Celebrity Chef Pete Evans Embroiled In Controversy Because He Gives Good Osteoporosis Advice - Save Our Bones

When a celebrity dares to speak out against the Establishment, more often than not, the Establishment strikes back.

This is exactly what happened to famous Australian chef Pete Evans, who has ruffled the feathers of doctors and scientists for daring to suggest a drug-free, nutritional approach for osteoporosis.

Chef Pete also endorses fluoride-free water and a Paleo-style diet, further inciting criticism from the Medical Establishment and the Mainstream Media.

I, for one, commend his attitude, and I’d like to share with you today the details of his latest confrontation with the Establishment.

So What Happened?

Pete Evans may well be asking himself the same question!

In fact, he posted this on his Facebook page:

“I can't help but find it so bizarre as to why some people find my food choices so offensive.”

Here’s what happened. A fan wrote this query as part of a Q&A conversation on Chef Pete’s Facebook page:

“I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. My doctor insists that medication is the only way, can Paleo help?”

(This should sound familiar to many Savers – with very few exceptions, drugs are touted as “the only way” by the Medical Establishment.)

Chef Pete replied as follows:

“I would strongly suggest removing dairy and eating the paleo way as calcium from dairy can remove the calcium from your bones.”

When the fan expressed surprise, Chef Pete said further,

“…read one of my comments below on calcium – most doctors do not know this information.”1

In making such a recommendation, Chef Pete unwittingly stepped onto the Medical Establishment’s “turf,” creating a firestorm of criticism and contempt for the chef.

Endocrinologist and professor Peter Ebeling, who also happens to be a medical director of Osteoporosis Australia, inadvertently underscored Chef Pete’s point about medical ignorance with his response:

“The keystone to preventing osteoporosis is adequate calcium intake and this is achieved by three (daily) serves of calcium-rich foods like dairy. Dairy is the most easily available source and has the highest calcium content in it.”2

It’s fairly obvious that Dr. Ebeling does not know the latest information about dairy, calcium, and osteoporosis!

And Dr. Brad Robinson of Brisbane had this to say to Chef Pete:

“You are a chef, NOT a doctor. …You do not have access to information that us uneducated doctors do not. Your astounding advice about osteoporosis would be amusing if it wasn’t so potentially damaging…Can we make a deal? You don’t give medical advice and I won’t tell you how to best shuck oysters. Agreed?”2

Let’s take a closer look at these scathing comments

First, let’s consider the endocrinologist’s assessment that the “keystone to preventing osteoporosis” is three servings of dairy a day…if this is the case, why does anyone get osteoporosis in dairy-consuming regions of the world?

As it says in Chapter 6 of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program:

“…it is a confirmed fact that countries that consume large amounts of cows’ milk have high rates of the calcification form of heart disease and of diagnosed osteoporosis in the hip areas. Countries consuming virtually no dairy products, such as Japan, have lower levels of osteoporosis than the US, and the lowest rates of heart disease and cancer in the world.”

In addition, the Program notes that “Americans have one of the world’s highest calcium intakes from dairy products but still have one of the world’s highest rates of diagnosed osteoporosis.”

According to the Australian Dairy Industry’s 2015 report, Australians consume 2,481 million liters of milk annually, which works out to 105 liters per person each year.3 It looks like there is no shortage of dairy consumption in Australia, so if the endocrinologist was correct, then no one in Australia (or any milk-drinking country) should have osteoporosis. Of course, this is not the case.

Notice that Chef Pete suggested that his fan stop consuming dairy products, not that she should never start. That’s because she, like the vast majority of Australians, was undoubtedly already consuming dairy. And she had osteoporosis. It seems that the Medical Establishment refuses to connect the dots here!

If the doctors refuse to face the facts and, in spite of the clear scientific evidence, continue to advise their osteoporotic patients to drink milk, why should a celebrity food expert like Chef Pete have to keep silent about nutrition’s role in osteoporosis? After all, the study of food and nutrition is a very small fraction of what’s taught in medical school, while food studies are certainly a huge portion of a chef’s education. Yet mainstream doctors consider themselves to be the undisputed experts on the topic. Incredible!

The Medical Establishment Is Also Contemptuous Of You, The Public

At the Save Institute, we believe that the information presented in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and on this site “… is intended to help you make informed decisions about your health and to cooperate with your healthcare provider in a joint quest for optimal wellness.”

