The Save Our Bones Bulletin: Implant That Builds Bone, Merck’s New Drug Destroys Bone Density, Medical Establishment Retracts Deceptive Bisphosphonate Benefit, And More! - Save Our Bones

Today I am pleased to announce the brand new Save Our Bones Bulletin, which will now replace the Latest Osteoporosis News series.

The Save Our Bones Bulletin is an in-depth analysis of what's making headlines in the osteoporosis and osteopenia world.

Keeping Savers informed on the most recent bone health news is part of my unwavering commitment to the community.

In today's Save Our Bones Bulletin, you'll read about a new experimental implant that delivers electric currents to muscles, aiming to increase bone density.

I’ve also uncovered some sneaky (and despicable) tactics by Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment that hope to keep you in the dark while they profit from their deception.

And last but not least, I bring you a study that conclusively nixes a previous deceptive and much-touted “benefit” of bisphosphonates.

From Merck’s new pill that destroys bones to the twisting of data about bisphosphonates, I’m glad to shine the light on just what’s happening out there in the mainstream.

Let’s get started with the latest headlines!

New Implant Builds Bone By Causing Muscle Contractions

In order to study the action of muscle on deteriorating bone, scientists in Liverpool, England inserted a tiny device into the leg muscles of rats. This implant stimulated the muscles with a mild electric current, causing a brief, painless contraction every 30 seconds.

The bones that were attached to these muscles actually increased in density by double digits.

Relevant Segment:

“When muscles are repeatedly activated like this, it seems to boost the growth of new bone in the surrounding area.

Exactly how stimulating muscles makes fragile bones stronger is unclear. One theory is that the repeated contractions draws stem cells into the area – these then develop into new bone.

The experimental new implant could be a solution because doctors would be able to implant it in parts of the body where bones are crumbling, such as the hip or spine.

The results, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, showed that after just one month, bone volume had increased by 30 per cent.” 1

While this proposed implant is not a toxic drug, I am dubious. For one thing, the article claims it’s unclear “how stimulating muscles makes fragile bones stronger.” Actually, it’s quite clear.

It’s a known fact that the action of muscle on bone increases bone density. This is known as Wolff’s Law, and I based the Densercise™ Epidensity Training System on this very concept. Why undergo a potentially dangerous procedure to stimulate your muscles, when you can simply enjoy regular exercise?

Like the the idea of taking a pill to simulate the benefits of exercise, this implant is another attempt to circumnavigate the “trouble” of motion. And in so doing, you’ll also forfeit all the benefits of exercise which go beyond bone density, such as increased energy, improved mood, and better weight management and cardiovascular health.

And finally, should this implant ever make the list of “approved” devices, there could be some bad long-term side effects. It’s impossible to predict what complications this device could produce.

Nothing can take the place of regular bone-building exercises!

Merck’s New Insomnia Drug Receives FDA Approval… But It Can Destroy Your Bones

Ironically, Merck, the manufacturers of Fosamax, have been granted FDA approval for a brand-new insomnia drug, Belsomra…but an odd side effect is that it can undermine the formation of new bone.

Relevant Segment:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Wednesday it has approved a new insomnia drug made by Merck & Co.
The drug, to be called Belsomra, is the first in a new class of sedatives that block chemicals in the brain called orexins that help keep people awake.

The FDA recommended that Belsomra be listed as a controlled substance because it can be addictive and has the potential to be abused.”2

Orexins are proteins, and nerve cells use them to communicate with one another. They also play a dualistic role in bone formation – orexins block the formation of new bone, but they also promote it. This is how they work:

Orexins interact with 2 different receptors: OX1R and OX2R. The first one lowers ghrelin levels (the “hunger hormone”), and the second receptor reduces the hormone leptin, which decreases bone mass.

Scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center teamed up with researchers in Japan to study this process in mice. They found that mice that lacked both receptors had very weak and fragile bones. In contrast, mice with high levels of orexins had greater numbers of osteoblasts and therefore superior bone formation.3

Now let’s put this all together. As the article says, Belsomra works by blocking orexins. But the science clearly shows that low orexin activity leads to low bone density and fragile bones.

Savers know that getting plenty of quality sleep is essential for bone health. But the bone health benefits will be undermined with Belsomra, which will weaken bones during sleep.

