2017 after breaking my wrist. It was prescribed by my rheumatologist (I have RA). After the 1st month I had gained weight, had headaches, split nails and aches all over I had never experienced before this drug. I called his office to give him the growing list of side effects and was told he wanted me to keep taking it for at least a year. I am not continuing and have a call in to my PCP. How dare they still prescribe this knowing all the horrible side effects!! I am disgusted with all of this and am wondering how long does it take to get out of my system? I have been on it for appx 4 months. Thank you in advance.

    • Lori Peters

      I suffered a hip fracture following use of Fosamax in 2016 and now am dealing with a tooth implant that is failing due to the deterioration and erosion of my jawbone which I feel is also related to this horrible drug! I would like to know if there are currently any open class action lawsuits! If not, there needs to be! Merck knew about these horrendous side affects and were more interested in making money than in the health of the public . So frustrating!!!

      • Gay Snyder

        I fractured my left femer in 2009 and my right femur 17 months later. I had been on Fosamax for 8 years. Never once was I told about the possible side effects. I had terrible thigh pain for months before it happened.. none of my doctors knew what was causing it. I still have pain. I have a lawyer in California but it’s been years now and still nothing. I am so discouraged and angry. We had the right to know this could happen. Merck should make things right.

  4. Ruth Bowman

    I have had a difficult time trying to find an attorney that is taking on Fosamax injury claims. Do you know of anyone willing to listen to my case? Thank you, Ruth

    • Doris

      Actonel caused my femur fracture merke needs to pay up.

      • Kim Manriquez

        on 10/28/18 I broke my femur on my right, and my femur on my left can go anytime. I have taking Actonel for 15 years. Is there an attorney currently in California taking cases

  5. Patti Patterson


    Anyone know the latest update on settlement of pending claims against Merck on Fosamax claims

    • Brenda O'Keefe

      I am a registered complainant, but have heard nothing about how soon this action will result in a settlement.

      • Dianne Tritschler

        I was on this drug for 10 years until I realized it made me lose all of my teeth and basically destroyed my jaw. I have spent close to $40,000 to remake my jaw so that I can have teeth to comfortably eat. Is there any way I can participate in this class action suit? Who would I contact?

  6. Susan Davis

    I was prescribed Fosamax following chemotherapy for breast cancer at age 50. I was to take it daily for 5 years, Two years in, I asked my oncologist if Fosamax could be the cause of the sudden and continuous dental issues I was having. That was 2007, she said “no.” My son died one week later, so my mind was focused on that for at least 5 years through counseling – although dental issues were continuous. When Merck discovered Fosmax had this side affect – no one told me. I took it from fall 2005 until fall 2010-still see the same oncologist annually. Recently, had MRIs done of femurs, hips, cervical spine, lumbar spine, and a full body dexascan. Osteoporosis is everywhere (& arthritis), risk fracture 10%, lumbar spine – multiple bone spurs, multiple bulging degenerative discs, hips show fissures (cracks) in the femural heads, femurs show marrow edema (noted as stress related), cervical spine many issues with loss of disc height, disc bulges, and the DEXA scan summary of Spine T-scores -2.3, femoral neck -2.8, hip -2.1, and forearm -2.3…which are all bad. I’ve taken 1200mg of Calcium w/D since the 1980s. As time went on, my mandible deteriorated with every type of imaginable issue – right now (most recent), front mandible was too narrow from bone loss to support 4 teeth – which were pulled, bone grafts placed and I await implants-horrid surgery. I was told legally, I waited too long for the mandible issues – although I asked in 2007, facts surfaced in 2013 and I was told nothing. Current MRIs/DEXA, to me, seem to be all be related to Fosamax and bone loss EVERYWHERE. Stopped taking it in late 2010, was told by a maxofacial surgeon in 2017 affects will continue for a few more years and then taper off. Makes me really, really mad.