The Medical Establishment, however, does not believe that the average person is capable of making decisions about his or her health.

Dr. Tony Bartone, president of the Australian Medical Association Victorian, typifies this unfortunate prevalent viewpoint with his response to Chef Pete’s open opposition to fluoride in public tap water, another controversial topic:

“It is influencing vulnerable others – people who are time-poor – and will unfortunately just look at celebrity endorsement and think it must be good and follow the argument without delving into the facts.”4

Fortunately, Savers know better than to follow anyone’s advice blindly, including mine. I respect the Saver community’s ability to think for themselves, and I’m quite sure that Chef Pete has the same respect for his fans.

The Mere Act Of Questioning Threatens The Medical Establishment

There’s no doubt that when it comes to foods like dairy, controversy abounds. The Establishment seems to “protect” the dairy industry and promote it as a viable calcium source despite overwhelming evidence that this is outdated, ineffective, and even damaging advice.

The same attitude extends to any mainstream practice where the truth has the potential to upset tidy business deals. For instance, Chef Pete’s outspoken stance on water fluoridation threatens the relationship between fertilizer manufacturers and the municipalities who buy their toxic byproduct (fluoride) to add to their water supplies.5

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program Steps On The Establishment’s Toes

I admire Chef Pete Evans for standing firm in his beliefs in spite of the Establishment’s backlash. While the Osteoporosis Reversal Program does not advocate a Paleo diet, as Chef Pete does, they do share many similarities – so long as animal protein is not consumed in excess. For example, neither recommend dairy products, although the Program allows fermented dairy, such as plain, organic yogurt.

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The bottom line is that there is clear, verifiable data showing that milk and dairy harm your bones. And that data is available for anyone to discover and review, whether they have a medical degree or not!

Till next time,


1 Huffadine, Leith. “‘Most doctors do not know this information’: Celebrity chef ‘Paleo’ Pete Evans advises osteoporosis sufferer to stop eating dairy products.” Daily Mail Australia. August 27, 2016. Web. September 20, 2016. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3761736/Chef-Paleo-Pete-Evans-advises-osteoporosis-sufferer-stop-eating-dairy-products.html
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3 “Australian Dairy Industry In Focus 2015.” Dairy Australia Limited. ABN 60 105 227 987. PDF. https://www.dairyaustralia.com.au/Industry-information/About-Dairy-Australia/~/media/Documents/Stats%20and%20markets/Australian%20Dairy%20Industry%20In%20Focus/Australian%20Dairy%20Industry%20In%20Focus%202015.pdf
4 Tran, Cindy and Smith, Leesa. “ ‘He knows nothing from a specialist point of view’: Health minister slams controversial Paleo chef Pete Evans for opposing teeth-saving fluoridation of water supplies.” Daily Mail Australia. April 19, 2015. Web. September 20, 2016. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3045355/NSW-health-minister-slams-celebrity-chef-Pete-Evans-know-opposing-fluoride-water.html
5 “A Special Message To The People Of Australia.” Australian Action to End Water Fluoridation. https://australianfluorideaction.com/

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Comments on this article are closed.

  1. Behroze Mirza


    I have now started drinking coconut milk, will appreciate some advise?

  2. KALA

    Very informative and very true. After getting your book, I have changed my diet. I have been drinking milk since kid and at the age of 47, my bone scan said I have oesteopenia and I was adviced to take Fosamax and drink more milk. I spoke to my physician about your book but they gave me ‘the look’. I am going to go for another bone density scan and will update you. By the way I love coffee. So instead of 100% coffee , I consume 50%coffee and 50% chikory root blend with organic soya milk plus molasses. Do you think it is ok?

  3. Suzy

    Wonderful articles, Vivian! Thank you for sharing them. When I share your research with my doctor, unfortunately, he says, “But it’s just anecdotal.” I wish there were some hard core research out there to PROVE that dairy is BAD FOR BONES! You know, designed JUST to prove that theory. Sigh… Keep up the good work, Vivian!

