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Question & Answer #1

I have loved chocolate milk all my life!! So, here is my question:

May I drink ‘raw milk’ mixed with ‘Organic’ Fairly Traded Baking Cocoa, and honey?

The proportions are: 2 cups raw milk, one heaping T. baking cocoa, and 3 T. honey in the blender. It is yummy, and it makes two batches. I drink half now and half later or tomorrow? If this is a yes, how many times a week may I do this? Feel free to share my great recipe if this is a GO!


Dear Paula,

Your recipe will be just as delicious – and better for your bones – if you replace the milk with almond milk or any other milk substitute. I realize that you specifically mention organic raw milk instead of the “regular” pasteurized and homogenized kind, but it is still a more acidifying drink than plant-derived milk. Based on the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you could have your chocolate treat just as you describe it, so long as you would balance it with other alkalizing foods. But why do that if you can easily make this drink more bone-friendly?

As I explain in a previous blog post titled “Debunking the Milk Myth: Why Milk is Bad for You and Your Bones”, like all animal protein, milk acidifies the body pH which in turn uses calcium – most of which is stored in the bones – to neutralize the acidification. Chocolate is also acidifying, but rich in bone-building polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants. In fact, in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I devote an entire chapter to bone-building antioxidants. So your recipe is a GO! with this minor change to help your bones even more.


Question & Answer #2

I took Fosamax for 8l/2 years, Forteo for 2+ years, and had two annual infusions of Reclast. Prior to taking Fosamax I broke my right hip. Because it was not done correctly it had to be redone. After taking the Forteo I broke the right femur bone and three weeks later the left elbow. I was in rehab four months. Should I now
bother to take the new Amgen drug, Denosumab?

My femur bone was broken in three places so I have a titanium plate and 20 screws there which is in constant pain. What is next? Concerned about breaking the left hip as am putting a great deal of pressure on it.


Dear Tillie,

I hope you have recovered and are now doing well. You have surely paid your dues… and now you most certainly deserve a break… from all the breaks. Pun aside, it seems as though the wide array of drugs you've taken did nothing to prevent fractures. While the decision is in your hands, I think it's time you take a good hard look at how you wish to tackle your bone health next.

You can read about Denosumab in a blog post I wrote titled “Prolia (Denosumab): My Review”, where I explain how this novel drug ultimately acts like bisphosphonates, but with even more potentially serious side effects. And I also recommend that you download (if you haven't yet) the free Natural Bone Building Handbook then get started on the Osteoporosis Reversal Program to accelerate your bone density increase without taking drugs.

Stay healthy and strong,

Question & Answer #3

After taking Fosamax for 20 years, my mother developed a seizure disorder (at 75 years of age). I remember reading that this occurs in a small group of people. What is the pathology that causes this? What exactly does the medication do to the brain to cause a seizure disorder?


Dear Louisa,

My prayers go to your mother and to all the unsuspecting victims of osteoporosis drugs. Bisphosphonates are linked to many side effects, many of which can be life-altering. While seizures linked to bisphosphonates such as Fosamax (alendronate) are fortunately rare, researchers have found the link. It is caused by hypocalcemia or low blood calcium levels. Here's how this can happen.

It is recognized that at the beginning of bisphosphonate therapy there is a drop in blood calcium levels, which is typically corrected by the parathyroid hormone. An undetected parathyroid abnormality can cause of seizures, but this is rare. Yet even with normal parathyroid activity, this protective calcium-balancing mechanism can sometimes fail, especially if the person is Vitamin D deficient.

A study by Richard J Maclsaac, published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine titled “Seizures after alendronate” concludes that low levels of Vitamin D can trigger a cascade of events in the presence of bisphosphonates, which can ultimately lead to hypocalcemia (low calcium levels) and seizures in susceptible patients.

Wishing your mother a full recovery,

Question & Answer #4

Help! I am confused regarding what is a proper diet for me. Aside from needing to build bone, I have cholesterol concerns.

Thanks for any and all help.


Dear Dorothy,

I have good news for you. The Osteoporosis Reversal Program is specifically created to increase bone density and maintain strong and healthy bones. However, several in our community have written to me that they (and their doctors) were pleasantly surprised to find out that by following the program, their cholesterol levels had dropped significantly. This wonderful unintended consequence of following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is further proof of how our bodies are designed for health and not for disease.

Here’s my advice to you: if you haven’t yet, go through the Natural Bone Building Handbook. Then try the Osteoporosis Reversal Program to accelerate your bone growth and know exactly what to do step-by-step.

To our health!

Question & Answer #5

Vivian, In your book it shows that almonds are a very good source of calcium. Does it matter if they are roasted? Actually, I was wondering about a lot of the foods listed in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, and in what way they should be eaten for the most benefit. Roasted or not, cooked or raw? And if you do choose to roast or cook, does that mean that there is no longer any value left in them? Thank you.


