Vivian Answers Day #21: Bisphosphonate "Holiday", Acid/Alkaline Food Components, Memory Loss, Supplements, And More! - Save Our Bones

Question & Answer #1

I would like information regarding women who take a “holiday” from Fosamax. I have been on it 14 years. No adverse side effects, but my DXA scores are progressively worse. Doctors tell me that statistics say that women do not improve, but they hold ground better than those who take nothing. Do you have something I can see in print regarding these tests? Many thanks.

-Holly Ross

Dear Holly,

I am quite surprised that after you’ve taken Fosamax for 14 years, your doctor still insists that such long-term therapy is of any value. In fact, there are many mainstream studies that clearly show no benefits of continuing therapy in some cases for more than three years and in other cases for more than five years. Of course I never recommend taking osteoporosis drugs, but here I’m addressing your question about the “holiday.”

Keep in mind that the reason for strengthening bones is to prevent fractures. Also, I’d like to point out to you that since bisphosphonates were approved to treat and prevent osteoporosis, new – and until recently, unknown (yet predicable!) side effects have emerged, such as atypical femur fractures. If you’ve missed it, you can read about it here. And then there’s the long list of other undesirable side effects, even with short-term therapy.

Now to answer your specific question, here are two studies:

Study #1

Of the 9,063 study participants (all women), the rate of hip fracture for those on bisphosphonate therapy for three years was similar to those who stayed on the drugs for more years than three years.1

Study #2

Fracture rates of 14,750 women who took took bisphosphonates for five to six years were slightly higher than for those who took the drugs for just one year.2

There quite a few more studies about this topic that point to the futility of long-term bisphosphonate therapy. So much so, that Dr. Susan Ott wrote in an article published late last year in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine:

“After 5 years, the overall fracture risk is the same in patients who keep taking bisphosphonates as in patients who discontinue them. Therefore, I think these drugs are no longer necessary after 5 years. The post hoc subgroup analysis that showed benefit in only one of six groups of the FLEX study does not provide compelling evidence to continue taking bisphosphonates.

In addition, there is a physiologic concern about long-term suppression of bone formation. Ideally, we would treat all high-risk patients with drugs that stop bone resorption and also improve bone formation, but such drugs belong to the future. Currently, there is some emerging evidence of harm after 5 years of bisphosphonate treatment; to date the incidence of serious side effects is less than 1 in 1,000, but the risks beyond 10 years are unknown. If we are uncertain about long-term safety, we should follow the principle of primum non nocere. Only further investigations will settle the debate about prolonged use.”3

Remember that the above opinion is from someone who operates within the confines of Mainstream Medicine. When thinking and operating outside of its one-sided parameters, it is obvious that no drugs are necessary to reverse osteoporosis, as so many have already done following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Keep asking questions!

Question & Answer #2

I am 56 and according to my last bone density report I am now borderline osteoporosis. My question is concerning exercise. How do I know if I am doing enough to help reverse my scores? I realize that taking supplements and eating an alkaline diet is also part of the answer. I’m sure that any amount of exercise is better than no amount of exercise but I want to know what to do to make a difference that’s noticeable the next time I have my bone density test.

-Darlene Mongrain

Dear Darlene,

Excellent question! Targeted exercises are crucial to preventing fractures and to maximize your bone-building endeavour.
As I write in Chapter 13 of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program,

“Mehrsheed Sinaki and colleagues concluded that in post-menopausal women, the back strengthening effect of lifting small weights targeting the back muscles for a two year period maintained their back muscles stronger than those of women who did not exercise. And surprisingly, the strength in the back muscles of the exercising group remained stronger for a 10 year period as compared to the non-exercising group. Along with the muscles, the bones were also stronger, in particular the vertebrae. Here are more numbers from the study: the back strengthening exercises decreased the risk of fracture by almost three times. Alarmingly, those who did not practice the back exercise program had twice the chance of having a compression fracture or other painful spinal changes that could negatively affect posture as compared to the exercising group.”

For that reason, with the help of fitness experts and physical therapists I’ve created the Densercise e-Book System. It’s designed to build and support bone in high-risk fracture areas such as wrists and ankles, plus the hips and spine. And it’s the ONLY exercise program specifically created to improve bone density.

