Celiac Disease

Q: I am a celiac. I am allergic to wheat and cannot eat oats or barley and that they say is why I have severe osteoporosis. I know how to … Continue Reading →

Am I Getting Enough Protein?

Q: I love your book and have told friends about it.  I am concerned, however, about getting enough protein since most of the usual protein sources are acidic.  I am … Continue Reading →

Osteoporosis And Anti-Convulsant Medication

Q: I just picked up a pamphlet at a doctor's office the other day regarding osteoporosis and it stated that any anti-convulsant medication causes bone density loss. Is that correct? … Continue Reading →

Thyroid And Thyroxine

Q: It is obvious you have studied the human body so I would like to ask you a question regarding another drug I am reluctantly taking. I was diagnosed with … Continue Reading →

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