Dear Betty,

Indeed, almonds are a nutritional alkalizing powerhouse and a great on-the-go snack. One cup of almonds has more calcium than one cup of milk – 378 mg vs. 300 mg. Besides calcium, almonds are a good source of vitamin E, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and riboflavin.

Roasted almonds are heated for 10 to 60 minutes. A University of California study postulates – and confirms – that because of their exposure to high temperatures, roasted almonds are more easily digested than their raw counterparts, thus allowing access to more nutrients.

Please note that almonds contain some oxalates, which can slightly impair calcium (and magnesium) absorption. This further points to the importance of having a varied diet, as I point out in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. And raw foods have certain benefits over cooked foods because many of the nutrient components, including enzymes, are destroyed by heat. So try to eat different foods, both cooked and raw, to take advantage of all the delicious bone-healthy benefits foods have to offer.


Question & Answer #6

I am 67 years old and have been faithfully exercising for 30 years. I currently do Zumba (Latin Dance/aerobics) 4 times a week along with weight training. My recent DEXA scan indicates that I have osteoporosis. I take no medication and do not intend to start. Is my exercise going to hurt my condition or help it? Thank you.


Dear Sue,

Zumba is considered weight-bearing exercise, which is excellent for bone health. Weight training builds muscle, which in turn applies pressure on bone to strengthen it. So you are on the right track, at least as far as exercising is concerned.

Nutrition is equally as important, and since you will not take the drugs, doing nothing in that arena is most certainly not a solution either. If you haven't yet, I recommend you download the free Natural Bone Building Handbook where you get a great introduction to the natural way of building your bones without taking drugs. Then for the step by step, “take you by the hand instructions”, you can try the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Warm regards,

Question & Answer #7

Can anything be done to stop or reverse a “Dowager's Hump” that’s developing?


Dear Silvia,

The dreaded “Dowager's Hump”, also known as Kyphosis, happens because the thoracic vertebrae in the upper part of the spine curve forward excessively. Osteoporosis can lead to this condition. Besides the undesirable aesthetic consequences, including loss of height, the misaligned posture can also cause neck and back pain, and even respiratory impairment.

But the body is very resilient, and posture can be improved at any age. Simple yet effective exercises and posture awareness can greatly help to get rid of this condition for good.

Stand tall!

Question & Answer #8

Thanks for all your information and tips. Would there be any connection between having osteoporosis followed by having a degenerative disk?


Dear Gloria,

A degenerative disc can result in pain and decreased mobility, because the discs separating the vertebrae in the spine shrink and become less flexible. Osteoporosis can greatly contribute to the disk anomalies, actually making the condition worse. As with osteoporosis, strength conditioning and stretching exercises, including yoga, are recommended to strengthen back muscles and provide stronger spinal support. And correct posture to keep the spine in the correct alignment is essential as well.

Remember to question everything!

Question & Answer #9

My Internist, my GYN, and a PA have all recommended Reclast for me. I am confused with the “information” on this drug. It seems you either love it or hate it!! I am 61 and have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I have another DEXA-scan scheduled in 2 wks to see what the difference is after stopping Fosamax over a year ago. I appreciate any and all information on Reclast.


Dear Betsy,

Reclast is a intravenous infusion of a bisphosphonate drug thus replacing the typical osteoporosis tablets. Because oral bisphosphonates can cause many digestive problems, the intravenous delivery drug avoids this problem. But the method of action is the same; it alters normal bone metabolism.

You can read about bisphosphonates, and in particular about Reclast in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. I think that you'll be amazed at the wide array of side effects listed there, including the terrible osteonecrosis of the jaw or rotting jaw. And for a little lighthearted humor, check out my blog post titled “Fosamax: When Good Things Happen to Bad Drugs”.

Always stay informed,

Question & Answer #10

Is it true that soda pop weakens the bones?


Dear Rene,

Great question! Indeed, soda and especially cola, can deplete the bones of necessary minerals because it is a highly acidifying beverage. The body must utilize valuable calcium typically stored in the bones in order to neutralize the acid attack and maintain the body's pH. In the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I explain in more detail how this process happens and offer delicious alternatives to soda. For example, you can drink seltzer water mixed with your favorite natural fruit juice. Refreshing… and bone-smart!

Keep asking questions,

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  1. Cathy

    I love soda and feel deprived not being able to drink it. I am curious to know if the product from the Soda Stream machines is harmful to our bones. This machine uses water, and fruit juice or syrup you care to add and Co2.