The Densercise eBook System is a four-week program that incorporates a system of weight bearing, resistance, and postural exercises. Thanks to the super-targeted Densercise moves along with the Density Training Method, you only need to practice the moves for 15 minutes a day three times a week in the comfort of your home.

To your healthy and strong bones!

Question & Answer #3

My husband, knowledgeable in chemistry, is very critical about the whole alkaline/acidic forming ability of food in the body. Can you lead me to a source that gives a scientific explanation of how the alkalinity or acidifying potential of food is determined? Thanks!


Dear Pauline,

There’s more than one scientific source to validate the alkaline/acid effect of food in the body, and I write about this in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. Here, I’d like to use as one example, information by Lynda Frassetto, MD, a kidney specialist and researcher at UCSF Medical Center. She has studied the effect of alkalizing foods in bone health and other conditions related to aging based on their Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL). In simple terms, the PRAL is a measure of how much acid ends up in the kidneys caused by the content of foods that have an effect on the body pH.

She invariably concludes that improving the dietary acid load by increasing dietary alkali foods increases bone density. She has conducted many studies about this topic, including some that are explained in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

That’s just one example. There are more; for example, Susan A. New from the Centre for Nutrition and Food Safety, School of Biomedical & Life Sciences, University of Surrey, in the UK, writes that,

“Natural, pathological and experimental states of acid loading and/or acidosis have been associated with hypercalciuria and negative Ca balance and, more recently, the detrimental effects of ‘acid’ from the diet on bone mineral have been demonstrated. At the cellular level, a reduction in extracellular pH has been shown to have a direct enhancement on osteoclastic activity, with the result of increased resorption pit formation in bone. A number of observational, experimental, clinical and intervention studies over the last decade have suggested a positive link between fruit and vegetable consumption and the skeleton.”4

And here is Susan New’s explanation on the effect of foods on the extracellular pH:

“ On a daily basis, human subjects eat substances that both generate and consume protons, and as a net result adults on a normal Western diet generate approximately 1mEq acid/d(Kurtz et al . 1983). The more acid precursors a diet contains, the greater the extent of systemic acidity (Bushinsky, 1998).”5

Hurray for truth in Science!

Question & Answer #4

My doctor told me to stop taking multivitamin capsules as research reported in the British Lancet had established that they shortened your life span. What is your opinion?

-Robyn Hanson

Dear Robin,

The Medical Establishment, including Big Pharma, is continuously trying to discredit natural supplements, most likely because they are strong competitors of synthetic drugs. There are many other studies, besides the one you mention, that have shown similar results (in other words, that the supplements increased mortality), published in prestigious journals worldwide, as well as widely commented by the media.

The study in the Lancet, titled “Antioxidant supplements for prevention of gastrointestinal cancers: a systematic review and meta-analysis”,
reviewed 14 trials in a population of 170,000 study participants who were taking antioxidant supplements (betacarotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium).

Bear in mind that the trials were designed to study the cancer-preventive functions of the above-mentioned antioxidants against placebos, in isolation of all other health habits participants might practice.

This is obviously flawed, especially in view of how dietary and lifestyle habits can greatly affect health. But this seems to be blatantly left out, and thus, the conclusions are skewed.The isolationist mainstream view will always yield flawed results.

On the other hand, only taking supplements and disregarding nutritious foods and healthy lifestyle habits will not do the trick either. That is why the Osteoporosis Reversal Program incorporates nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements.

It’s all about common sense!

Question & Answer #5

I’ve been noticing lately that I have trouble remembering things. I’m really worried about my memory. Please help!


Dear Marianne,

Believe it or not, there are many fun ways to improve your memory naturally. Studies have shown that the brain can grow new cells by practicing exercises that stimulate it. So here are a few brain exercises you can practice:

  • Play “I’m Going to Grandma’s.” Remember this childhood name that required you to remember a list of items, including the items suggested by your opponents? Any activity that requires you to remember a list works the brain. Try to remember a list of 20 grocery store items, or a list of 20 names.
  • File away a list of numbers. Remembering numbers is another good way to stretch your brain. Start with six numbers, such as phone numbers or family birthdays. Spend two minutes focusing on the numbers and then see how many you can recall.
  • Visualize success. Visualizing an activity requires us to dig up memories and prior experience, as well as physical sensations and emotions. For example, if you want to improve your bowling game, imagine yourself at the alley, ball in hand. Imagine yourself moving gracefully forward and launching the ball for a strike. This activity not only stretches your mind, but can actually improve your performance at physical tasks.
  • Play games designed to work your brain. Remember the old electronic game, Simon Says? The lights blink out a pattern that you then must repeat. Many board games and electronic games are great for challenging your mind. Several video games, such as Big Brain Academy, are also fun and effective neurobic activities.
  • Spice up mealtimes. Eat blindfolded or with your non-dominant hand. Sit in a different place or use chopsticks.
  • When traveling, forget the GPS. Use a map and figure out your route the old-fashioned way.
  • While hiking or walking, take time to really experience your surroundings. Touch the rough bark of a tree. Examine a blade of grass at length. Take note of the warm smell of the earth beneath your feet.
  • Play chess or work on a jigsaw puzzle. Stretch your mind, and your knowledge, of memory- boosting strategies with these brain-teasing puzzles.

Click here for a lot more information on how to improve your memory, prevent Alzheimer’s, and much more →.

To your physical and mental well-being!


1 Curtis JR et al. Risk of hip fracture after bisphosphonate discontinuation: implications for a drug holiday. Osteoporos Int 2008; 19:1613–1620.
2 Meijer WM et al. Relationship between duration of compliant bisphosphonate use and the risk of osteoporotic fractures. Curr Med Res Opin 2008; 24:3217–3222.
3 Ott S. What is the optimal duration of bisphosphonate therapy? Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine September 2011 vol. 78 9 619-630.
4 New SA. Nutrition Society Medal Lecture. The role of skeleton in acid-base homeostasis. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (2002), 61, 151–164.
5 Bjelakovic G. Antioxidant supplements for prevention of gastrointestinal cancers: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The Lancet, Volume 364, Issue 9441, Pages 1219 – 1228, 2 October 2004

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  1. Clint

    The Casein in milk from some cows disables the villi of the upper intestine so that nutrients are not absorbed. Also a relationship exists between type 1 diabetes and cows milk given babies before four months of age.

  2. Noreen

    I was on didracal bone building for ten years and my doctor changed me to Actonal. Then I started getting emails from you. I have been taking bee pollen for almost a year now, and am very concerned about Actonal. I just received my save our bones book and you never mentioned the danger of Didrical. When I started on Actonal, 3 weeks later I had a bone density done and was told I had osteophorosis. Up to that time my density had continuously improved. What is happening


  3. jean m.

    I so enjoy reading all your answers….I have one question regarding exercise – are push-ups an ok excersise for bone health or is it considered too strenuous?
    You inout would be appreciated.

  4. kit kulak

    Would like to get Dancercise program but would need the manual in hard copy. Is this possible? Please advise. I do not have internet access in my apartment. I understand that the 2 videos would be on line. Kit Kulak

  5. Joan

    I am disable and am paralyzed on the left side of my body. I cannot stand to do the exercises in the Save Our Bones program. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  6. jm

    I would like your opinion on the advice given to me by a naturopathic dr. who because of my low bone density score (-2.75) has recommended I take a biphsophanate (fosamax) for a short time to increase density and then discontinue taking it. I am not convinced this is the right thing to do, but have not been able to increase density with diet and exercise. Thank you for your reply.

  7. Anne

    Have been taking Fosomax now for 2 years. My endocrinologist really tried to get me on Forteo or Reclast. I was all ready to do the Reclast when the insurance company denied treatment. I continued on Fosomax. My latest bone density report states that my hip is better but my spine is worse. How does that happen? I lift weights and walk 3 to 4 times a week. I take Calcium (Citracal),Vit. D. and magnesium. My Dr. then recommended Prolia and once again, insurance denied treatment. From everything Ive read about the side effects of these drugs, I was a little relieved but what else can I do!! Crumbling in Missouri….

  8. MARGARET Mc Connon

    Dear VIVIAN

    I bought your book approx two years ago. I’m vegetarian and love fruit, so my diet was good, but I put your suggestions in place.
    To be even more specific, [my bone density score was -3T- serious osteoporosis ]I paid the Marilyn Glenville clinic to give me a personal diet sheet and supplements. It seems to be our UK equilvant to you.

    I persuaded my doctors to give me time to prove I could do this without injections of biphos.

    To assess my progress, the clinic suggested bone loss urine tests every three months, which I’ve paid for and Vit. D supplement daily.

