Save Our Bones Bulletin: Two New & Dangerous Osteoporosis Drugs Looming (One Causes Breast Cancer), A City Goes Fluoride-Free, And Much More! - Save Our Bones

Today’s Save Our Bones Bulletin reveals a new twist on the same old osteoporosis drug story – the latest drug is in its Phase 3 trials. Basically, it’s an existing (and dangerous) drug in a new package.

Also, a brand new kind of osteoporosis drug is in the works, and believe it or not, it contains a chemical that has been shown to increase the growth of malignant breast tumors. Really scary!

And we end with a happy note, because there’s hopeful news out of Canada: a British Columbia city is removing fluoride from its municipal water systems.

Read on to find out more!

1. Abaloparatide Patch In Phase 3 Trial

Pharmaceutical company Radius announces Phase 3 trials of an osteoporosis drug called abaloparatide. One form is delivered via skin patch, and the other is a self-administered injection.

Relevant Segment:

Radius’ investigational drug abaloparatide is a synthetic peptide analog of human parathyroid hormone-related protein (hPTHrP), a naturally occurring bone-building hormone that we believe has the potential to increase bone mineral density by stimulating new bone formation.  Abaloparatide-SC is an investigational drug currently in Phase 3 development for potential use as a daily self-administered injection for the treatment of patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis at high risk of fracture.  Radius also is developing the investigational drug abaloparatide-TD for potential use as a short wear-time transdermal patch designed to administer abaloparatide without the need for subcutaneous injection based on 3M's patented Microstructured Transdermal System technology.” 1

Savers surely know that this is nothing new. Despite the report’s glowing language, abaloparatide is similar to teriparatide, currently known as Forteo, which is already given as a subcutaneous (under the skin) injection.

Abaloparatide therefore will most likely carry all the dangerous side effects of Forteo, such as an increased risk of a rare bone cancer called osteosarcoma.

Teriparatide is shrouded in mystery; how it “works” still remains unknown, but this doesn’t seem to deter Big Pharma. Frankly, I cannot imagine risking cancer in order to avoid a fracture…especially when there are safe, drug-free options for reducing fracture risk.

2. A New Kind Of Osteoporosis Drug Uses Dangerous Synthetic Hormones

When I read stories like this one, I can’t help but shake my head. Big Pharma is trying once again to come up with the “perfect” osteoporosis drug, this time by manipulating bone metabolism via hormone-derived peptides.

Relevant Excerpt:

Alizé Pharma III SAS, an Alizé Pharma group company…today announces that it has acquired exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize a new family of peptides with bone anabolic properties.

The peptides are derived from a fragment of a physiological protein, called IGFBP-2 (Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-2). In vitro and in vivo studies showed the peptides’ ability to induce bone formation by stimulating osteoblast differentiation and inhibiting osteoclast differentiation.

This new and unique mechanism of action supports the development of a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of osteoporosis…” 2

Savers are familiar with insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) – it’s found in cow’s milk as a result of cows being given injections of bovine growth hormone.

Even more disturbing, a 2004 study specifically cites IGFBP-2 as causing breast cancer growth, and shows that it is indicative of malignancy:

IGFBP2 mitogenic signals of autocrine/paracrine regulatory mechanisms may be responsible for the growth of breast carcinomas and IGFBP2 may be an independent indicator of malignancy.” 3

Of all the reasons not to take osteoporosis drugs, I think avoiding the risk of breast cancer is one of the most significant ones.

You see, the Medical Establishment and Big Pharma have the wrong approach. They are trying to develop more drugs because they believe osteoporosis is a disease, and therefore, it can only be “cured” with drugs.

As explained in Chapter 1 of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, osteoporosis is not a disease. This is part of the Medical Establishment’s ploy to scare you and get you to take osteoporosis drugs. As Savers know, osteoporosis is symptomatic of an imbalance in the body that can correct itself if the conditions that caused the imbalance are corrected.

