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Today’s news is packed with fascinating material that will both amaze you and outrage you.

You’ll read about a brand new at-home bone screening test based on the connection between fingernails and bones. You won’t believe why mainstream scientists think that in some cases it’s OK to lie. Also, you’ll probably gasp at the discovery of dangerous new toxins in packaged foods.

And as we welcome spring, I can’t wait to share with you an inspirational music video to lift your mood and erase the last of the winter blues.

Now on to the news…

At-Home Osteoporosis Screening Test Just Launched In The UK

A Dublin company, Crescent Diagnostics, Ltd has released Osentia™, an at-home test that screens its users for low bone density.

News Excerpt:

“The Osentia™ screening process measures the protein keratin in nail clippings, which is used as a surrogate biomarker for collagen, a key indicator of bone strength. Keratin abnormality can indicate a risk of developing osteoporosis.

Having purchased the test, customers send a nail clipping to Crescent’s laboratory where it is analysed. The customer’s result will be presented as one of three risk profiles; green, amber or red.”1

Notice the levels of fracture risk the test indicates – green is little to no risk, amber is moderate risk, and red is high risk. Those with a red result “are advised to visit their GP for a consultation and assessment.”1

“GP” stands for General Practitioner, meaning those who test red are expected to visit their doctor. Chances are the doctor will then prescribe unnecessary osteoporosis drugs. In actuality, those “in the red” can easily reverse their bone density naturally through a pH-balanced diet and exercise.

Savers have known for years that you can test your bone health at home by observing the appearance of your fingernails. In fact, I wrote about the ground-breaking work of Crescent Diagnostics back in 2011.

This fingernail-based method is no less reliable than traditional bone density scans, which are notoriously imprecise.

Yes, Savers are always ahead of the curve, and will continue to be in the future.

Outrageous! Mainstream Researchers Conclude That Telling The Truth Might Not Be A Good Idea

Some researchers are casting doubt on the value of telling the truth. But the part they’re missing is that, in effect, what they consider the “truth” is not really true! Here’s what happened.

When parents were shown videos about the dangers of not vaccinating their children against common childhood diseases, the information backfired: parents who saw the videos indicated they were even less likely to vaccinate their children after seeing evidence in favor of vaccination.

Why? Because obviously the study subjects saw right through the misinformation they were fed. It’s as simple as that! Still, mainstream researchers are scratching their heads at the study results…

News Excerpt:

“…a dose of evidence-based medicine doesn't seem to be convincing some parents to get their kids vaccinated.

To find out why, Nyhan and his team conducted a trial and exposed parents to one of four different campaigns promoting the MMR vaccine based on strategies commonly used by public health officials.

Participants were asked whether they disagreed or agreed that some vaccines cause autism in healthy children, whether children will ‘suffer serious side effects’ from the MMR vaccine, and how likely they would be to give their future child a vaccine.

None of the designed public health messages increased parental intent to get their child vaccinated.”2

The point here is not vaccinations; the point is the mentality behind the interchange, summed up well in this quote from one of the researchers:

“‘Corrections of misperceptions about controversial issues like vaccines may be counterproductive in some populations,’ wrote the researchers behind one of the studies, led by Dr. Brendan Nyhan, a health care researcher at Dartmouth College in Hanover N.H. ‘The best response to false beliefs is not necessarily providing correct information.’”2

What an unbelievable statement! First of all, as mentioned earlier, the researchers fail to realize that their “corrections” are false… and the study subjects knew that. But there’s more, because this mentality can also be applied to the Medical Establishment’s approach to osteoporosis, and in fact it can be applied to every health topic where Mainstream Medicine is slowly but surely losing ground.

Here’s one example of many. A recent study showed that fracture rates increased when people didn’t take their prescribed bisphosphonates 3. The study was conducted because of a high rate of non-compliance among osteoporosis patients taking the osteoporosis drugs.

Most likely these reluctant “patients” were aware of the well-documented problems that exist with osteoporosis drugs, which are shown to have dangerous side effects. So they stopped taking them, not wanting to become victims of the drugs. And since these “patients” most likely didn’t know what to do instead of taking osteoporosis drugs, their bone health just kept deteriorating.

In sharp contrast, Savers already know that the Medical Establishment is not telling the truth about osteoporosis drugs, and that you do not need them to improve your bone health.

