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A seismic shift is underway in Americans' healthcare beliefs and practices. As they learn more about how Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment have chosen profits over patients' health, the public is slowly but surely losing faith in those institutions.

According to a new survey, more people are turning to natural remedies–a category that includes supplements, lifestyle changes, and medicinal plant derivatives like cannabidiol (a phytochemical extract of hemp or marijuana plants).

Today we'll look at the results of that report on the changing opinions of Americans–and examine the dangers of Big Pharma's osteoporosis drugs. Then we'll review some of the holistic approaches to bone health and overall wellness embraced by the Save Institute.

Survey Shows People Turning To Natural Remedies

A new survey commissioned by Remedy Review asked 2,000 Americans about their views and habits in regard to natural remedies and prescription drugs. The survey questions assessed how many participants used or approved of natural remedies and the reasons behind their choices and views. Here are the most relevant results:1

  • 78% of the respondents said they have used a natural remedy to treat an ailment at least once
  • 75% of respondents believe natural remedies, including cannabis and marijuana products, are safer overall than prescription medications
  • 78% believe cannabis should be more widely available as a pain treatment
  • 52% were in strong agreement with the above statement
  • 27% slightly agreed with the above statement
  • 69% of the respondents had used a product containing cannabidiol (CBD)
  • 33% said they are currently using a product containing cannabidiol
  • 66% said natural treatments were more affordable than prescription drugs
  • 56% said natural remedies were easier to obtain than prescription drugs
  • 50% said they used natural remedies because they didn’t want to become addicted to prescription medication

The survey also delved into respondents' views on the opioid crisis, and to what extent Big Pharma and doctors are to blame for irresponsible prescribing practices:

  • 59% of respondents said the best way to combat the opioid crisis was tighter regulation of drug companies and manufacturers
  • 55% said that the legalization of medical marijuana would help stem the crisis
  • 43% expanded the call for legalization of recreational marijuana
  • 79% craved more research on the benefits of marijuana


In a survey of 2000 Americans, three-quarters of respondents said they believed natural remedies are safer than prescription drugs. Seventy-eight percent of people responded that cannabis should be available as a pain treatment. More than half of respondents felt that drug companies and manufacturers should face more stringent regulation.

Osteoporosis Drugs Among The Worst Offenders

The growing public knowledge of the dangers and inefficacy of many pharmaceutical products has driven Americans to question or abandon prescription drugs. Osteoporosis drugs are a prime example.

There have been multiple lawsuits against osteoporosis drug-makers and public outrage has grown, as has the number of people who have suffered from the terrible side effects and failures of these drugs. The damaging and dangerous potential side-effects of osteoporosis drugs such as Fosamax (alendronate), Boniva (ibandronate), and Reclast (zoledronic acid) include:

  • Osteonecrosis of the jaw – in which reduced blood flow to the jaw bone causes it to slowly deterioriate2
  • Atypical fracture – in which a bone, usually the femur, fractures without traumatic injury3
  • Bone, joint, and muscle pain2
  • Atrial fibrillation – fast, irregular heartbeat4
  • Esophageal cancer5
    • All osteoporosis drugs share an effect that makes them dangerous, ineffective, and unnatural: disruption of the natural bone remodeling process. The chemical intervention of osteoporosis drugs alters the body's ability to replace old bone with new bone.6

      This breakdown of an important natural process prevents microfractures in bone from being removed, reducing the flexibility and quality of bone.


      Osteoporosis drugs cause a variety of severe side-effects, including the outcome they claim to prevent: fractures. Increasingly, the public is becoming aware of these dangers and is turning away from the products peddled by Big Pharma.

      Natural Solutions Are Safer And More Effective

      Fortunately, there are more effective, natural ways to prevent and reverse osteoporosis– and instead of having negative side effects, they have a positive impact on your overall health.

      Decades of scientific research have revealed the efficacy of drug-free bone health interventions. Exercise is the key to activating the body's natural bone remodeling process. Weight-bearing exercise directly stimulates the creation of new bone and increases your ability to avoid falls and fractures.

      The benefits of exercise need the support of a pH-balanced diet comprised of 80/20 alkalizing to acidifying foods. By following an alkalizing diet, you prevent your body from compensating for acidification by pulling alkalizing minerals from your bones.

      Lifestyle changes also play a powerful role in supporting healthy bones, many of which protect your ability to accomplish your exercise and diet goals. Others, such as getting seven hours of quality sleep every night, directly support the creation of new bone.


      Regular exercise, an 80/20 pH-balanced diet, and simple lifestyle changes naturally support bone health and overall well-being.

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      The ORP expounds on the topics in today's article to give you a deeper understanding of how your body and your bones function. It goes further than that, laying out the simple steps for changing your life and recovering your bone health.

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  1. Jasu Lala

    dear Vivian
    Thanks for the lovely exercises of spine and hip series and bone density. I am enjoying them. (You look Great )
    One question–If someone has sciatica or herniation of disc but not touching the roots of the nerves in the lumbar and upper sacral area can they do these exercises?
    Any suggestions for Sciatica Many thanks.Jasu

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Jasu, I’m glad you’re enjoying the exercises and I thank you for your kind words. It would be best if you could consult with a physical therapist about sciatica and disk herniation because every case is different. And I have not yet researched sciatica in depth, so, unfortunately, I can’t give you suggestions at this time.

  2. Judy Kahn

    A question about your recent post for healthy bar recipes. I made two of the three and neither of them held together at all. They ended in crumbles even after I refrigerated them and even added a drop of oil to see if they would hold together in order to be cut into bars. Did you test these recipes? Could you cut yours and have them hold together? Any advice?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Judy, please let me know which recipes you’re referring to 🙂

  3. Diane Grant

    I have added osteostrong regimen to everything else I do for my bones. Since the 3 months attending Osteostrong I have increased my bone density by 5 points. It is a great program.

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