This does not require drugs. The drug-free Save Our Bones approach involves developing your unique bone health philosophy and supporting your body to achieve systemic balance.

Let’s remember that drugs don’t cure diseases; they only mask symptoms. And regardless of the drug’s purported effect(s), all drugs carry the risk of side effects, some of them unfortunately quite serious.

3. Canadian City Removes Fluoride From Public Water Supplies

This is really good news! Since 1954, City of Prince George has had fluoride in its municipal water. Now, the city has given itself a Christmas present: fluoride-free tap water.

Relevant Excerpt:

As of December 31, the City of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada will be fluoride-free for the first time since October 4, 1954 – finally escaping from municipal water fluoridation toxicity in 60 years.

A vote to end fluoridation took place in November of this year, and it was unanimously accepted by the new Mayor and Council, expressing the wishes of Prince George residents.

The unanimous decision to end fluoridation comes with the dismantling and removal of all fluoridation equipment and hazardous waste storage tanks. This also means that as a province, British Columbia is now close to 98% FLUORIDE FREE – by choice.” 4

I like to think that the truth is unstoppable, and this story proves it. Hopefully, it will be the first of many like it in the near future, as the truth about fluoride continues to spread across the world.

There Is No Substitute For Knowledge And Information

Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment rake in big profits by keeping you in the dark. The same is true for the Establishment in general, as in the case of adding fluoride to drinking water under the premise of “better dental health.”

But if you gather unbiased, scientifically-based knowledge, you will find out the truth. Fluoride in drinking water is a perfect example.

As I write in the Osteoporosis Hydration Protocol, a free report included with your copy of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program:

Fluoridated  compounds,  including  sodium  fluoride,  have  been  used  as  the  active  ingredient  for  pest control  since  the  end  of  the  nineteenth  century,  mainly  against  cockroaches,  ants,  and  rats.  This  is  why  in the  United  States,  toothpaste  with  fluoride  carries  a  warning label  (surprisingly  only)  since  April  1997. Additionally,  as  many  as  150  herbicides  contain  fluoride,  and  few  know  that  non-stick  coatings,  such  as Teflon™,  are  made  of fluoride…”

In the Osteoporosis Hydration Protocol, you’ll also learn how water fluoridation began as a collaboration between biochemist Gerald J. Cox, the Aluminum Company of America, and fertilizer producers that needed somewhere to dump their toxic fluoride by-products.

And let’s not forget how bad fluoride is for your bones, in part because it has been shown to damage the thyroid, which plays a significant role in bone metabolism.

There are many studies showing that fluoride increases fracture risk (particularly hip fractures). Beginning in the 1980s, study after study (many of which are listed in the Osteoporosis Hydration Protocol), showed that drinking fluoridated water increased hip fracture risk.

Learning The Truth Allows You To Take Control Of Your Own Bone Health

This is why the Medical Establishment does not like for the population to search for answers, and often demonizes “alternative” approaches as ignorant – when in fact the opposite is true.

The bottom line is, osteoporosis is a condition that can easily be reversed through pH-balanced nutrition, implementing simple lifestyle changes (even something as simple as not drinking fluoridated tap water), and engaging in regular, targeted exercise.

Save Our Bones is all about understanding the “big picture” and explaining the details necessary for implementing this view. And that is the winning combination that makes a huge difference in rejuvenating your bones.

Keep learning!


1 “Radius Announces Positive Phase 3 Top-Line Results for Its Investigational Drug Abaloparatiide-SC in Postmenopausal Women With Severe Osteoporosis.” Global News Wire. December 21, 2014. Web.

2 “Alizé Pharma obtains exclusive worldwide rights to develop new therapy for bone diseases.” News Medical. December 4, 2014. Web.

3 Busund, L.T., et al. “Significant expression of IGFBP2 in breast cancer compared with benign lesions.” J Clin Pathol. 2005. 58:361-366. Web.