Fortunately, Savers avoid prescription drugs. But as part of my commitment to the community, I want to keep you informed of Big Pharma’s tactics and schemes. For example, you’ll notice the potentially addictive nature of Belsomra – another indication that Big Pharma and the FDA may have other motives beyond helping the the public get a good night’s sleep.

More Bad News For Bisphosphonates: They Do Not Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

In the face of mounting evidence against the safety and effectiveness of the most widely-prescribed class of osteoporosis drugs, the Medical Establishment has tried (and continues to try) every possible effort to redeem bisphosphonates.

As part of this campaign to find something good about drugs such as Boniva, Fosamax, Reclast, Actonel, etc., the Medical Establishment claimed that bisphosphonates prevent breast cancer.

But it turns out that, once again, the Medical Establishment is presenting misleading “evidence”…

Relevant Segment:

“A new analysis of clinical trial data by a researcher team at the University of California, San Francisco suggests that earlier evidence linking use of osteoporosis drugs and successful breast cancer prevention was misleading.

According to the researchers, assessment of several observational studies showing that women who took Fosamax and Reclast/Zometa were less likely to develop breast cancer may actually be due to another factor – low estrogen.

Known as bisphosphonates, Fosamax and Reclast/Zometa are drugs given to osteoporotic patients. In 2011, the drugs were given to women undergoing treatment for breast cancer as a standard of care. A previous study reported that Reclast/Zometa lowered the risk of death from breast cancer in women by 37 percent after taking the drug at six-month intervals for three years. A connection between low estrogen and treatment with Zometa in breast cancer patients was also made in the study. A 2009 study also indicated that Fosamax along with other bone drugs may cut the risk of breast cancer in older women.

Now however, the UCSF researchers reported that administering the osteoporosis drugs did not protect the women from developing breast cancer. Low estrogen levels, which weakens bones, already protects women from most forms of breast cancer and therefore lowered osteoporotic women’s risk of developing breast cancer.

‘They may have seen a lower risk of breast cancer in women using bisphosphonates in the earlier observational studies because those women had a lower risk of breast cancer to begin with,’ said Dr. Trisha Hue, lead author of the study.”4

I don’t expect Mainstream Medicine to give up on their effort to find something “positive” about bisphosphonates; these drugs are just too lucrative. Frankly, I find it appalling that Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment continue to twist information so as to mislead the public regarding their products.

The bottom line is that no drug is completely safe. And drugs do not cure or treat disease anyway; they merely mask symptoms. Plus there’s always a price to pay; sometimes, a very steep price.

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program takes a completely different approach. With its emphasis on nutrition, diet, and exercise, the Program shows you exactly how to balance your body pH, which sets the stage for strong and healthy bones.

The Program addresses the whole person from the inside out, and doesn't merely focus on artificially manipulating a singular biological function such as bone remodeling.

That’s Where Your Save Our Bones Health Coach Comes In

I know that you may have questions or concerns on your journey to healthier bones. That’s why, when you purchase the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you’ll have unlimited private email access to your own personal Save Our Bones Health Coach, a caring, knowledgeable team member who can answer your questions about osteoporosis drugs, nutrition, or just simply offer you some encouragement.

Here are some benefits of having your own Save Our Bones Health Coach:

  • Provides a “personal touch” to your bone health journey.
  • Offers encouragement and affirmation in your decision to manage your osteoporosis without drugs.
  • Coaches are personally trained by me and knowledgeable about the Program, so you’ll receive reliable, consistent information.

So if you're ready to rebuild your bones and would like someone to come alongside you for inspiration and information, then if you haven't yet, I invite you to check out the Osteoporosis Reversal Program today.

Keep learning!


1 Hagan, Pat. “Muscle twitcher that strengthens crumbly bones: Tiny implant could revolutionise the treatment of osteoporosis.” UK Daily Mail Online. 18 August 2014. Web.

2 “FDA approves new insomnia drug.” 14 August 2014. Web.

3 Wei Wei, Toshiyuki Motoike, et al. “Orexin Regulates Bone Remodeling via a Dominant Positive Central Action and a Subordinate Negative Peripheral Action.” Cell Metabolism, 2014; 19 (6): 927 DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2014.03.016

4 Masangkay, Estel Grace. “Evidence Of Osteoporosis Drugs’ Breast Cancer Prevention ‘Misleading’.” Pharmaceutical Online. 14 August, 2014. Web.