  7. Ebony Robertson

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2011 due to an over usage of the depo provera shot.I took that shot from 2003 until 2011 n is suffering from osteoporosis at age 32.I was then given the drug fosamax to treat my bone density problem.While on fosamax i fell and suffered a distal radial fracture in my left wrist.I am sedking a lawyer for these matters!!!! Please. help me

    • Susan Davis

      The good thing is, you are within the 10 year limit for being able to file a product liability claim against Merck. But, I would suggest you arm yourself with MRIs of your lumbar spine, your cervical spine, your right and left hips, your femurs, and get a full body dexascan (instead of the minor one they usually do). I was shocked at my reports – but at least I think I have, based upon those reports – what I need to get representation from the damage to the rest of my body – and then, an attorney told me, he could “throw in” the issues I have been having with my mandible since before 2007. The bad thing is, there is no cure for the bone-related problems that were found on mine. I did go to a spine and pain center where the doctor is double board certified as a bone doctor and an anesthesiologist – so he provides injections using a flouroscope into the areas affecting the surrounding nerves. They aren’t fun, but if the pain will be eased, its all I can do. Hope this helps.


    who do I contact regarding the Fosamax Alendronate Sodium law suite.
    I took for 2 weeks and have been conically ill with GI issues. Now being treated
    at Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa FL. /advised not colon cancer, but fistula’s and diverticula inflammation caused by recent Fosamax Alendronate Sodium drug use

    • Susan Davis

      I have seen that GI problems is one of the side effects. You can google product liability attorneys and you can also add fosamax to the search and you can contact any law firm anywhere in the U.S. Many of their websites offer a “chat box” but I would call the office instead. Those where I used the chat box didn’t always call me back. Be on the lookout for problems with your teeth, jaw, pain in thighs/hips. Be sure to take 1200mg of calcium with Vitamin D. Don’t take any biophosphonate drugs – ask for an alternative. Eat lots of food that has calcium as well.If you have bone or dental issues, collect info to back that up before you contact a law firm. Good luck.

    • Sylvia

      Did you get an answer?

  9. Anthony Morris

    Update on wife, three surgeries later after 2 femur breaks. Had to replace metal rod in leg, rod fractured after 18 months.
    Leg is one inch shorter, has to use cane.
    No longer able to take the long walks she used to really enjoy.

    • Susan Davis

      Highly recommend that you contact a product liability attorney – there are class action lawsuits out there collecting patients who have had fractures of the femur.

      • Lori Peters

        This information has been helpful! I took two doses of Fosamax and my femur fractured! What was shocking was that after only one dose I felt immediate pain in my right hip and groin. And the pain just increased each day. I took a second dose a week later and actually felt my hip break! It was then that I read the small print included in the package insert for this drug. Ironically it was only a year earlier that an orthopedic surgeon told me that this hip was in great shape (I intentionally had him check it out since the other hip had to be replaced). I have since run into several people who have had issues with this drug but none as severely as myself. It’s good to know that I do have some time to research my options. I do need to find an attorney first of all! This was a horrible surgery and the pain was unbelievable. I am so angry with Merck and the FDA!!! And what makes me the most angry of all is that this fracture and following surgery were entirely unnecessary!

  10. Sue Snaith

    Please help me ! I am in such pain in my jaw and have so far had 5 teeth removed ( front teeth !) I have never experienced pain like this in my life – it is relentless . I was diagnosed with osteoporosis years ago and put on Fosomax and then had two Aclasta drips a year apart . I am such a mess with fractures of the spine, right arm and left foot but none of the bone fractures pain is close to the pain I am experiencing in my jaw . I live on pain killers and the dentist puts me on antibiotics for the infection in my bone but it is not working … I see him again this week and know that more teeth will come out as they are so loose . It appears that very little is known of this in SA. If you know whom I should see – I live in C.T. I would appreciate it. Kind regards.

    • Mary

      Get yourself to a Dr that can prescribe oxygen therapy. I spent 40 days in a chamber trying to heal my jaw after taking Fosamax. I have a huge hole in my jaw

      • Susan Davis

        Hope you joined in a class action lawsuit for mandible issues related to the use of biophosphonate drugs!! Terrible – Merck knew but wouldn’t acknowledge for several years.