Yet Another Reason Not To Eat Processed/Packaged Foods

When it comes to food packaging, there are set limits on the level of toxic chemicals that can be included in the packaging itself. According to these limitations, manufacturers must keep cancer-causing chemicals such as formaldehyde at levels deemed “safe” by government regulators.

The problem is, as brand new research reveals, that these chemicals can leach into the foods they surround, and tiny amounts of exposure (via ingestion) can accumulate over time, creating unsafe levels of toxins in the body.

News Excerpt:

“Substances used in packing, storing and processing consumer foods may be harmful to humans in the long term, according to environmental scientists in a commentary.

The scientists said that these synthetic chemicals are not inert, and therefore can leach into the foods humans consume. The chemicals are regulated, however, chronic consumption of packaged or processed foods may expose consumers to a lifetime of low levels of the chemicals which, the authors write, have little known and potentially harmful effects.

In the commentary, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, the authors argue that lifelong exposure to these food contact materials (FCMs) ‘is a cause for concern for several reasons.’ In addition to the long term effects, exposure at vulnerable stages of human development, such as pregnant women and their unborn babies, is ‘surely not justified on scientific grounds.’”4

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program has long recommended avoiding packaged foods as often as possible and choosing whole, fresh foods instead. But even if you follow this recommendation carefully, the bottom line is, exposure to toxins is inevitable. That’s why a regular cleanse is vital for maintaining your overall health and the health of your bones.

When I developed the Osteoporosis Fresh Start Cleanse, I recognized the inescapable nature of toxic chemical exposure in our modern world. I was also well aware that these toxins (including osteoporosis drugs!) can cripple bone growth and integrity if they are not regularly flushed out of the body. The Osteoporosis Fresh Start Cleanse is a 7 day easy-to-follow detox plan to help your body get rid of toxins that can harm your bones and your overall health.

And As We Welcome Spring, Watch This Inspirational Video

This is one of my favorite songs by Johnny Nash, dating back from my college days! I love the music and find the lyrics very inspirational:

Till next time,



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  1. Dennis Paul

    What is the name of the plant-based calcium you recommend? Do you also recommend AlgaeCal Plus? Thank you.

  2. Nancy

    How does one write/email or get a hold of Crescent’s Lab to get the
    kit to send in the nail clipping for this bone density test? How much
    does it cost?
    Thank you

  3. Felicia

    Vivian – have you read the Thomas E. Levy, MD book DEATH BY CALCIUM (pub 2013)?

    If not, it’s a must read for anyone offering advise regarding osteoporosis. Dr. Levy is a board certified internist and cardiologist. He’s not selling anything except it seems the wish to help people (& older women) toward better health. According to what I understand from his research on the subject of osteoporosis and calcium (also Vit C, D, Magnesium & more) your recommendation to take 800 to
    1200 mg per day of calcium in your SAVE YOUR BONES PROGRAM (which I purchased a while back) is way, way, way too much calcium intake per day and can only hinder gaining a stronger bone matrix plus adding potentially to other serious health issues. As a person who’s taken it upon yourself to sell and also give advice on the subject, it would be a great dis-service to your public and followers not to consider Dr. Levy’s research on calcium and how it relates to bones and over all good health.

    I took your calcium intake advice and I’m sorry now that I did and I’ve stopped but it looks like we’ve all been mislead quite a bit along the way of discovery regarding calcium intake and it’s effects on
    health. Not that calcium is not needed but the typical amount suggested becomes more of a
    hindrance to health than a benefit.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Felicia, I agree with much of what you’ve said about calcium! In fact, I’ve written several posts on this very subject. The wrong kind of calcium in large amounts is indeed detrimental to health. Here are links where you can read more:

      • Felicia

        Thanks Vivian for your reply and your links re calcium intake. One of Dr. Levy’s main point is high dose vitamin C is what mainly helps build stronger bones! Also with K2, D3, magnesium glycinate, vit’s E & A, Omega 3’s and some others. He’s written a few books about vit C in relation to bone health as well as for general health – which make a lot of sense (to me) so I’m stopping calcium supplementation, watching how much calcium I’m taking in from food and upping my vit C intake as much as possible. Dr. Levy’s top recommendation for vit C is in the form of liposome-encapsulation – but also sodium ascorbate (c) which is less expensive though not quite as effective or convenient to take. As for calcium intake: for adults from age 36 to 80 he recommends only 200 to 300mg of calcium per day – very easily obtained from food. There are too many health concerns according to a lot of research pointing to excess calcium in the body causing such unwelcome conditions as arterialclorosis, alzheimers, cancer and more of such awful ill-health stuff. Big Pharma, the dairy and supplement industries are not very pleased to hear this type of
        ground-breaking information for sure. As Dr. Levy puts it: “The path to health requires a radical shift in thinking.”