  2. debbi fitzgerald

    What a blessing to find this!!!! Im 53 diagnosed with osteoporosis 10 yrs ago, now after monopause i’m severe. Saw one Dr told me had to do reclast, but i am undergoing periodontal problems.Then want me to do forteo injections. I am scared to death. Awaiting a second opinion. I am afraid of the side effects, please help. thank you and God bless you,

  3. Raylene

    On Day #9, Question #1, Paula asked you about the use of raw milk; yet in your book -The Bone Health Revolution- you have listed on page 79 under
    Alkalizing Dairy “milk (raw).”

    I am confused. Please clarify.

  4. Marion

    I am 59 years old, have had osteoporosis since menopause 6 years ago. My mother, aunts and cousins also have osteoporosis. I took Fosamax for 5 years (have been off it for a year) and broke my first bone, my wrist, while on this drug. After seeing an endroconologist, she found through blood tests and scans that I have 2 overactive parathyroid glands. She recommended surgery to remove them because they’re causing my problems with calcium absorbtion. I was hesitant. I’ve since broken both shoulders and had a spinal fracture. I walk 2 miles a day, belong to a gym and do strength and weight training daily, take calcium and D3. Is surgery my best option?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Marion, I’m sorry, but this is outside my areas of research. If you have questions about surgery, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion. I do wish you the very best moving forward, however you choose to proceed.

  5. Catherine

    I am a 66 year old female with osteoporosis and raging acid reflux. I’ve been on diets and supplements to alkalinize my body which didn’t affect the reflux. In fact, all my test strips show a 7.0 reading, even without the diet or supplements. The only thing that helps is Zantac. I take 150 mg in the AM and 300 mg in the PM. I’ve read that antacids can cause bone loss because one cannot digest calcium without acid. But, you say to alkalinize in order to keep the calcium from being leached. There is a contradiction there. Please explain this to me. Thanks.

  6. maisie

    Thank youi Vivian for your helpful list of oils – I have just one question – I have been told that rape seed oil is healthier than olive oil – what is your opinion about it as it didn’t feature on your list?
    Thank you

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Rapeseed oil (also known as canola oil) is an alkalizing oil, but olive oil, as I discuss in the article, is much more beneficial for bone health, and for health in general.

  7. Feona

    I’m so pleased to learn that following the acid/alkaline diet will also help to lower cholesterol. I also have high cholesterol as well as osteoporosis and was wondering if there would be a problem. Clearly not!

  8. Joan Sandlin


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Joan,

      I just wrote a blog post that should answer all your questions about strontium: Strontium Demystified

  9. Elaine Warshell

    I have 3 questions:

    1. Can a glass of almond milk with a meal be used to help reach the 80/20 alkaline/acid ratio?

    2. I have an estogen-progesterone positive form of breast cancer and must take arimidex for five years to surpress these hormones. I’m 61 years old and went through menopause about 10 years ago. I already have a -2.3 T score in my hips, which is a significant deterioration from my last bone density scan (on the same machine) 3 years ago. The ontocogist said that I haven’t been on the arimidex long enough for it to have had any effect yet, but that it will cause further bone thinning. I believe that the your book said that low hormone levels do cause bone thinning and brittle bones, so my question is will the program still work for me? My primary care physician is wiling to give it a try for 18 months and then do another bone scan but feels that if there is further deterioration that I should go on drugs. Other than the diet ratio (mine’s probably about 50/50), I pretty much have been doing everything else you recommend in your book for many years. I’ve found that when I cut back too much on protein I do not feel well and am hungry, irritable, and fat (I’m currently 5’6″ tall and weigh 120 pounds, which feels just right).

    3. I also take a low dose of statins for extremely high LDC cholesterol so CO-Q10 absorption is hindered. Should I up your recommended dosage of it and if so how much should I take?

  10. Shelley

    Dear Vivian,
    Nov. 3rd 2009 I received my first and LAST Reclast IV. I have had almost every side effect listed and many additional ones. One that is troubling me is my sudden loss of memory, not events, but simple words or names are temporarily lost (ex: this morning I forgot the name Reclast); and sometimes I speak “dyslexic”, mixing up the order of my words. Is there something I can do to detoxify this drug from my brain or otherwise return my brain function to normal?
    Thanks so much!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Shelley,

      Yes, the side effects of osteoporosis drugs can be insidious.

      You might want to check out my 7 Day Rapid Cleanse which is designed to quickly begin the process of eliminating the drugs from your system.

  11. Michelle Morris

    Dear Vivien
    Thank you all your inspirational help and advice which I am trying hard to follow.

    Please would you let me know about cider vinegar. I have recently read conflicting reports about it. More than one opinion cited is that it can strip potassium from the bones and therefore be detrimental to bone health.

    I have been taking 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar diluted in water with a small amount of manuka honey dissolved in warm water on daily basis now for the last couple of months. I was led to believe the vinegar would be beneficial as it produces an alkaline response in the body.

    I test my pH level every morning and it is generally alkaline.

    Please could you clear up the confusion and advice me whether I should continue with the cider vinegar.