  11. Jay Elam

    I have stage four lung cancer that wasn’t discovered until I was trying to find out why my back hurt so much at the T-4 vertebra. Turns out the lung cancer which hadn’t been discovered metastasized to the T-4. Did radiation on the T-4 with good results. Took chemo for the lung cancer for about a year I guess. Next it was necrosis of the lower jaw. Small place on the left side, large piece on the right which I eventually removed. The bone had broken towards the front of my mouth, and one evening it just stood up straight I couldn’t close my mouth. Tried pushing it back down with no luck. Beginning to panic, I grabbed the piece of necrotic bone and pushed and pulled on it until it came out the back part of the 1 1/2″ bone still had a little meat on it, and it bled a lot, but quit hurting. I was glad that it broke where it did, into live bone. I have a large hole in my gum which healed after the dead bone was removed. Naturally, we took me off of X- Geva. Since then, scans showed no change for about a year. Have had a lot of back pain throughout the whole ordeal. Recently it got worse in my lower back. Scans showed metastasis to the L-1 vertebrae and a little more in the same general vicinity. I’m about 5″ shorter than I was when the cancer was first diagnosed. I think it would be a good idea for me to learn how to reverse some of this if possible, or to keep it from getting worse if rebuilding isn’t an option.
    Nobody at the cancer center told me why my spine had developed a large curve, convex to the left in my spine. I am scheduled for another round of radiation beginning in two days. Only ten treatments this time, so it must be small.
    What can I do to stop this metastasis to my spine? From what I’ve read it looks like it will continue to the point of being non ambulatory. I’d rather avoid that scenario if at all possible. I’m grateful for any advice you might have.
    Then I had pain in the left hip. Metastasis to the left iliac wing

  12. Cindy Quivey

    I am writing for my mother who is 88 years of age. She has curvature of the spine and has lost 5 inches off of her height. She has her hip bones rubbing against each other and she is in enormous pain. The doctors took her off of the drug she was on a few years ago but the damage was done. I believe it was Fosamax and I know it was not Boniva. She was taken off the medication shortly after the ads stopped running. She probably received a letter from a law firm regarding a lawsuit but tossed it seeing it as advertisement. My mother has gone through so much crap because of this drug and was in fantastic shape and very active, but know she is ashamed to go out in the public because of her curvature and the inability to walk without pain. How sad and unfortunate for someone who has given so much to anyone she meets.

  13. Cindy Bryan

    My nightmere started in 2011. I was on Boniva first for a few months, then I went on generic for fosomax. I started taking the medicines in 2009. Approximately 2 years later, out of the blue, I collapsed at the store. I fail to the ground. I went by ambulance to the hospital to find out my right femur broke right in half. Then after that I have had 2 broken ankles. Then I refused to stay on that medicine after that and my arthritic doctor put me on prolia . Well, since I have been on that I have had a broken pelvis and three broken ribs. So you tell me that the medicines are not causing this. I am so frustrated. The medicines just made my bones brittle. Thank You

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am so sorry to hear about your fractures, Cindy. That must have been a very difficult time! Remember, your body is remarkably capable of healing and recovering if you give it what it needs. If you want to go off the drugs and try the natural route, now may be the time – the decision is yours, of course, but we’re here for you regardless. Hang in there!

  14. Nancy

    Re my comment Aug 20,2015. The 3 I v injections were Aclasta or Zoledronic Acid not Pamidronate as I mistakenly stated. No one mentions this drug. It is the drug that caused the stress fracture in my right femur as stated by my Orthapeadic surgeon. He doesn’t know what to do. Just monitor it or do “nailing” surgery to prevent complete fracturing. I fell and broke my left femur in June of this year so am not too anxious to undergo another serious surgery. Has anyone else had Stress fractures from Aclasta? It is in the same category as Fosamex. Maybe it is too soon for things to be showing up. I am now on Forteo injections for 6 months. Comments please.