    My shock, this week, came when I received results that showed my bone loss had increased from 70.9 to 91.9 in six months.

    The clinic has also said ‘some patients don’t respond to diet and supplements’ and I need to go back to the medical model.

    I am so disappointed and confused as everthing I’ve read from you suggests that osteoporosis can be controlled by diet and supplements.

    Please -please, respond to this email – I DO NOT WANT A YEARLY INJECTION OF BIPHOS. but the clinic has suggested my problem is genetic or hormonal and diet won’t change it


    • Lynda

      Dear Margaret,
      it’s the 2nd of July and I have just read your letter and feel so upset for you. I see Vivian has not replied but what can she say I wonder.
      I too live in the U.K and have just attended a Bones for Life workshop. It is based on the work of Feldenkrais and uses physical exercise (most intiguing) to stimulate nutrition to the bones. It is an off shoot of work done for Nassa to help combat osteoporosis in space veterans …. caused by being in an environment of no gravity( I had not heard of it until last year) If you google Ruthy Alon Bones for Life you can read all about it. The U.K teacher is Adam Ward at One With Nature.
      Something else to think about and keep your spirits up.
      Best Wishes

      • MARGARET Mc Connon

        Lynda thank you fro responding to my e mail

        I’ve just come back from a holiday and decided to do something positive before going back tot he medical model
        I will follow up your advice many thanks Margaret

  9. Maria

    Before I could read your book which i have now, I have had an infusion of Reclast in January on recommendation with lots of pressure by my Dr., really against my better judgement. Ever since I have incredible pains in the back of my neck and in all joints or muscles/nerves going to the joints. I feel like a crippel, very unusual for me since I am very active,limber and sporty, am thin and eat healthy foods. I thought I had Lyme’s disease and was treated for 3 weeks. Then I was bitten again by ticks and treated again but the pain has not gone away. I stopped all antibiotics 6 weeks ago and wonder what to do next. I saw all these same side effects mentioned by people with Reclast infusions now, do you know how long I have to wait for this stuff to leave my body? Needless to say, I will never get anything like this again! Thank you for any thoughts on this in advance!

  10. Dee

    Hi Viuvian and readers, Thanks for the tips on improving memory. I also get the About Com newsletter on Alheimers and there is a new study out showing that 3 cups of regular coffee slow cognitive loss.

  11. Sheila T

    Hi Vivian,
    I’m 64 years old, had a hysterectomy 3 years ago and have ever since suffered terribly with menopausal symptoms. My doctor now wants me to take bioidentical HRT. What is your opinion on this?
    Thank You for all your good work
    Sheila T

  12. MARY

    I saw an osteoporosis specialist a few days ago. She wants me to start using prolia. Instead I went to see a naturopath doctor and he told me to take strontium. What is your view on that? Does this help build bones? Is this safe?
    Thank you for keeping in touch and informed

  13. Annamay Brown

    I am an 80 year old Senior who likes Jigsaw puzzles. I do them every day and when I attend the “Adult Day Care”, I am able to figure out all of the sayings on the “Hang-man” games that we play there. The instructor questions the other people in the group for a letter and questions me last because I usually know the answer, so yes, Vivian, Jigsaw puzzles are Brain exercise, definately.

  14. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    This Was Another Great Article! Thank You VERY MUCH For Sharing It With Us.

    Also Another Game To Help Your Brain Is A Trivia Game!

    Bye For Now.


  15. Arnold

    I started taking Ultimate pH Balance for a short period and then I stopped
    because I somehow felt that it was raising my blood pressure. Do you know
    or have you heard of any side effects from taking this supplement?
    Thanks is advance for any idea.


  16. yasin

    Hi Viv
    Iam in desperate need (surley with many others)to one of your sound and concentrated breifing and guidence to the(DEXA) facts and figures, prognosis and dignosis.
    looking forward to my second time request
    Best regards.

  17. Marlene

    I eat roasted vegetables daily. I roast them with olive oil and spices. However, my cholesterol has skyrocketed even the LDL. I thought I was eating healthy. Have others experienced this problem?

    • Carol M

      Try to find a Light Olive Oil. Or use Coconut Oil

    • Isha

      I agree with Patricia; with the proviso that I’ve read that coconut oil is the only oil that does not become rancid when heated. I buy solid organic coconut oil

    • Patricia Hetherington

      According to my ND, most oils become rancid when heated or come in contact with Oxygen. Perhaps using butter or solid coconut oil will reduce the chemical inflamation that could be raising your LDL’s

  18. Mary k Snelling

    Is kiefer alkaline??