    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Michelle,

      Apple cider vinegar is excellent for bone health and health in general. It aids in digestion and thus prevents toxic acidic residue from accumulating in the body.

  12. lilianna wilson

    Vivian is organic Blue Agave good for us or not ?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Lilianna,

      Agave is quite controversial because some brands contain high levels of fructose. But the typical organic agave nectar has approximately 50% fructose, which is fine. And there is controversy about the nectar’s ash residue as well. Some claim it’s a low acid food, others claim it’s neutral to slightly alkaline-forming. Based on this, I recommend honey or stevia instead of agave.

  13. Nadene Rhodes

    The information is so informative. My Phy. recommended that I also take reclast. But after reading your research information, I declined. I was extremely terrified about taking an intrav. drug. Of course, my Dr. asked why not take it, I simply said too many side effects. They really don’t tell everything about the side effects, just flu like symptoms. On another note, I drink almond milk only and love it. I started with the vanilla flavor almond milk but because of the sugar content had to just drink the regular almond milk. My grandchildren love it too. I have to watch my sugar intake due to the sneaky blood sugar elevation. Thanks again and I appreciate you.

  14. Vivial

    I have learned more about medication and what is good for pain. I will continue to join this community to learn more. Thanks Vivian for all of your research and hard work.

  15. Allison Ifferte

    Speaking of Chocolate drinks that are alkalizing, the PureAlmond (all natural almond milk) comes in two delicious flavors: Vanilla and Dark Chocolate. Vivian they are simply delicious!! Has anyone tried them??

  16. Janet McGee

    I have enjoyed all the questions and answers and am especially interested in the weight bearing exercises. However, I have spinal stenosis, spondylothesis, and scolios which inhibit impact exercises. Can I do these same exercises in the pool and how effective would that be? Thank you for your answers. Jan

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jan,

      Water greatly reduces the effect of impact exercises. If you can do it, and with your doctor’s approval of course, walking would be ideal; it’s an excellent weight-bearing exercise. 🙂

  17. Susie

    In 2007 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine and osteopenia in my hip. I reluctantly started taking Actonel as prescribed by my doctor. I am quite healthy at 58 years old and not on any other meds. In my mind, I knew that I was not going to stay on this drug for long. Finally, after reading the most recent alarming report on bisphosphonates and much to the dismay of my doctor, I took myself off Actonel. I have been following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program since December and feel great. However, I am still confused as to how much my 3 years on Actonel will negatively impact my bone health.

  18. Catherine Pacitti

    Your website is wonderful vivian. I always look forward to your emails, and I appreciate all the information you have given me. I passed your email to my sister a year ago, as she is a therapist and I was telling her all about this program.
    Thank you so much.
    From Catherine in Scotland

  19. Linda

    Hi Vivian,
    Thankyou so much for all that you do to help us with our bones without medication. What I was wondering is that I have been reading and hearing that certain foods are oxalates i.e. almonds and spinach and not sure what else. Could you let us know which ones are and how much should we eat. I have almonds every day – about 1/2 cup and used to eat alot of spinach because it was in your book as alkaline but now I am confused as to the foods that could be oxalates. Thanks you so very much

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, Linda! Oxalates do reduce calcium absorption, but just slightly, so continue to enjoy your spinach! 🙂

  20. mary t ball

    Thanks again Vivien for all the help and useful emails. So much to learn from them.

    Regards Mary.

  21. Nu Ly

    What’s distilled water? I don’t understand and
    ask someone else, I still cannot get the answer.

    I took BMD scan in 2006, 2007 & 2009.

    Should I ask the doctor for DEXA san in this year?

    What’s the difference between this two scan?

    Since last year from April up to today, I follow your program not 100% but as much as I can, I want to see how I improve my osteoporosis.

    In all your answer questions, I gain much knowledge, thank you.

    • Douglas Biggs

      Distilled water is very pure water. It is made by boiling water. The steam goes to a second container and leaves impurities in the first container.

  22. Jean Benton

    I’d like to give my experience with Dowager’s Hump. I developed this problem several years ago.
    When it was first discovered, I went to a “bone” doctor and all he could tell me was that “my mother had it”! Obviously, I could not accept that analysis; however, it has taken several years before discovering thru an acupuncturist referral…
    My neck/shoulders were so stiff she could hardly insert the needles. At that point, she referred me to a massage therapist, one that specializes in orthopedic massage. It took a full year before I begin to feel better which translates into … feeling more relaxed and the ability to (finally) “stand taller”!!!

  23. gloria

    Hi Vivian,
    Is fish oil unsafe to injest? I’ve been taking it for quite some time. Does it come from polluted waters and should I stop taking it, as it was recommended by my Doctor.

  24. gloria

    I love chocolate drinks. Every day I drink the Chocolate Nutrition Ensure drink. I also enjoy Ovaltine mixed in organic milk.