4 Sarich, Christina. “City Goes Fluoride-Free For Christmas: Overturning a 60-Year Public Health Hazard Law.” Natural Society. December 17, 2014. Web.

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Comments on this article are closed.

  1. Saver

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with invasive ductile breast cancer. I have osteopenia and osteoporosis, but am otherwise a healthy 73 year old woman. The oncologist wants me to take aromatase inhibitors after the lumpectomy. What is you thought on this?

  2. Scared of Voodoo

    The author here is dangerously ill informed. To assume the NOF and medical researchers are lying to the public about osteoporosis is tin foil hat worthy. To then assume that every form of osteoporosis is the same, that the progression of the disease is similar throughout a cohort or that your broad brushed approach is even remotely acceptable makes me pray you don’t advice real patients in a real clinical setting. Your view is the GIO patient = the oncology patient = the malabsorption patient = the smoker = etc, etc, and it does nothing but reveal your ignorance.

  3. Meredith

    This article is misleading and not based on scientific findings. Shameful.

  4. David Green

    Much oversimplification in this article. As an adult, I drink bottled water to avoid systemic fluoride exposure. But saying that fluoride is bad because that element is contained in the molecule that makes up non-stick coatings is irrelevant misdirection. Chlorine is dangerous when it’s in chlorine gas, and you wouldn’t want to drink bleach, but it’s fine in salt (the only danger from salt comes from the sodium).

    As for fluoride being in herbicides, that too is an overly-simplistic way of approaching the issue of fluoride safety. one form of rat poison is based on toxically-high levels of vitamin D. But obviously, in smaller amounts, vitamin D is not only important for overall health, but of course for bones specifically.

    Also, for people interested in bone health, vitamin K2 (not K1, which is involved in clotting) is turning out to be very important. It activates proteins that shuttle calcium into hard tissues (bone) and away from soft tissues (such as arteries). I recommend anyone worried about saving their bones research this vitamin.

  5. Lawrence E Mallette MD PhD

    The worry about osteosarcoma with teriparatide was theoretical, but after thousands of “man-years” of experience with the drug, no case of osteosarcoma has been reported.
    If this new medication (a synthetic version of parathyroid hormone related protein, rather than parathyroid hormone itself) indeed causes less stimulation of bone resorption (removal by cells), it will have a significant advantage, and if it can be delivered by a patch successfully, it will be clearly superior.
    The chief disadvantage of meds like this is that they are very complicated protein-like molecules and thus very expensive to prepare. That alone does NOT however justify Lilly’s jacking up the price of teriparatide recently, an unusual move this usually extremely ethical company.

  6. Sally

    Wow the miss-information is profound in this article. Teriparatide does not cause cancer in humans and is a very safe medication with little to no side effects.
    Please get your facts straight when talking about important, life changing medications.
    It sounds like you have a bone to pick with big pharmacy.

  7. Joan H

    Since I am prone to cavities, even though I am 61 years old, I am afraid to stop using fluoride. Any suggestions?

    • David Green

      Yes. Keep using fluoride topically, as in fluoride-containing toothpaste. But drink fluoride-free water: bottled or otherwise. Once your teeth have developed, taking fluoride systemically, such as in your drinking water, provided no further benefit to your teeth, but does increase the risk of calcification of soft tissue, among other things.

      • David Green

        Sorry. “provides no greater benefit…”

  8. Donna

    Thanks for the drug information.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Donna. I am glad you found this information helpful!

      • Lisa

        Incredibly Irresponsible Information! Without even knowing the mechanism of action of this drug you make assumptions. That is why you have an MA and not a PharmD or Doctorate.

  9. Nancy Allison

    Thankfully, my city does not add fluoride to our water.

  10. John Hoskin Christchurch N Z

    You might be interested that Chrichchurch City New Zealand has always been completely free of any additives what so ever. and is some of the purest water in the world.It is not even filtered.It takes 8 years for delivery starting in the mountains as snow comes down under the Canterbury Plains arriving at our taps 8 years later.
    John Hoskin

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s great news, John. I wish all cities had such a pure source of water!