    • Carol

      Kefir high source of Vitamin B complex
      Alkalizing food. Found Pg. 134 Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

  19. Carol

    I am happy to begin the Osteoporosis Reversal Program that you have made available for us…Thank you.
    I hope when I take the DEXA in Sept. my number (-2.6) is up.
    I would like to find the right combination for supplement as I now take Citracal + D3 and you are saying that is not enough. I have taken GNC Calcimate Complete and True Health Ultimate Bone Gro Formula…the latter the more costly. Would like to find one that is not $40.00 a bottle.
    Vivian you give a list of the supplements but I have not found where I can get the ingredients together in one pill. Does anyone have a brand or other help? Any advice is appreciated!


    • Susan A / CA

      Try “ostinol” I read about it in HSI. Great product.
      My number increased for the better in my back after taking this product along with calcium and D3 (I have osteporosis in my back) I take it everyday.

      Good Luck

      • Carol

        Thanks I will research Ostinol.

  20. Brenda G

    Hi Viv,
    I for one am VERY upset & livid re: the passing of SCOTUS today’s Obama Health care!
    I just dont know what to say. or do or call, My VA state Senators dont care what ~I~ think! I’m just one of their constitutents!

    Thanks for answring questions truthfully, b/c perhaps in that 2,000 + health care bill is something about YOU will no longer be able to give/tell/suggest ANYTHING re: health for that woudl be seen as Messing with the gov’t! & you would then become a Home grown terrorist!
    VIV! you think I’m being out there or silly.
    Then think 2-3-4 even 5 steps ahead & think about it.

    • Joan

      Some of us need the health care law. Even though I have health care insurance, I cannot pay for all the out of pocket expenses. I have a pre-existing condition and if I would lose my current insurance and the health care law was not in effect I would either be denied insurance or pay an enormous amount of money to get insurance. To discredit the entire bill is an attitude” that can only come from a Republican, a wealthy person, or a big corporation that do not care about anyone but themselves.

    • Carol M

      You are not being silly or ‘out there’. You are right on.

    • Carol

      I am sure that many of us are surprised about Obamacare for the most part being up held. Nothing when based on a lie can be good for the American people. Out of the president’s mouth we were told over and over this was not a tax. If this were about HEALTH it would not be based on TAX.
      This is not good for Americans of any age or any political party! Please people don’t be fooled again. VOTE And Change our FUTURE AND FREEDOMS

      God Bless America,

      • Hmmmmm

        Is this a joke? Youare kidding right?

      • Linda

        I agree with you. I am afraid to be a sick old lady now. I am more inclined to quit half way doing this alkaline/acid diet and get serious. I am afraid that with Obama care us old sickly people will go the way of the unborn babies. Just get us out of the way so others can live as they wish. I for one am going to really get on board with this way of eating and living.

    • Sonia

      Please keep politics out of this forum!

      • Carol

        Osteoporosis Reversal Program is about truth finding for our Health Benefit. I understand by agreeing with Vivian that we are not given by government the best care and information about our health for those who seek truth.
        To say keep politics out of this forum when this is about a part of health does not give others the freedom to voice their opinion.
        EVERYTHING in today’s world is POLITICAL.

        • Susan

          We pay taxes on many things including wars. If people cannot get health insurance we all pay for it anyway. That is why a trip to the emergency room costs thousands – because millions go to the emergency room to get care because they cannot afford insurance and we are paying for it. We need the public option and obamacare is going in the right direction. People must take responsibility and if they can afford it contribute to their own health insurance. I am grateful my kids can be on our health insurance until 26. I am grateful that kids and soon adults cannot be discriminated against for pre-existing conditions (which I have). I am grateful that the insurance companies cannot impose a life time cap and that their profits will be limited. I am grateful that these rules are in Obamacare. It is not perfect but it is the right direction. The people in Mass. like Romneycare and he is a hypocrite.

  21. Pauline Vitale

    Very informative. There are so many calcium supplements out there I don’t know which is best, Caltrate, citrate, etc. I am 72 with ostioporosis/pina. I stopped taking fosamax about 4 years ago after I read an article possible side effects such as osteocronosis of the jaw. Can you help me.