  4. Helen McConnell

    As an Australian I am very impressed with Pete Evans’ paleo diet & encourage his thoughts on the removal of fluoride from our water & dairy from our diet. Having had a history of migraine headache which I have found to be a low blood sugar, hypoglycaemia complaint (both my parents suffered severely) so firstly removing sugar from the diet & eating regularly like a diabetic, plus watching certain foods I haven’t had any migraine for 23 years which is amazing. However I still got breast cancer, 3 times over 20 years which through my reading discovered that dairy was the culprit. After my second episode I did try cottage cheese with flax seed oil recommended by Dr. Johanna Budwig (Europe) but the cancer returned much quicker. It was then that I decided to remove all dairy & now 9 years later there has been no more recurrence. Professor Jane Plant’s book, ‘Your Life in Your Hands’ was an eye opener – she suffered herself & explains in detail the dairy connection. I am nearly 72 years old, still play competitive tennis, am energetic & have never felt better in my whole life. I now have 2 recipe books of Pete Evans, love the recipes as my body responds so well to them & will be continuing this way for the rest of my life regardless of what others including the medical profession have to say. We all have a different genetic disposition but it is so important to do what works & the correct nutrition is paramount. I thank you sincerely for your work Vivienne in bringing good health news especially about our bones to the average person.

    • Jennifer

      I aim to be just like you as I get older. Maybe not the tennis but definitly the rest!

      I bought Pete Evans books because of the Establishment’s attitude toward him. There are some powerful voices in our country that do not want its citizens to question anything. It seems they will do almost anything to keep us ignorant. Just look at what happened when Dr Sherri Tenpenny was invited to speak here about the vaccine cartel and what is happening right now with the film “VAXXED…” in Victoria. Why doesn’t the establishment want us to see it ? What are they hiding?

      Thank you to Vivian and Pete Evans for helping to educate us!

  5. Shanti E. Singh

    Dear Vivian
    I too grew up drinking cow’s milk, we had 2 cows and they ate grass roaming in a huge paddock. Everyone around us all believed that we must drink milk. but as soon as I found out from you that all dairy products was a NO NO for me I just quit, I use Soy and Almond etc. I quit all sugars and oils except Extra Virgin Olive oil and very little, I only drink Alkaline water and keep to a vegetarian diet mostly. My sister thinks I am crazy so I told her I am the one who is suffering not her but now she is getting a lot of cramps and arthritic pains she has varicose veins etc. etc. she is 86 and I am 91. I still suffer a lot of pain but pray and carry on one day at a time. Will tell you more later.


  6. Peggy

    G’day, I also say GOOD ON PETE EVANS – He is right on the track with the NO Dairy
    – I have known since I was 3-4 years old that I cannot tolerate MILK (any animal) it used to make me feel very yucky (kid description) and I was always told to drink up and if I complained I was told ‘IT WAS ALL IN MY IMAGINATION” . I always used to have a bloated stomach (you can see it on old photos) and have stomach pains. I used to get smacked and beaten if I did not drink/eat my share of the dairy products. As I grew a little older, I simply covertly passed the stuff onto my sisters, who were quite keen to get an extra share. I used to do that at school when we had to have the 1/4 pint of milk in the mornings – passed it on to other willing drinkers.
    Til a very formidable teacher (she was 6foot 3 inches and had wild curly red hair) and she was prone to smacking children at the least provocation (to her that is).
    She stood over me whilst I tried to sip the milk through the straw provided. I got about quarter of it down before I projectile vomited all over her shoes. I then burst into terrified tears expecting to be beaten severely and ran to the Principal office.
    He calmed me down gave me his lovely big white hanky to mop my tears and took me back to the classroom when he called the teacher out and spoke to her quietly for a time. Nothing was ever said about it or to my mother. So time went on I had a little bit of milk in my tea or a slice of cheese here and there all the while feeling uneasily off colour until years later after consuming a little lactose free cheese on a gluten free pizza I was violently ill for several hours having to retire to the toilet with a bucket. I blamed the gluten-free pizza and found I had the same trouble with the Grains (without dairy). That was approximately 10 years ago – I am in better health now than before. Although I am supposed to have Osteoporosis in one hip only and the spine of a 22 year old and my then GP said that I didn’t have osteoporisis
    Years ago I took calcium supplements ordered by my GP(another) only to find I got heels spurs very badly and spurs on my wrists. A short while after I stopped taking the calcium they mysteriously disappeared never to return again.
    A few months ago my now GP said I had osteoporisis and had to have FOXAMAX and straight away wrote out a script for the highest dose. My hubby and I went home and researched the meds and the (so-called) condition and discovered all the dreadful side effects which in my opinion are actually much worse then the “disease”.
    As I am very allergic to a great many medications, I calmly looked the GP in the eye and told her that “I would rather die than take any of that poison”. A couple of weeks later she referred me to a specialist so that I should I know all my options, but that cost lots of money much more than we could afford for even one visit let alone all the follow-ups. So I declined. I am proceeding the natural way continuing with my Qigong, Tai Chi, Liangong, Temple exercises and some (Hatha )yoga following Pete Evans’ eating plan (I eat Paleo anyway) following Elaine Hollingsworths’ advice about medications and doctors, and what to avoid. As well as Isabell Shippard’s excellent book on how to use herbs in your everyday life (to gain good health).
    I have also incorporated several of the exercises sent in your emails. I shall print out the articles you wrote about dairy and osteoporosis and give them to my GP to read. I look about 50 years old am still fit, research stuff, garden, do art and crafts, and all sorts of exercise and physical activities. I was told three times I would die shortly, or be paralyzed and bedridden for the rest of my life and to just write my memoirs – at the age of 20???? No way – I had a new bikini and I was going to enjoy my first beach holiday away and I did. I also did all the things “they” said I would never be able to do if I lived – walk, dance,swim,work, surf, get married and have children. I did all of those things and then some. Now I am just over 74 years old. Sorry this is so long but it might help someone else to stand up for themselves. And not take the word of well meaning but wrong doctors. I’m still here 54 years later fit as a fiddle.
    Cheers Peggy Huntley Queensland Australia.