  15. Nancy williams

    i took 3 IV doses of Pamidronate and after having a bone scan due to sore knees they found I have a stress fracture in the right thigh which doctor says was caused by taking Pamidronate. I am worried about it fracturing completely. Incidentally after just learning about the stress fracture on right leg I fell from a landing on left side and have a serious break in left femur at top also trochanter breaks have a rod in leg and was in hospital for 23 days. After pain I have been in am worried about right leg fracturing. I had just started taking Forteo injections a week before I fell. Doctor says Forteo should help the break heal. I have severe osteoporosis in the spine but osteopenia of the hip. Any comments.

  16. Anthony Morris

    My Wife, broke both femurs and has had three surgeries.

    Any chance that she will be compensated for pain and suffering?

    • Carol Fiddie

      I used Fosamax for 13 years and I have suffered 33 bones fractured. I fractured my femur bone once in the left leg and twice in the right leg. I cannot stand up straight because of my back and other issues and my life is not what it used to be. Is there anybody out there doing anything about all these bone fractures from taking Fosamax that women have endured and taken Merck and Co on?

      • Mary

        Besides my jaw dying which I had sued Fosamax for, my ankle bone disintegrated and the Drs at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan glued my leg together I’m not 1 1/4″ shorter now and I have severe nerve pain. The lawyers say it’s not enough evidence so I can’t sue for my leg though it happened all at the same time. It ruined my life I’m in pain 24/7, I go to work everyday because I refuse to live on the $700 a month our govt hands out to the handicapped. By the time I get home I’m in agony. I was in such good shape before taking this horrific drug. I hate Merck they ruined my life

  17. Nu Ly

    I have many health problems and can’t do anything. Many thanks
    for the past, you gave me valued information and e-mail’s. I will never forget your
    generosity and kindness, Thank you very much.

  18. Maureen grant

    Borax: I occasionally dip my finger in the borax jar and take a glass of water with it It is reportedly good for arthritis (The naturally occurring one is better I presume). I have just started this. I stopped the Prolia after the first injection, thanks to the info from Vivian. Suggested by a doctor/homepath to take instead “Edible Earth” ( (ca1mg in proper ratio) Plus 4-6 gms sodium ascorbate daily and Vit K 2.)

  19. Kathy Siuda

    Please enlighten us on Exgeva and Prolia. They say they are different from the bisfosphonates. Is this true????

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Kathy,
      Exgeva and Prolia (both names for denosumab) are definitely different from bisphosphonates, but they are not good for your bones. 🙂 I reviewed denosumab in a blog post – you might find it enlightening! Here is the link:


    CONGRATULATIONS Prophet Vivian! I thank God foremost for giving me wisdom in getting your Osteoporosis Reversal Program book, reading it and internalizing everything that you discussed there. I am a chemist and the biochemistry discussion which you used to explain to our SaveOurBones Community was simple and clear to follow.

    I wrote to you about the possibility that I might have to take Actonel or Reclast. You gave me more info about the side effects but left the decision to me. I realize that I was the one resposible for anything that I take for my Body and I stood firm, and did not take any of these drugs. I am so happy that I did. I will have nightmares after the good News that you shared with us today!

    Kudos Vivian!

    I am very happy also to share with you that since I am still a working Mom, I found in our place a flourideless toothpaste and had been using it since 2 months ago.

    Warmest regards and God’s Blessings multiply MORE & MORE to you Vivian and your loved ones.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Jessica, I thank you for your kind words, and I am so very glad to hear that you were unafraid to stand firm in your health decisions! You are the one who deserves the kudos. 🙂

  21. Roxanne

    Walter Last has written an article about the benefits of taking borax for arthritis and notes it helps build bones. Vivian, please comment as I’m considering this for my arthritis and osteopenia.

