Weekend Challenge: The Hump Straightener


Today I’m going to show you an exercise to help you correct and prevent Dowager’s Hump, a concern for all of us in the Save Our Bones community. Dowager’s Hump (aka kyphosis) begins with forward head posture and rounded shoulders, and culminates in an unattractive “hunchbacked” appearance. More often than not, it results from poor posture, and not necessarily from … Click to continue →

Good News: Epigenetics Proves That You’re Not Stuck With The Bones You Have!


Today you’re going to discover something amazing: you are not stuck with the bones you have, even if you have a family history of osteoporosis. According to an innovative branch of science known as epigenetics or epigenomics, there are easy lifestyle changes you can embrace that actually alter the expression of your genes. And here’s the good news: this applies … Click to continue →

How’s Your Balance? Take This 30-Second Test To Find Out


Today you’ll discover a simple test so you can determine whether your balance is in top shape or if you need to take action to improve it. In addition, you’ll also get an easy yet effective exercise that you can practice anytime anywhere to enhance your balance. Let’s begin by exploring this very important topic... Without your having to think … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The Squat Jack


Today I’m thrilled to bring you the Squat Jack, a very effective exercise that targets your ankles while also strengthening your feet and hips. This is really important because studies have shown that over the past three decades, ankle fractures, especially in women over 60, have tripled.1 The Squat Jack combines elements of both jumping jacks and squats. Besides strengthening … Click to continue →

One Minor Tweak To Your Diet Can Make A Major Difference To Your Bones


Sometimes, little things can make a big difference. Today's topic is a perfect example. Savers know that strong muscles are crucial for healthy bones, and that muscle tissue is made of protein. So what else is new? A breakthrough study has shown that the timing of protein consumption matters tremendously in order to reap its maximum muscle-building benefits to increase … Click to continue →

5 Food Ingredients That Deplete Your Bones Of Crucial Vitamins, Minerals, And Antioxidants


Did you know that there are five common food ingredients that actually starve your bones of vital nutrients, many of which are Foundation Supplements? You see, in today’s pre-packaged, convenience-food world, all sorts of additives and preservatives are added to foods to prolong shelf life and to enhance color and flavor. These substances can undermine the bone-healthy nutrients you’re trying … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Forearm And Wrist Pump


Today’s exercise increases bone density of critical bones in the forearm that are prone to fracture, including the wrists. The forearms are the most neglected muscles in the body, so for this weekend’s challenge, we’re going to turn our attention to them. The Forearm and Wrist Pump is not a difficult or complicated exercise, but it’s extremely beneficial. It works … Click to continue →

The Color Of Bone Health: Discover The Pigment That Builds Your Bones


Today you’ll discover the flavonoid plant pigment that has been scientifically proven to increase bone density both in the spine and hips. The best part is that this powerful bone-builder can be found in many every-day delicious brightly colorful foods. You see, the food industry often uses artificial colors to give appealing hues to all sorts of foods, from cereal … Click to continue →

Proof That Calcium Supplements Miraculously Improve Balance And Prevent Falls


Today you’ll discover something really amazing. Because it turns out that there’s a lot more to calcium than stronger bones. This multi-tasking mineral provides other very important but little-known bone health benefits. Not only does it help make your bones stronger and denser; calcium actually prevents falls by improving cognitive function. And there’s even more to calcium – it has … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Thoracic Back Press


I’m always looking for ways to help you build your bones, especially in areas most prone to fracture. So I’m really excited to bring you this weekend’s challenge: the Thoracic Back Press. Today’s exercise prevents vertebral fractures because it works critical muscle groups in your middle back, where your thoracic vertebrae are located. It’s specifically designed to build bone density … Click to continue →

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