The 6 Bone-Healthy Foods with a ‘Shady’ Reputation

shady-bone-health-foods17 comments

You are probably aware of a group of vegetables known as “nightshades,” which continue to be the subject of controversy. So you could be asking if they are healthy or harmful to your bones. And that’s not surprising, since even the name of the plants – nightshades – sounds a bit dubious. After all, Deadly Nightshade is an often fatally … Click to continue →

The Leafy Green Vegetable That Builds Your Bones

kale-bone-health32 comments

One of the most amazing things about fruits and vegetables is that they perform so many tasks in the body, including building bone. That’s why the Save Our Bones Program lists so many of them as Foundation Foods. Not too long ago, you read about multitasking cruciferous vegetables. Today we’re going to look closely at a powerful bone-building member of … Click to continue →

Review And Side Effects Of Duavee: The New FDA Approved Osteoporosis Drug

duavee-approved35 comments

A few days ago, on October 3rd, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced the FDA’s approval of its brand new osteoporosis drug Duavee. It’s designed to decrease hot flashes in menopausal women, and treat osteoporosis in post-menopausal women who have not had a hysterectomy. It will be available for prescription in the US in 2014. Is Duavee any different from the already … Click to continue →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Approval Of New GMO Soy, Israel To Stop Water Fluoridation, Milk’s Slow Death, And More!

osteoporosis-news41 comments

Today we have bad news and good news for the osteoporosis community. There’s bad news about genetically-modified soy, but good news about municipal water fluoridation in Israel. And milk makes news again – this time because it appears to be slowly dying out. On to the news! Let’s start with the soy… Bayer has come out with a new type … Click to continue →

Can A Slow Thyroid Cause Low Bone Density?

thyroid-osteoporosis35 comments

The incidence of hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, has reached epidemic proportions. Synthroid (levothyroxine), typically prescribed to accelerate the gland’s activity, is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States, especially for people over the age of 50. Besides the frustrating symptoms and overall effect on your health, a slow thyroid is also damaging to your bones. Let’s … Click to continue →

Latest Osteoporosis News: Breakthrough Technology A Big Boost For Bone Drugs, New Injectable Bone Cement, NASA Study On Beds And Bones, And More!

osteoporosis-news23 comments

As you know by now, I always strive to keep the Save Our Bones community up to date on the latest osteoporosis news. Today I have all kinds of interesting news to share with you, including a tiny new device that’s causing the Medical Establishment to question DEXA scans as the “gold standard,” and a new futuristic method to fix … Click to continue →

These Multitasking Foods Build Your Bones, Cleanse Your Body, And Give You More Energy. Are You Eating Them?

cruciferous-osteoporosis22 comments

In today’s world, we’re all multitasking. It seems like the only way to get anything done, and it’s become an integral part of society. Nonetheless, it can get aggravating and leave you feeling frazzled. Besides, multitasking is not always the most productive approach. Foods, however, are natural multitaskers that get things done without any stress or aggravation on your part. … Click to continue →

The Save Our Bones Daily Double Challenge #7

daily-double-challenge17 comments

I am thrilled to unveil to you today the newly redesigned Save Our Bones website. We've incorporated a lot of the feedback we received from our community into the new site. Rest assured that behind this new exterior, our core values remain the same. Save Our Bones is all about sharing easy and scientifically proven ways to achieve optimal bone … Click to continue →

New Discovery: The Shocking Link Between Your Brain And Your Bones

brain-bone14 comments

As summer draws to a close, it’s a great time to engage in bone-healthy activities that fit the season such as taking walks to enjoy the colorful foliage. But shorter days and less sunlight can sometimes make us feel sad and generally “down.” Thankfully, these feelings are transient and don’t typically progress into depression. As new research sheds light on … Click to continue →

How To Build Your Bones While Boosting Your Immunity

probiotics-osteoporosis124 comments

Autumn is just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere. Evening comes a bit earlier each day, the air is beginning to cool, and there’s the barest hint of color on the leaves. In contrast to the seasonal change, one thing has definitely stayed the same: the scare tactics used by the Medical Establishment around this time every year. Because … Click to continue →

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