  11. Paula Clement

    My dentist and my dental hygienist are both insisting I use fluoride toothpaste which contains 1.1% fluoride and every four months my hygienist “paints” my teeth with fluoride. I have been getting a lot of cavities (4 last visit) due to dry mouth and the dentist and hygienist say the fluoride treatment will prevent cavities. I also have osteoporosis and have your Osteoporosis Reversal Program which I try to follow. I don’t know what to say to the people who treat my teeth. Our city has fluoride in its water but we have a reverse osmosis system which I think filters out the fluoride.

    • Jennifer

      I just wanted to add that there is a toothpaste available on Amazon that says it helps whiten teeth, rebuild enamel and prevent disease. It is called Coral White and I’ve just recently bought it because my teeth are overly sensitive. So far so good!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Paula, remember, it’s your choice – if you’ve decided to go fluoride-free, you can politely but firmly tell your dentist not to “paint” your teeth with fluoride, and that after researching the issue, you have chosen to forgo fluoride in your toothpaste. 🙂 If you have the Program, you can look in the free report, Doctor Communication Tutorials, for some ideas as to what to say.

  12. shula


  13. ron p

    Dear Dr. Vivian,
    Thank you for all of the wonderful information you provide. I would very much like your opinion, and it’s about root canals. I have read a good bit about the potential health problems(including cancer) associated with root canals. I am considering having my one and only root canal removed, and would appreciate your opinion on the subject.
    Thanks in advance,
    Ron P

    • Allison

      By what stretch of the imagination is there a link between root canals and cancer?

  14. sheila

    I am Celiac, and have been advised by my Dr. and Nutritionist to make Ghee. I use organic butter from grass fed cows. I’m now wondering if the Bovine growth hormone, GF-1 remains in the clarified butter?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That is a good question, Sheila – without a laboratory test, it’s hard to tell how much (if any) of the IGF-1 remains in the clear part of the butter (ghee) and how much ends up in the milk solids that are not part of the ghee. A good way to minimize the amount of IGF-1 is to purchase ghee (or make it yourself) from an organic source that does not give its cows additional bovine growth hormone.

  15. Pat

    I was diagnosed with osteoporsis of my hip and spine – what exercise is recommended. – I am 66 years old.

    Thank you.

  16. Jo
    Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. It happens when you lose too much bone, make too little bone or both. As a result, your bones become weak and may break from a minor fall or, in serious cases, even from simple actions, like sneezing or bumping into furniture. Osteoporosis means “porous bone.”

    • Sherrine

      Jo, with your way of thinking, obesity would be called a disease too but we know it is not a disease. Obesity can damage our bodies but we can reverse obesity and be a healthy weight again if we eat correctly and exercise. We greatly lower the risk of heart problems, diabetes, etc. by doing this, too.

      The same can be done with osteoporosis. Bone loss usually starts occurring as we age. The osteoclasts work overtime getting rid of old bone and the osteoblasts try to catch up creating new bone. If we watch what we eat and keep it ph balanced this helps the osteoblasts create even more new bone. Also, if we do weight-bearing exercises, that strengthens the bone.

      So, you can see osteoporosis is. to a disease and we don’t need pharmaceuticals to help ourselves. We can create new bone through eating right and create more bone strength through exercise. Vivian is absolutely correct in saying osteoporosis is not a disease.

      • Joe

        This is not me saying this Sherrine, it is the foremost osteoporosis experts in the world. The website is referenced on here and it comes from the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

        • Jo

          Furthermore, if we look at healthcare dollars, pay close attention to how much is spent on fracture repair/care. In many cases, patients have lost so much bone, they need an agent that arrests the disease state by either osteoclast suppression or improvement in osteoblast action. I realize that much can and should be done in the early stages of the disease progression but many patients look at columns like this that are for the normal/natural prevention options and walk away from their primary care providers disease state management plans.

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