  25. Shula

    Was interesting to hear from Ann about Strontium and hair loss. I take strontium as well, will stop for a while and see how it affects my hair.

  26. joyce

    Does caffeine hurt the bones…I might drink 4 cups of coffee a week.
    I wish ther were more explecit answers to how to eat the correct foods. I have joine & paid for the Save Our Bones program, but I’d like more answers to how to eat & more recipes, pleae. I am still not certain on acid/alkaline foods.
    Thanks. Oh! I took myself off Forteo injections in Sept. 2010, after 18 mo. My dexa show I have a reading of -3.1. Will have a Dexa in April. Dr. wants me to Reclast, but I am not going to. HE was not sure I shoudl keep up YOGA & weight bearing, but this sounds wrong. He told me to stop weearing my 1lb. ankle weight when I walk & my 2lb. wrist weights–What do you think.
    Joyce S.

  27. katie

    What do you recommend for Vitamin D? I cover exposed skin in the sun to slow premature aging and prevent overexposure and further damage. I do not want to ingest fish oil due to mercury and other pollutants. Thanks for your help!

  28. katie

    I realize you recommend a period of sunlight each day for Vitamin D. I’ve gotten too much sun in my youth and now either cover up or apply sun screen for protection. How do you recommend a sun-phobe get enough Vitamin D? I do not want to take fish oil as fish come from polluted waters and are no doubt polluted with mercury and other substances. Quite a dilemma! Thanks,

    • Jean Esler

      I take krill oil instead of fish oil. It has the same benefits of fish oil but not the contaminants because it comes from much smaller marine animals.

  29. Dulce

    Hi! Vivian
    I have a life even at the age of 81yrs. Keeping up is my goal & being positive. I am a Queenslander & what is happening in my life is nothing compared to the tragedy of the floods.
    I would urge people to give to the flood relief. The Universe is in command & all the world is in chaos. Many thanks for your input re bone health.

    • katie

      How does one go about contributing to flood relief in Australia?

      San Diego

      • Trudy

        Katie, there should be a PH-Nr. listed on the internet. We Queenslanders/Brisbanites donate at our local supermarkets (where there is no more food!) & at our banks.
        Every dollar here is most welcome!
        Thanks for your concern & kindness!

  30. Valerie Mills


    I have been diagnosed with Osteoporois of the spine at age 53. I am having a really hard time trying to find exercises that will strengthen my spine (so it can be stimluated to strengthen it and the muscles around it that would be safe to do. Any suggestions or places I can look?

    Also I am trying to follow your program but I dont have a clue if I am getting enough protein, I dont do well with soy and there really arent many options in the PH protein list to choose from, so I have just been eating chicken. Any suggestions?

  31. Terri Barnett

    Do you have a coupon for the posture program?

  32. Joan Lemire

    Somewhere I have read from Vivian that what is good for our bones is distilled water. I have just read a reliable article that says distilled water is very acidic and to avoid it. What is right? If we added lemon juice would that make distilled water ok?

  33. june woakes

    I see that none of your Q&A deal with the problem of having polymyalgia rheumatica and having to take steroids which in turn means that you have to take alendronate to mitigate the side effects of the steroids. I would dearly love to stop taking alendronate but my GP insists I must keep it up. I have been taking steroids for five years now, so does anyone else out there have the same problem?

  34. Elaine Schaeffer

    Your information and the question folks asks either enlighten me or keeps me strong. Lots of my friends take the drugs and say they need it and so do I. They do take me serious so I jus say well someone has to do it different. I am very healthy as far as I know. Had all my yearly check ups. Take no medicine so I feel I am good but still continue to learn about things. Thank you and the other my question and concerns seem to get answered each time I read the email and think I need to reread my book again and my other material. Lot of food were such a surprise as to there effects. Thank you.

  35. Berta

    Dear Vivian,

    I have a simple question, which I really hope you’ll answer: We live in Australia, and our definition of “soda” is different to the American one. My husband and I like to drink soda water, which is a fizzy water drink with nothing added; I think you’d call it club soda.Is this still calcium-depleting? Should we stop? Sydney water isn’t as good as it used to be, it is a warm country, and that is how we get our daily water intake – by drinking soda water. Should we stop?

    Thank you so much for your time,


    • Deliana

      Your “soda” water is what is called “seltzer” water here and that is fine (See above: Question and answer #10).

  36. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,

    Your E-Mails Are Very Inspiring! Thank You VERY MUCH For Sending Them To Me!

    LOVE, MS. L.

  37. Nicole

    Hi Vivian – Is it true that honey is good for bone building? There are so many kinds on the market I wouldn’t know which one is best. Also, what are the side effects of honey? I am 77, my cholesterol is at least 200 and I also need to watch my potassium which is around 6. Thank you for everything you do for us all.