  7. Mary

    The idea that milk is a must for healthy bones is so ingrained in our society that to go against it is to invite ridicule and scepticism. My sisters laugh at me for believing that milk is harmful to bones, and they think they know better, but I am happy to say that at least one of my friends has given up dairy, and one or two others are open to the idea. It’s going to take time for people to go against what they have been told all their lives, but it’s up to all of us to spread the word. Thank you ,Vivian, for all the information and for keeping us up to date with the latest research.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are right, Mary – it’s deeply ingrained, thanks to unceasing advertising and constant mantras. But the more we get the truth out, the more people will reconsider the Establishment’s dairy mandate.

  8. Christine Morris

    This happened several years ago: Osteoporosis drugs made me feel very ill and upset my digestive system. I refused to take them but was told I should have a colonoscopy to make sure there was no underlying factor. I stopped the medication and a few weeks later I went ahead with with the procedure. the outcome was “everything perfect, I think the patient is right it’s the medication”. I also stopped taking the prescribed calcium tablets, changed my diet to high calcium vegetables and almond milk as suggested by Vivian in one of her books and also do the exercises that Vivian posts by email ( ‘save our bones’ ). I was laughed at and thought to be a little crazy! However, it seems to be working for me and I feel fine, fit and healthy. Thanks to Viivian. 🙂

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      What a story, Christine! And how amazing that they acknowledged you were right about the drugs. 😀



  10. Louise DiSclafani

    I got off dairy due to other kinds of allergies that fortunately have disappeared and I feel so much better. I’ve been told that I have bone density better than what is “typical” for my age…72. I consider myself lucky to have been raised on a dairy farm and drank raw milk. Remember in my day there were no antibiotics for cows and pesticides in their food. I got a good start and actually didn’t drink much milk after I left the farm when I finished college. About 10 years ago I found I was allergic to milk, not surprising considering what it’s like now, and had to stop it. I also went dairy free and now I use coconut milk and coconut products and am doing great. I also do TAI CHI and some Pilates with weights with a few of save our bones exercises thrown in to stay limber and in shape. And if you’re wondering about time, I still run my business since I feel good.

  11. Janice

    Chef Pete is do right. I grew up loving milk. Where my friends brought pop with their lunches I brought milk. Only to find out I’m the one with osteoporosis!. I was put on the drugs for a few years but still got worse and sent to the ‘specialist’. Once I discovered what the drugs consisted of I immediately stopped taking them. I went to a naturopath to find out what I could do naturally. I stopped drinking cows milk and find alternatives. That was years ago and I have not looked back. I warn everyone of big pharma. They needed a drug to take the place of hormone replacement and looked to osteoporosis.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Janice!