  4. Ron

    my lady is 62 she broke her wrist .the surgeon said bones were very soft She has Hyperphosphatasia there is no cure .Is there any hope? thanks Vivian

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am so sorry to hear about her broken wrist! Does she have the Program, Ron? I believe there’s always hope for stronger bones!

  5. Maria

    What is “whey Protein Powder” used for? what is the best one to buy?

  6. Crete Sham

    So enjoyed the video ! Thank you for sharing. God bless you for helping others.
    Best regards

    • Marie Bohanan

      What a blessing! My son and grandchildren used to sing this together when they were younger. They are now 23 & 20. I don’t know if they would do it for me, now.
      A beautiful song & brought back beautiful memories.
      Thank you.

  7. Jane

    Thanks for the video. Johnny Nash singing I Can See Clearly is probably my most all-time favorite song. I watched him daily on the Arthur Godfrey show. I have a wonderful CD by him. The video is my today’s brightest spot. Being in my seventies is not so bad when I can hear Johnny Nash sing that song. I appreciate all you do Vivian. I have studied natural medicine for so far back I can’t even remember—many years before I learned about you. I take no prescription drugs. Always glad to have you cheer me on. My bones are doing great. I read your info and in most cases know you are right on but I am still glad to read your info so I know I am still on track in my beliefs. I would like to tell your young followers that you are truly a gem and they should really try to do what you preach. Some folks who already have a mountain of knowledge still need to be reminded and cheered on………you do that well. Thanks!

  8. R G Elmendorf

    You’re an ‘institution’, Vivian. Keep up the good work.

  9. Betty

    The video song was fun! And thanks too for the information. Will have to read over that bit about scientists and research, didn’t quite get it. Are we talking reverse psychology. Sure hope my latest bone density will show some improvement. I have to go with some acidic foods in my diet to get fat for weight gain. Is organic coconut full fat milk in a can acidic or alkaline? I really like it!

  10. Chuck S

    “fracture rates increased when people didn’t take their prescribed bisphosphonates ” Did fracture rates also increase if they did take their meds? What else happened if they took their meds?

    • TonyB

      To suggest that fractures increase in a population who fail to take their medicine and then to conclude that the increase is due to them not taking the medicine is very bad science. There may be a host of reasons why some people fail to comply with their medication regime, for example, if they become increasingly affected by poor memory or are ill in another way, leading them to be unable to take their pills. In that group, I suggest that fractures would increase anyway as they become increasingly frail and more ill. Fractures may not simply be linked to the lack of medication.

  11. Nancy Allison

    I just received a mailing from a natural supplement source with exciting news about our bones needing collagen in order for calcium to stick to our bones. According to their study calcium affects only the outside part of our bones, not the inner bone, therefore, their tiny easy to swallow capsule (calcium-free) is available. The name is Trubone Complete and I ordered 3 bottles. In their article they are critical of the BMD test as it shows only the outer bone while ignoring the inner bone.

    • Janet

      I too received this mailing. Any truth to the benefits of this supplement?

  12. Mary Henry

    How can I unsubscribe your almost daily news sheets? I’ve tried clicking ‘unsubscribe’ but still they pour in my mail box and are becoming intrusive. I’m sure you are doing sterling work, but it is too much to receive your output so frequently. Sorry.

    • Customer Support

      No problem, Mary. We will unsubscribe you. 🙂

      • betty

        I am thankful to receive these informative communications. If you don’t have time on certain days just delete them. And I don’t receive one every day.

  13. Pat

    Loved the video and music. Too bad we’re still have winter going for quite a while longer. Today and tomorrow 40’s and then back into the deep freeze with more snow on the way.

  14. Stella

    It makes sense to me that nails show how our bones are doing. Mine are thankfully getting much better since I follow the save our bones program. Waiting for my next scan after the summer. I’m sure my bones are also doing better. Thanks Vivian for all you do!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Stella! I found that my fingernails got much stronger after following the Program. 🙂

      • Louise Fardais


  15. Claudia

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with the osteoporosis world! Because of Save Your Bones I know that I always know the latest.

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