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  2. cora diamond

    A month ago I fell put my hand out to break the fall, broke my radius distal bone and had surgery to stabilize the wrist which is healing nicely. I’ve been a SAVER for a number of years. I’m 74 and my doctor wants me to have a test for my bone density. Do you think I should since I’m not going to take any of those medicines? But I will stay on your program!!!

  3. Ian Blair Hamilton

    You may be interested in this study that shows how H2 water supports the prevention of bone loss.

  4. Jane

    Thank you so much for all that you do for us Vivian. I was diagnosed about 19 yrs ago with osteopenia and took Fosamax for about 5 yrs. I stopped on my own after learning from one of my clients that Strontium was her choice for maintaining her bone health. I’ve been taking it for many yrs. and haven’t reached the osteoporosis stage. Do you know anything about this supplement and if so what’s your thoughts on it. Thank you.

  5. Carol

    Are your Densercise both in eBook Manual and Online Video Collection compatible with all units of MAC computers for download: iMac Desktop, iPad, iPhone, Mac Airbook, etc? Or just for PC users only? Many companies are compatible both Mac and PC, not just for PC only.

  6. Dee

    Hi Pearl and others who have lost weight on the SOB diet. I would like to know what you eat for breakfast? Im sure you eat salads and other veggies for lunch and dinner but how do you manage breakfast.? I am normal weight but have to work hard to maintain it.

    • Pearl

      Hi Dee, breakfast was something I just could not change, so I still have 2 slices of multigrain gluten free toast, with fig jam on one & peanut butter on the other, no margarine, anything else makes me sick, literally.
      then I keep the rest of the day with the 20/80 ratio.

      • Dee

        Thanks Pearl for your reply. I am also gluten intolerant and have 2 auto-immune diseases. I have steel cut oats with fruit and almond milk for breakfast. However I think that is a 50/50 ratio.

        • Pearl

          yes, that’s much better for your bones than mine is.
          I can’t eat fruit due to the fructose.

  7. Irma morales

    Vivian I need u help I dx with osteopenia 3 yrs ago dr px actonel150 mg I take only one I was very ill Now I had my dexa and Dr want px more pill I said no
    She call my insurance and the
    Approved Prolia I was check in computer and I read way too many side effects I do no what to do Dr
    Office call me, to let me know when they going to recived that injection
    Pls answer me ASAP

  8. Marlene Villar

    Good morning Vivian,
    Thank you very much for The Save Our Bones Bulletin:
    regarding an excellent information on Implants.
    I appreciate your continuous sharing to help all of us.
    I’m personally very thankful that I found your website
    four months ago. I’m learning a lot from your
    New Expanded Edition of your book and been sharing
    to family, friends, and others. The BONE Appe’tit book
    which I received recently is a delight.
    May HE richly bless you as you continue your mission
    to reaching out, sharing your knowledge, and helping
    all of us. Have a wonderful day and take care always.

  9. Caz

    I had a hip replaced a few years ago (bone loss in both hips) and now the other one is aching. I have a no thyroid so have to use levothyroxine daily – nobody told me it can lead to bone loss if you are over prescribed this hormone. I have your book which is great, any ideas on building up these weight bearing joints. I am slighly overweight as losing weight with fluctuating metabolism is not too easy.Some great advice. Caz

  10. Arthur

    Vivian, in regard to the electric bone
    stimulation; a group of doctors, mostly at
    John Hopkins have developed a device that does just that. It is non invasive. One can email or for information. A brother of mine had it, instead of surgery.
    I also have looked into it for myself.

    • Jaki

      Hi Arthur – do you have any more information on this? I would love to know more.
      Thank you 🙂

  11. shula


  12. Brenda Nasser

    Bought the Osteoporosis Reversal Program about 2 yrs ago… Would like to speak with a coach.. Can you direct me to one?
    Thank you

  13. Elsie

    Thank you for your up to date news to us, any I don/t take any pescription drugs or over the counter. But I have to ask something, I don’t know if I did it already but did not get answer yet. What is good for dry mouth, when I wake up in the middle of the night, my mouth is so dry, but when I wiggle my tongue , the saliva comes out and I just make sure to wet all the inside part and even the lips if it feels dry. Thanks for any info.

  14. Marjean

    Mine is a question. Is Pellegrino water (with lemon) ok to drink? Better or worse than wine or beer?