  12. Kamna

    I recently came across an article suggesting that curd/yogurt is good to eat ,as it is a fermented food. What is your take on this? Can we safely consume it?
    I would also like to know whether homemade cheese( which we call ‘paneer’ in India) is healthy for bones or not? Please help.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Kamna,

      A moderate amount of fermented dairy products is good for bones. 🙂 Take a look at the last sentences of today’s post:

      “While the Osteoporosis Reversal Program does not advocate a Paleo diet, as Chef Pete does, they do share many similarities – so long as animal protein is not consumed in excess. For example, neither recommend dairy products, although the Program allows fermented dairy, such as plain, organic yogurt.”

      Fermented dairy products include kefir, cultured cottage cheese/curd, yogurt, etc.

  13. Jackie

    I don’t drink milk at all ,don’t have much dairy product yet still got osteoporosis past 10 years , how can one explain that by consume dairy product cause osteoporosis.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jackie,

      A large amount of research has shown that dairy products are not good for your bones. Of course, they are only one factor in the development of osteoporosis; many lifestyle and nutritional factors play into it. 🙂

      For more on how dairy products are bad for bones, I encourage you to take a look at any of my numerous posts on this topic. Here is a link to the results of a quick search for “dairy” on this site:


      That should help you get started in your research!

  14. June

    Good on Pete Evans for showing that he has a brain and uses it regarding the consequences of consuming dairy products and the negative results on our bones. He has been criticized a lot here in Australia. Regarding the fluoride in the water, when it was introduced into our water in Australia I started to fall asleep after drinking it. I have previously had thyroid problems and this did not help. I wonder how many other people out there with thyroid problems getting worse caused by the local water. How dare they medicate us with this without our permission. Some smart countries have introduced it into their water supply only to take it out again when they realized it was dangerous. I too get rubbished if I bring up the subject of milk not being good for your bones or that fluoride is not preventing teeth from decaying. As with everything in life, it is up to us, with or without a medical degree to decide what is RIGHT for out bodies so good on you Pete Evans and good on all the Savers for taking the better path regarding their health and bones.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Well said, June! Your point about involuntary medication via tap water is absolutely legitimate – traces of prescription drugs have been found in tap water. You are also right about fluoride’s effect on the thyroid – here is a post that sheds more light on that topic:


  15. Margaret

    What about goat’s milk?? It has much more calcium in it than cow’s milk. It doesn’t have all the added hormones. I drink that and goat’s milk kefir.
    Also took my 7 year’s to get to like it the taste. (My spouse became lactose intolerant.)
    Now my body loves it.
    So what say the studies on goat’s milk?? I haven’t seen any thing.

    Thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Margaret,

      Goat’s milk is still the milk of another mammal, and is an acidifying animal protein, so I don’t recommend it. Even without “added hormones,” remember that mammalian milk has natural growth hormones from the mother’s body that are specifically designed to grow that species into adults – in this case, goats. In other words, goat milk is intended to grow goats, not human bone. 🙂

      • bonnie

        What about unsweetened and sweetened almond and coconut milks? and other milks – rice, cashew, etc.? thank you!
        GOD BLESS t

  16. Joan

    I was reading about Pete , and everyone is making fun of him!
    We all need to go into some of those websites and back him UP..

    We know its about Big Pharma putting him down, and pushing there drugs, and Big Pharma has convinced Drs. that they know better.
    It is all about big Pharma making more money!!

    • Kimberly

      Joan, I am so glad you recognize that many doctors are as misguided as we are. They are trained by doctors who are trained by doctors who… You get the point. I love my doctor because she is open to the nutritional approach, but I always go to her remembering that she is a medical doctor and knows one thing: medicine. I guess I feel better getting the diagnosis from her then trying a natural cure. Yes, there are times I need meds (2 weeks or less), but the natural usually works and is so much yummier!!

  17. Judy Stonier-Gibson

    I am laughed at when I try to explain that dairy food is not the right way to go for strong bones.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That comes with the territory of going against the mainstream, Judy. Hang in there, and stick with your beliefs!

  18. evelyn

    Just heard on the BBC news today that they are concerned that over 50 post menopausal women are in danger of breast and bone cancer because they are NOT taking Osteoporosis drugs!!!!

    • Robin

      Yep, all our health problems are because of a deficiency of pharmaceutical drugs.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Evelyn,

      It seems they’re desperate to find more reasons to push the pharmaceuticals, doesn’t it?

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