  38. Joel M. Wilson

    There are periodic references to garlic being of good nutritional value. When adding it to a food, is it supposed to be garlic “powder” or garlic “salt”? Is there any nutritional value difference?
    Just this morning, I added a tablespoon of flaxseed and a tablespoon of wheat germ, and sprinkled some garlic powder to my oatmeal; in addition to the berries and cinnamon that I have done for a long time. I am going to start doing that every day. Thanks for all your valuable information.

    Joel M. Wilson

  39. Bernie Tyndall

    Great information very helpful. I cant seem to buy your book or borrow it in libray in Australia
    Any suggestions Thank you

  40. Celestina Marie

    Thank you Vivian for once again answering our questions and providing great info so we can stay informed and make good choices.

  41. Joan

    To Laura i believe green tea is acidity i used to drink it but have stopped i drink herbal tea instead To Vivian, while i love Alkaline food but also love food that are not Alkaline which are very good for you like porridge, eggs,and many more trying to get a balance at the moment thank you for all your help love your site Joan

  42. Jackie Waite

    You and your staff have been wonderful in responding to my questions. But I have not received any personal phone call. Are you just too swamped with all of us asking questions and just don’t have the time to respond personally????? At any rate, thank you Vivian. I’ve introduced a girlfriend and she ordered your book as well.

  43. Marie

    Now I am a bit confused about almonds; they are alkalizing, good source of calcium, yet at the same time, they contain some oxalates that may impair calcium absorption.

    So would it be advisable to eat, say, half a dozen a day?

    Thank you Vivian for sharing the fruit of your hard work and for making the osteopenia/osteoporosis road easier to travel!

  44. Pam

    What do you think of hormone replacement after menopause to help bone density?

    • Trudy

      Pam, HRT really helped me. After taking FOSOMAX/ACTONEL for years, without success, my GP put me on HRT patches. Since then my bone density has increased, I sleep much better, my skin and hair growth has improved, I am much more emotionally balanced & urinary problems have vanished. I know that Vivian is against taking it, so are many doctors. In my case it has proved to be a blessing.

  45. Angela

    Want to share my newest, favorite bone healthy snack.

    Just stuff pitted dried dates with an equal number of roasted almonds and enjoy!! Yum.. they satisfy cravings for something sweet and crunchy.

    You can make a big batch, store them in a tin with a tight fitting lid and keep them in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks.

  46. Sandra Kelley

    I have just be diagnosed with hyperactivethyroidism. My Dr has me on Beta Blockers and Methimazole.

    Is there a natural way to calm down the thyroid. I do not want to take the radioiodine.

    Thank you

    • Linda

      Hi Sandra,

      I too, had a hyperactive thyroid condition. Chose to take the radiodine route in 1993. It corrected the problem very easily without any side effects. My thyroid problem was caused by a tumor on the thyroid, in-turn, creating the hyperactivity. The radiodine destroyed the tumor, but also a small amount of the thyroid. I take a daily small dose of thyroid medicine. My doctor said I was an optimal case and see him every year since and doing great.

  47. Marianne jackson

    Great Book and Site – Thank you.

    2 Questions which I have not yet seen:

    1. Is there any prescription antidepressant which does NOT cause bone loss?

    2. In addition to increasing calcium and Vitamin D supplements, how do I add enough of both to my Vegetarian diet to reverse bone loss?


  48. Jackie Wahlig

    I am concerned because Itake Bonue-Up 3 x day have severe osteoporosis. I refuse to take the bone breaking meds. I also have autonomic and small fiber neuropathy. I don’t seem to absorb vitamin D or Zinc even when supplementing. I am worried that if my bones are not absorbing the calcium, where is it going? I know you can get calcium clogging your arteries. How do I prevent this when taking calcium supplements?

    • Patricia Morine

      You also need Vitamine D, Sunshine or tanning booths or supplement.

    • Christine

      Hi Jackie, Don’t forget to take adequate amounts of magnesium so that calcium can be absorbed by the bones.
      Magnesium will also take calcium from blood vessels and organs where it has been deposited due to the shortage of magnesium in the diet and put it into the bones.

  49. Bill Seabrook

    Dear Vivian,
    Your Q & A format is excellent – thanks for the valuable info.
    Could you answer this question? What effect does alcohol have on our bones and what would you consider a safe amount to imbibe? My bone doctor recommends limiting alcohol consumption to 2 glasses of wine per week for men and 1 for women.
    My GP recommends two glasses of wine per day for men and one per day for women (good for controlling cholesterol and stress). What’s a person to do?!


  50. Laura McFarland

    What is the effect of green tea? Acid or Alkaline?

    • Isabella

      green tea is acid forming. It’s in the “Save Our Bone” book.

  51. Sherrill Fields

    I have a question. What is your opinion of Fosteum….a soy medical food.