  15. Elaine Lilly

    I just ordered your Densercise program from my work computer when i really want it on my phone. i have a link and a password which i tried to google which didn’t work. i also have lost the online exercises on my work computer so don’t know how to got to a site to be able to play the exercise videos at home. home e-mail address is hope you can help because i watch exercise videos every morning before i go to work and would love to incorporate your videos into my daily morning routine.
    elaine lilly

  16. Betty

    Thanks for the latest bulletins re: new osteoporosis treatments. I haven’t heard about these latest developments on the news or anywhere else except here. I guess we might hear something from a doctor who may want to subscribe them to us but we would have to research it on our own. I’m glad you know the avenues to obtain the data. Much appreciated.

  17. Edna

    Vivian: Thank you for this interesting information. I enjoy receiving your emails with the latest info. I will be ordering the program very soon. I have been doing all the exercises that I receive from you, thank you. I am much better today. Oh, I stopped taking Fosamax.

    Again, thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Edna, that’s wonderful news that you’ve stopped the Fosamax! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  18. mattie S

    Vivian, in relation to your story on the electric current, 20 years ago my brother broke
    his leg and they did electric current for over a year and it did not help in anyway nor did it increase the density of the bone which is what they needed to bridge a space
    have used many of your programs and been helped by all thanks for the good work

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s very interesting, Mattie! I hope your brother is now fully recovered, and thank you for sharing his experience with the electric current “therapy.”

  19. Elaine

    I am 62 and have severe osteoporosis. I have made a number of changes in diet and supplements but nothing seems to help. I am lactose intolerant and have IBS. I purchased your Bon Appetite recipe book and while I love it I am unable to incorporate most foods because of intolerances. For example I can’t eat strawberries or raspberries because of all the seeds and citrus fruits trigger migraines. There must be more people like me out there that you have helped. I am desperate and depressed. I really need help. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thank you. I welcome any advise.

    • Pearl

      I have many food intolerances also, I used to have IBS for many years until it got really bad then the Dr’s finally run tests & found I was gluten intolerant, then I found I was lactose intolerant, once I eliminated them I felt great, but I kept having problems with my heart racing, after 3 lots of surgery it fixed it for a little while, then started again, but this time only after I ate fruit, so much research found I was intolerant to what they call FODMAPS, I found a dietician in Australia had published a book of foods to avoid which I have found a great help, this is her website…
      It may help you find what is upsetting you still.
      My diet is very restricted with all that & now this diet of Vivian’s, but I am feeling great, I try to eat mostly organic now, so my diet consists of fresh vege’s, nuts & seeds, gluten free bread, & meat/fish, & some home made biscuits.

    • Adrienne McNair

      I, too, have what are called food intolerances. My big no-no is potato. Since potato flour is used in processing many foods, I need a guide. Try the website, recommended by my naturopath doctor. There I learned the many names of potato (xanthan gum, etc.) and I can look up many brand-name foods tested by Song of Health to see what is hidden from the list of ingredients printed on the label.

  20. Raymonde Savoie

    Thank you, once again, for the informative bits about Pharma and the Medical megala-business.
    I am very curious about your mention of a COACH to help us with our Osteoporosis Reversal Program. I purchased it a few years ago and am using the book faithfully, but a coach would be so encouraging to talk with.
    Is this service available to people like me who have previously purchased the program or only to new customers?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Customer Support

      Raymonde, if you’ve already purchased the Program, please e-mail Customer Support and we’ll connect you with a coach. 🙂

      • Raymonde

        thank you!

  21. Jean

    My weight problem is the usual one, NOT a low weight problem. I agree, it’s better to be slim and avoid the middle/old age spread if possible. However, I find myself gaining weight on a very low calorie diet, and yes, I’ve got the “spread.” I’m an active 82 year old, distressed that my clothes are too tight, despite plenty of exercise. My doc insists my thyroid’s OK, and I just have to learn to be satisfied on a 1000 – 1200 calorie diet. any insights anyone?

    • Pearl

      Hi Jean, thanks for sharing, so apparently not everyone loses weight on this diet then, I had wondered if I should suggest to people who want to lose weight to try it, but it looks like it would not work for some people.

  22. Pearl

    Is there any other bone savers having trouble with their weight??????
    I’m getting rather worried because since I have been on this diet I have gone from 9 1/2 stone down to 7 1/2 stone !!! in just over a year.
    Any ideas on how to put some weight back on ? my diet is pretty limited, no gluten/lactose/fodmaps which rules out all fruit for me & some veges.
    How have others managed ? any suggestions please Vivian…

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Pearl (and all those who have this issue), one thing you can do is add more calorie-rich, nutrient-dense Foundation Foods, like bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, and grapes. 🙂 And for your 20% acidifying foods, try to eat more high-calorie foods (like swapping beef for chicken).