  22. LynnCS

    Hi Vivian. On Dec 9th last year, I broke my ankle and have in rehab ever since. The surgeon said, I have very, very, very, soft bones. Now, of course, my regular doctor, wants to give me Strontium and get a new Dexa Scan. I told him that I’ve heard negative things about Strontium and wasn’t sure about the efficacy of the Dexa. He said he’s willing to look at any info on Strontium. I’m still trying to find your posts on it. I found what you wrote in your book, but need some more info. Thanks in advance.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Lynn,
      I have definitely written quite a bit on strontium! In fact, if you use the Search feature at the top of the blog page, you can access a list of all the posts I’ve written on a given topic. 🙂 Here are the results from a strontium search:

      I hope you find the information helpful!

  23. Pat

    Thank you Vivian for keeping us all informed. Much appreciated.

  24. Ralph

    Do recommend taking Enzyme and Probiotics supplements?

  25. Margaret Hawthorne

    Do you have any comments for those dealing with bone cancer in regard to taking bisphosfonates to harden bones with cancer. I’m taking estrogen blockers which depletes bones of important nutrients but inhibits the growth of bone cancer.

  26. Jane

    I am no longer on Fosamax but took it for 8 years. I discontinued it about 7 years ago. I have deep and unrelenting pain throughout my body which has not stopped even after stopping the drug. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia shortly after starting the drug and I also have Arthritis throughout my body. Do you know of others who have had this deep pain even after discontinuing the drug?

    • Maire

      I have discontinued Fosamax for reasons which are horrific, I collected my prescription in November 2012 and developed acute breathing problems, I was concerened that the packaging had changed so contacted the supplier to ask why. They said the package was changed but the tablets were not, so I continued to take themThen in December I went to North Wales to attend my Son’s wedding and two days before, I collapsed in Wrexham, it was as though my lungs were held in a grip and I could not breathe, fortunately I recovered ,but when I returned home My doctor sent me to the Chest clinic in case my heart was not pumping enough oxygen to the lungs. the report was good my heart was ok, then two weeks later I felt as if I had something crawling under my skin on the back of my neck and shoulders, and dreadful pain in the tops of my arms, a deep throbbing. then I broke out in sores on my shoulders arms legs and stomach, on my chest and neck was such itching I felt I could tear my throat out the itching was so bad, then the sores started breaking out on my face.That was when I knew enough was enough I stopped the fosamax right away , contacted the MHRA and spoke to a lady who was most concerned and said she would look into it. A week later she sent me a email to say she had contacted Fosamax who informed her the leaflet in the box say’s the side effects are breathing problems and a rash. I now have Fybromalgia and scars left from the sores. Any body out there on this drug do yourself a favour and stop or don’t take it.

      • Felicita Deavis

        Your information convinced me once more on my determination not to use Fosamax. Thank you.

  27. Crete Sham

    Thanks again Vivian for all the enlightening info. Thanks for caring about us helpless individuals!

  28. Kathy Siuda

    I follow your wisdom like a hawk. Thank you for being there for us. Can you tell me if the denosumab, Xgeva, is as horrible as Fozamex. They tell me it is different but I can not believe it is. Thank you soooo much. Kathy

  29. Jaqueline Murdoch

    Would you kindly indicate if there is any difference between natural fluoride and artificially added fluoride. I grew up in an area where the water is very hard, loads of minerals from artesian wells. My dentists have always remarked how strong my teeth are because of my early exposure to fluoride. Many thanks!

    • Jeni

      Early exposure to Artificial fluoride is not indication of healthy teeth. (More like your liver dealt with the poison when you are younger.)

      Natural fluoride does not have the level of toxicity in the body BUT when it gets over/around 5.0 in the body then it does cause growth deformities, I did read somewhere of a village in the East Mediterranean area, where everyone had big hands and short necks because the fluoride was around 5.0 .( cant remember the name of it but will still google it etc)
      Artificial Fluoride is definitely worse! I was always told that I had good teeth as they were VERY white. Now I know that was the first signs of fluorosis, and now I have osteoporosis to contend with. I have lived in 2 fluoridated areas prior to this. NONE of my family have osteoporosis.

  30. Cherie

    Can’t imagine how things would have turned out if not for your tenacious research. I took Boniva for almost a year, suffered enough after 9 months and just quit. Started your program about 2 years ago and never looked back! Thanks! It is my understanding the topical fluoride is good for teeth, is that true? I realize that ingesting it is very bad but what about topical use?