    Thank you

  22. Shula

    Thanks for the memory suggestions. Really need it. Shula

  23. Vivian Wawsczyk

    My eye specialist recently told me I have macular degeneration (dry) & asked me to start on a potent vitamin called “PreserVision” & it contains 14,320 iu of Vitamin A, 226 mg Vitamin C, 200 iu Vitamin E, 34.8 mg Zinc & 0.8 mg Copper. I am to take 2 daily. I have osteoporosis & am concerned that these high doses of vitamins may have an adverse effect on my bone health. Could you advise me? Thank you.

  24. Joyce E Hall

    Vivian, I too enjoy reading you, and your articles. I continue to eat healthy, probably more food than I need hence I continue to battle the bulge. You and your program are second nature to me. I often times salavate thinking of the wonderful “StirFry” veggies I will have waiting at home for dinner. My friend Tina and I both eat an entirely different way than we did a few years ago. This is thanks to your SaveourBones program. It works well for both of us. I had a significant increase in bone density the very first year I started your program. My friend Tina,is a nurse and thinks the world of our new eating habits. She even started a squarefoot garden with many of our herbs and veggies which you enlightened us about two years ago in your program. I have purchased more than Six SavOurBones Programs(your book) and distributed them to all the people I love. Thanks for your time and talent in helping women SaveOurBones. Best Reguards, Joyce E Hall……….It is “The Revolutionary Program That Reverses Osteoporossis in easy understandable step by step information”!

  25. adjoa barbara

    I have been having severe issues with hearing loss. I am on my 4th pair of hearing aides. However, because I make so much wax my hearing aides freqently need another wax filter, another battery, etc. The ears have several bones that I worry could be affecting my hearing condition.

    Anything available for the bones in the ears? By the way, my hearing losses are nerve related.

  26. Marilyn Crichlow

    The information provided is certainly informative.
    However, I have a question that is not related to bones but hope that you can provide some assistance.
    Do you know a treatment for tinnitus? I would really appreciate a response.


  27. Nu Ly

    Follow your program, it gives me a peace of mind, to take a drug whether
    it is a long term or short term, we still get a side effects. Thank you.

  28. Rose

    What great information! Many thanks Vivian!

  29. Jane

    Thank you so much Vivian for giving us your time and knowledge to help us improve our health and lives. I feel very lucky to have found your site, and you’ve given me the courage to stand up to my doctor and not just blindly follow his ‘advice’.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, Jane. It’s never good to follow anything “blindly.” You’re absolutely right… and I’m glad that you’ve taken your bone health in your hands 🙂

  30. April Nurse

    Hi Viv,

    I have fractured all the four metatarsals of my right foot (with the exception of my big toe) and seem to be forever in cam boots. I am 53 years old, borderline osteoporosis and undergoing menopause. I am also Asthmatic and have GERD.

    How can I strengthen the bones on my feet as I can’t do any walking or exercise such as cycling or walking or treadmill or cross trainer. I am taking all the supplements that you have mentioned in Save your bones. My doctor wants me to take Prolia or go on HRT. I had endometriosis and also had a couple of fibroids. If I take HRT, my fibroids start growing which then causes other problems.

    Any help?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re already ahead of the game by following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. Once your fractures heal, you’ll be able to start weight-bearing activities to help your bones 🙂

  31. Stuart

    To Marianne. Try eating coconut oil, works for a lot of people. Most people don’t mind the taste. The medium-chain fatty acids in the coconut oil are different from the long chain in almost all other oils, plant or animal.

  32. Feona

    Thanks especially for the tips on improving memory, Vivian! My mother and her mother both ended up with Alzheimer’s, so I’m naturally anxious to avoid the same fate. It’s very sad to see the effects of this dreadful disease.

  33. Lenia Koutsoulidou

    Hi Vivian,

    The medicines I take due to,connective tissue disease, are effecting my bones and increase osteoporosis. What can I do to prodect my bones?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Dear Lenia,

      If you haven’t yet, you can download the Natural Bone Building Handbook, where I list supplements that help connective tissue. And in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, I write about that topic in more detail.

  34. eliz severs

    What are your views on the implication of vits K and the effect on osteoporosis? What blood tests are available for vitamins K? What dosages would you rec. bearing in mind that the rda is based on ensuring coagulation as opposed to influence on bony structure?
    Many thanks

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