      Healthy snacks throughout the day, especially nuts and seeds, can also help! 🙂

      • Pearl

        Thankyou Vivian for your reply, but bananas, peas & grapes I cannot eat, I eat a lot of sweet potato, I don’t eat much chicken, mostly I eat lamb, & a bit of fish, & I happily scoff down the fat on my chops, which tastes delicious.
        I have been eating quite a large amount of nuts & seeds for my snacks each day, & I hear people say they are fattening, yet I am still losing weight!!, in fact I am now going to have to ease off the nuts a bit as I have started to react to cashews, & I don’t want to become intolerant of any of the others, so I’m looking for something to alternate the nuts with, I think I have to go back to some biscuits. (home made of course) interestingly I found that when I started eating nuts every day my cholesterol went down, even though I was eating some of the ones “not” recommended by the heart foundation, & recently I stopped eating margarine & my cholesterol has gone done even further it’s now only 4 with the good much higher than the bad.

    • illya

      I am too suffer with weight loss. I worry too much. I was 64kilo 3 years ago. I had to take Vit,D3 and got very sick and sought I was dying. I had to take 2000IU a day and stopped after 4.5 month. I got then Parathyroid problems. Again I was told to take Vit.D3 and I refuse. My weight is now 43 kilo which worries me. My stomach is aching when I take the wrong vegetables and I don’t know which one, Hope Vivian can help me. I am 1.67 in height. I am lately very tiered and don’t sleep properly just the worry I think. Vivian I got 2 books and all the new ones.
      Hope you feel soon better Pearl!

      • Pearl

        Hi illya, I agree, too much worry will make you feel ill, also lack of sleep, I have not been allowing myself to worry excessively over the weight loss, I have just started to feel rather concerned, so thankyou for sharing, it really does help for me to know that many others are also losing the weight to.
        Have you tried meditation? it helps me a lot. Sending you blessings. 🙂

      • Andrea

        Dear Illya,

        I went from worrying about everything, which made me a nervous wreck, to worrying about nothing. My health and entire life changed dramatically at the point when I stopped worrying. I just asked for God’s help and believed.
        Best wishes,

        • Pearl

          Hi Andrea, I have been doing that also, I lift all the worries off my shoulders & send them to heaven, it really works to have faith, I have also had at least one miracle healing that I am fully aware of, so I am hoping for one for my bones also, in my heart I believe they have already been healed. 🙂

    • Pearl

      I forgot to add that, I am also eating big meals compared to what I used to eat, but I seem to need it to keep my strength up.

      • Zara

        Agree with you Pearl! I too am loosing weight, although it does make total sense, exercise, no sugar intake, just lots of good foods (fruits, vegetables etc). I started on the programme earlier in the year and have gone from 72kgs to 66kgs – at a height of 5’7″ I truly can not afford to loose any more – I do feel really good though 🙂
        Thanks again Vivian for all that you do for us out here in the community of Save Our Bones

        • Pearl

          Hi Zara, thankyou for sharing, it helps so much to know I am not the only one finding this happening. 🙂

        • Trudy

          Hi ladies
          I wouldn’t be too worried about weight loss as long as you are healthy and fit. Just include a little ‘treat’ in your diet once in a while, that’s what I do. I am 1,68 m tall and weigh only 50 Kg – the envy of my friends! I am 65 years old, but feel much younger, and I am happy I don’t have the ”middle/old age spread’. Being slim is much better for your health long term anyway (no type 2 diabetes, low blood pressure, low cholesterol etc.). So don’t stress!
          All the best from Australia

          • Pearl

            Hi Trudy, thanks for sharing, I’m an Aussie to, this makes me feel heaps better, for I am 158cm & gone from 60 kg down to 47 kg, I have been feeling pretty good, well actually, fantastic at times, I was just starting to get a bit worried about the amount of weight going, as my legs are looking like beanpoles, but it really helps to know I am not the only one. 🙂

  23. Pearl

    Thankyou Vivian, that is very enlightening, it’s good to know a bit of what’s really happening around, and it is really appreciated.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Pearl!

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