  52. Amy Leven

    Vivian, I am a 57 year old women. I am 5’3″ and weigh 90 pounds. I am in great shape, eat right and exercise, with a trainer once a week. I do yoga and dance on my on time as well as walk. I have always been thin and petite. I have tried every pill out there for my bones and within two weeks had every side effect to each of them. I refuse to take Reclast (which is really Cemo) or the new injection given twice a year. I won’t even go back to have another bone density test. I think it is all about money. I am taking Fortical nose spray and vitamin D3 1,000 twice a day.
    Any comment?

    • JudyK

      You have to insist that your Doctor give you a Vitamin D test and find out what your “number” is. Usually the Doc (or their assistant) just wants to tell you that you’re normal if you’re anywhere between 20 and 100. I’ve been told that my Bone Density should be at least betwee 70 and 90 because I had a life-threatening illness (cancer). I can’t get mine that high unless I have a D3 prescription.

  53. Paula

    I am curious about the comment about raw milk and whether it is alkalinizing as stated in SOB on pg 108 or acidifying in the question answered about drinking chocolate milk with organic raw milk. Vivian’s response was to change to a milk such as almond milk rather than use organic raw milk. So, which is correct about raw milk…..acidic or alkaline?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      See my answer below to Rosemary and Martha.

  54. Karen

    I too was wondering the same thing, as right after I’d received my soft cover manual in the mail….the pictures advertising the Save our Bones program came up in a hard cover edition…..I spent good money on something that I’m assuming was obsolete once I got it! I never got my phone call either!!! What’s up with this, did someone just take my money!??

  55. Mary

    I have been taking Alendronic Acid for 6 months following my Osteoporosis diagnosis last summer. I have followed the Save Our Bones programme and stopped taking the drug last week. I have just bought the detox programme which I have been on for 3 days. Vivian, my question is should I only eat the vegetables and fruit listed or can I eat others, eg root veges as well? I’m persevering but am very hungry! I am 59 and my spine T score was -2.9.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      To “Hungry” Mary,

      You can eat others as well… the 7 day osteoporosis drug detox program Rapid Cleanse recommends you eat the veggies listed to accelerate the detox process.

  56. Louisa

    Thank you sooo much for answering my question about seizures developing after many years on Fosamax. My Mom asked her neurologist about it and he pretty much shrugged his shoulders. I thank God for folks like you who will go that extra mile!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re very welcome, Louisa! Please give my best to your Mom.

  57. Cindy

    I have been on these drugs for 8 or 9 years. Until December of 2010. and I said NO MORE! I haven’t bought the book yet, because I don’t have the money right now. My question is, after reading alot about milk not being good for us, How about Greek yogurt? I eat it in the morning.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      Fermented dairy is neutral to alkalizing. So enjoy Greek yogurt!

  58. Rose

    I just recently received the results of my hair analysis from a Health Laboratory. My calcium level is above normal. What would cause this? I take calcium suppliments but I am not always faithful and was very concerned that I wasn’t taking my daily intake. But now I am puzzled as to why the results came at such a high level. Should I stop with the calcium suppliments and just focus on the foods that contain calcium? I just want to make sure that I get enought calcium because I have osteoarthritis in my hip, knees and other joints. My body’s PH level(acidic level) is also higher than normal, so I was told to try and alkaline by using lemon juice in my water.

    • Andy

      My 5 cent contribution to your question.
      I was told by my Bone Specialist Doctor that the high level of calcium in your blood is an indication that your blood ” steal” calcium from your bone. it because your blood is so acidic, and in order to netralize it, it absorb the calcium from your bone. I think Vivian will explain more.

  59. Mary Westwood

    I have a question @ liquid calcium; is it true that it is better than pill form because it goes right to the bone faster? This is what the sales person tells me.
    thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      A liquid calcium supplement is easier to digest, but the bigger question is what kind of calcium is it?

  60. INES


  61. karen

    Hi Vivian! Is drinking Knox “Nutra Joint” a good idea…or not!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      Knox contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, all of which are usually recommended for joint health.

  62. Marion

    Vivian – I was delighted to learn of exercises for Kyphosis. Mine may be partly caused by lack of nutrition during the first 5 months of my life and/or from Osteopenia. I refuse to take the prescribed drugs and try to plan my eating around your SaveOurBones program. For exercise I do Thi Chi and go to Curves twice a week. My bone density is improving but my hump is not. Hopefully the exercises you suggested will help. I’m sure going to try them.

    Thank you for this information.

  63. Blanche Goebel

    Could you please give me a report on Miacalcin. I never see anything about it and I have been using it for 12 years. The Dr. says it is not the best but better than nothing.
    Any information would be appreciated.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      The free Natural Bone-Building Handbook gives you all the details on Miacalcin, and a lot more. You can download it right here.