  31. Mary

    Besides the danger to bones from fluoride, it replaces iodine that the thyroid need for proper functioning.

    With fluoride, chlorine & chloramine in our water & toothpastes, bromine in most flours it is no wonder thyroid disease is rampant.

    That makes them at least a triple whammy.

  32. Joyce

    Vivian, I have been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis, arthritis and Paget’s disease of the right hip. My alkaline phosphatase level was twice the amount it should be. After a great deal of pain, (keeping me awake at night), I was given Atelvia. It relieved my pain and my alkaline phosphatase level has come down dramatically. I keep thinking the Atelvia is like poison I’m putting into my body. The doctor keeps telling me “don’t fall.” What am I to do?

  33. Linda

    I got your book a few weeks ago and have already seen a huge change. I started drinking distilled water and I know this sounds crazy but from the first day of drinking it I stopped getting up at night to use the bathroom. I always got up twice a night for the last 20 years. I am shocked! Has anyone ever had this response to no fluoride??

  34. Estelle

    Vivian, you are the greatest. Thanks for informing us. You will always be the first with me.

  35. Barbara Biermann

    What about prolia is it bad too

  36. meg

    Funny about fluoride….just had my teeth cleaned yesterday and the hygienist asked if I wanted a “floride treatment”. I politely declined. Perhaps I should try educating her. I am sure this was not covered in her schooling.

    About Fosamax….I hear about the lawsuits but I am waiting for someone to sue for Boniva. At the insistence of my doctor, I took Boniva, followed the directions explicitly, and ended up with a hole in my esophagus!! My gastro doctor, who discovered the hole, told me to discontinue Boniva immediately. It took about a year for this “hole” to heal.

  37. agnes gordon

    Finally a pharmaceutical is listening to us and paying us for having tremendous pain while on osteoporosis medication.

    After I told my physician what the meds are doing to me, he finally realized that I was not being difficult regarding his prescriptions about osteoporosis. When my JAW LOCKED he told me that indeed I should stop taking any medication re bone loss. Thanks for all the articles. You are the best!!!

  38. Pat

    Glad to hear the news about fluoride. I won’t drink anything but spring water as our city water is nasty. No government should be able to force people to ingest something that is not good for them.

  39. JsdR

    Have you heard anything about Ocean’s Bounty by
    Dr. Derrick DeSilva. Says it is made from seaweed and builds bones of steel along with a lot of other things.

  40. Terrell Wexler

    And now Albuquerque is considering putting fluoride BACK in the water after 3 years of not doing so! Talk about going backwards!

  41. Sheila

    Is there a way to post this on FB?

    • Customer Support

      Sheila, simply hover your mouse to the left of the article, and a menu will appear with a Facebook sharing option. 🙂

  42. Shar Longworth

    Your feelings on K2please

  43. Betty

    Thanks again for your great research. We wouldn’t hear this information without the resources you have to share it.

  44. Edna LeBlanc

    Would it be possible for you to tell us the names of the States that will stop the Fluoridation of water?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Edna, the states are Utah, Tennessee, New Jersey, S. Dakota, Connecticut, Minnesota, Illinois, Arkansas, and Kansas. If you’ll take a look at the bottom of the post, you’ll see the link in the reference section 🙂

      • mary

        I worked in an Ohio school for years where they served the
        “Rinse and spit” fluoride that some of us called poison. Educational staff need educated on how to fight properly for the kids on this matter.

  45. Leslie (Ms. L. Carmel)

    Hi Vivian,

    Is Florida One Of The Nine States To Stop Fluoridation? I Sure Hope So. Fluoride Also Needs To Be Taken Out Of Toothpaste And Other Products That Have Fluoride In Them.

    Thank You Very Much, As Always, For All The Research You Do For Us.


  46. Clinton Bashore

    Thanks for the information on fluoride, but why do you not list the most obvious result of fluoridation…(knock knees)

  47. Nicky

    Wonderful news Vivian x

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