      • Blanche Goebel

        I would love to download the data you
        mentioned, but you didn’t give me the path to execute it. What am I missing?

        • Margaret

          You can download the Bone Building Handbook by going back to the TOP of this page & on the Right hand side you will see the add Get Your Free Handbook etc. Just follow the directions

  64. Rosemary Pratt

    Now I’m really confused, actually seriously confused…….The SOB programme lists raw milk as being alkalising – page 108 – so I have been really enjoying it from a neighbour’s cow for a couple of months, using about 4 litres a week. But in this set of Questions, No 1 ,Vivian says raw milk is still an acidifying drink.Can you please clarify this somewhere, Vivian? Poppy’s milk is delicious!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Rosemary and Martha,

      Raw milk is alkalizing to neutral; pasteurization and homogenization of milk destroys ingredients that make it alkalizing. I suggested plant-based milks for the chocolate milk recipe because let’s face it – most people don’t have access to raw milk. So I felt it necessary to improve the recipe so the majority of people could delight on it 🙂

      • Rosemary Pratt

        Thanks,Vivian. Yes, I take your point about most people not having access to raw milk.My town is isolated in the Queensland floods and as the food shops are empty we are very fortunate to have milk from Poppy!

      • Jimmy Tomberlin

        In my state of Alabama and about twenty other states, it is against the law to sell raw milk. So a lot of people would have a problem obtaining it.

    • Martha Lemos

      Yes, I saw that in the book as well – I was wondering what the simple act of pasteurization did to milk that would change it from being acidifying to being alkalinizing. That didn’t make sense to me either. I have tried rice milk in place of cow’s milk, but it tastes horrible – I could barely finish the glass – it was like taking medicine (and twice as expensive as milk). I was hoping that raw milk or goat’s milk could be an alternative. Please address this, Vivian.

      • Christine

        Hi Martha, I think you may have misread Vivian’s reply about the raw milk. She indicated that raw milk was alkaline to neutral and that treatment e.g. pasteurisation destroyed the things in the milk that made it alkaline to neutral and thus turned it into an acidic food. In other words, raw milk is a living food from a living animal with all the goodness that is there to nourish a living calf That is why raw milk turns sour after a few days and why
        supermarkets prefer the processed milk
        that will keep for much longer but at a cost to the customer as much of the goodness of the milk has been destroyed..
        I believe that calves cannot survive on pasteurised milk alone but they certain can on raw milk.

  65. Valerie Milton

    Thank you Vivian for all your good advice. I have recently had another bone density scan and it appears my back is a little stronger, but my hip is weaker. I continue to do your hip exercise when making my tea and coffee and my legs are beneffiting considerably

  66. June Griffiths

    Dear Vivian, I don’t have a question for you, I want to share some good news with. I was diagnosed wth osteoporosis 4yrs ago. My Consultant wanted me to have Reclast. I came home did research on the internet and decided no way was I putting that in my body. I sent for Algae Cal and Strontium. I took this for one year and had a much improved T score on my visit a year later. I had my dexa scan in October and my follow up visit in December. My consultant was quite off hand with me and said you do not need to take any more calcium tablets but keep on with the strontium. I told him I had not taken anything for six months as I was following Save our Bones program. I asked him for my T score. I will give you the last 3yrs results. December 2008 Total spine -3.0 December 2009 Total spine -1.1. December 2010 – 1.0 I was suprised he wasn’t pleased but perhaps he thought we would put him out of a job. I also have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and wish you could help with that, we could do with you on board. Best wishes and thankyou so much, June

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Dear June,

      Thanks for sharing with us your outstanding bone density improvement! I wish I could also help you with your other condition, but at this time this is out of my scope of research. I am sure you are in good hands for it, though.

      Keep up with the Program, and I wish you more health successes in the future.

    • Rosemary Pratt

      So you have stopped taking the strontium supplied with the Algae Cal , following Vivian’s advice that strontium is not good? I have Algae Cal too , but the strontium bottles are unopened in the cupboard.I ordered that combination before I read that Vivian doesn’t reccommend taking strontium.

      • Anne

        I just realized WHY we don’t want to take strontium. I took strontium while healing from a severe collar bone break, and lost a great deal of hair in the process. I figured it was from the surgery or stress or anesthesia, but recently read that hair loss was one of the side effects of strontium. Maybe it is worth it to take it for repair of a bad break, but we certainly don’t want to go bald if we don’t have to!

        • Rosemary Pratt

          Oh my! Thankyou! It’s staying in the cupboard , or I may send it back.

  67. M Gabriella

    I will surely get my SAVE OUR BONES PROGRAM.

    Thank you so much for the interesting information on how to keep our bones safe !!

  68. marjorie

    is one covered by travel insurance if you do not take medication-ie bonivar presribed by GP for moderate osteoporosis,having declared it when applying

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