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Question & Answer #1

A new juice bar just opened down the street from me, so I wanted to know if you recommend juicing to build my bones. Also, are there any special ingredients I should pay special attention to? Thanks for all you do!


Dear Betty,

Fruit and vegetable juices are a great way to increase your alkalinity so you can build your bones, especially if you have a very busy lifestyle and can't always manage the 80/20 balance. Make sure you pick fruits or veggies that are rich in alkalizing minerals, so you can super-charge your bone health.

Many juice bars offer it now, and I hope the one near you will too.

Stay healthy and alkaline!

Question & Answer #2

I broke my wrist 5 weeks ago, today I removed my cast,the wrist healed, I’m in terrible pain, a physical therapist showed me some exercises, but I’m discouraged. My doctor insists I should take Fosamax. I know the drug, and all the side effects. He told me that since I broke my wrist, there is a good chance that I’ll brake my hip also. What do you think?


Dear Cecile,

I hope that your wrist has healed and that you are feeling well. First of all, it seems that your doctor is using the typical scare tactics to get you to take the drug. You can read my blog post titled “Osteoporosis Scare Tactics: Has a Doctor Ever Done This to You?”.

But what's even worse if that he is obviously not up-to-date with the latest news on Fosamax and the rest of the bisphosphonate gang. Could he have missed the now confirmed link of bisphosphonates to unusual femur fractures? This information was reported all over the mainstream media!

And here's something else I have to tell you: by saying that if you've broken a wrist you are more likely to also break a hip, your doctor is implying that you are stuck with the bones you have. But bones are very active tissue. Unfortunately, the medical establishment wants us to believe that only with drugs will your bones improve, and turn their heads the other way ignoring the truth.

So don't fall for the scare tactics and misinformation.

To your newly found natural bone health!

Question & Answer #3

Are there any osteoporosis drugs you can recommend that do not have disturbing side-effects? Thanks!


Dear Hart,

In my opinion – and I'm sure that most in the Save Our Bones community will agree – drugs without disturbing side-effects is an oxymoron. Did you know that scientists refer to drugs as xenobiotics? ‘Xeno' means foreign in Greek, and ‘biotic' means life. In other words, drugs or xenobiotics, are foreign to our biology. Thus the unlikely chance that a drug should have no side effects – whether disturbing or not.

And think about this, Hart. Why would a foreign substance work better at correcting a biochemical imbalance than a nutritional, lifestyle and exercise program that works with your body instead of against it?

Try to think outside of the narrow boundaries mainstream medicine has laid out, and open the doors to the wonderful world of natural cures. You won't regret it, I promise you!

Live, love, and learn,

Question & Answer #4

I have been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. Is it possible to not only improve the condition of bones, but actually “cure” osteoporosis with the proper diet?


Dear Pat,

First of all, I'd like to rephrase your question. That's because if you use the word ‘cure', you are referring to a disease… and as I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, osteoporosis is not a disease. So the question is: can you rebuild your bones with the proper diet? And the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!'.

Nutritional balancing is a very important part of increasing your bone density and maintaining a natural bone metabolism. That is why I've designed the Program with a simple and easy to follow nutritional plan and bone-healthy exercises.

Stay inquisitive, always,

Question & Answer #5

I recently wrote a book about my ancestors, going back several generations. My great-grandmothers, grandmother and mother did not take bisphosphonates. Amazingly, several lived to age 90 and beyond and none suffered bone fractures!

Gee, how can that be? How come the powers that be didn’t invent the “disease” of osteoporosis until my lifetime? And, what is it about our current environment, food chain or lifestyle which seems to foster bone deterioration? Or, exactly, what is going on here with ‘osteoporosis’ being so widespread?


Dear Kate,

Great observation! In fact, until 1994 in order to get an osteoporosis ‘diagnosis', someone had to actually suffer a fracture with minimal impact. But once the bone density guidelines were established by the World Health Organization, osteoporosis was turned into an instant epidemic.

Be curious and analytical,

Question & Answer #6

Hi Vivian,

Could you please let me know if it is advisable to do the Heel Lift and Jump exercise on a carpeted surface by people having osteopania problem. And is brisk walking advisable?



Dear Maria,

It's a great idea to do the Heel Lift and Jump exercise on a carpet or softer surface than a bare floor. If you notice, I show the exercise in my backyard, on soft grass with a blanket over it. And brisk walking is excellent to build your density because it is a weight-bearing exercise that fits Wolff's Law of Bone Formation to a T.

If you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you already know that Julius Wolff was a German anatomist whose now proven theory from centuries ago was that bone is created as a reaction to the force of muscular tension and the pressure of gravity imposed on it.

So keep exercising… and asking questions,

Question & Answer #7

Does a diagnosis of osteopenia always become one of osteoporosis?


Dear JB,

Osteopenia is a very curious ‘condition', because it is cataloged as a precursor of osteoporosis. As bone health expert Steve Cummings, MD, a professor at the San Francisco School of Medicine (University of California), comments, there was neither real medical basis for developing a unique term such as “osteopenia” nor to choosing the arbitrary T-score number for its diagnosis.

Quoting Dr. Cummings

“Osteopenia is not a disease, does not indicate a high risk of fracture in the next five to ten years, and is really almost a variant of normal. What I tell women in their 50s is that having Osteopenia means their bones are different than those of a 25-year-old and I note that there are probably many things about them that differ from when they were 25”.

You can read a lot more about osteopenia in my blog post titled “The Truth About Your Osteopenia Treatment”.

To your bone health!

Question & Answer #8

What are best ways for seniors on a very low fixed income? Natural, organic foods are so expensive, so I’m interested in ways to help my bones within the scope of my financial restrictions.


Dear Evelyn,

Your question is excellent, because unfortunately, organic foods are more expensive than conventional foods. At the same time, we want to avoid consuming toxic – and acidifying – pesticides.

But don't worry, you don't have to go “all out” organic. The Environmental Working Group has created an up-to-date list of fruits and veggies that guide you with your shopping. For example, onions, avocados, mangoes, and asparagus are among the lowest in pesticide residue. While celery, strawberries, and spinach are a few of the EWG's ‘Dirty Dozen'. You can download the complete list in a convenient wallet-sized card by clicking on this link:

And here's a budget tip: whenever you can, buy frozen organic fruits, such as different varieties of berries. They are just as delicious and rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.


Question & Answer #9

Why do we shrink as we get older? Is it natural or can it be prevented and if so how?


Dear Joyce,

Losing height is not an inevitable part of aging. Remember the late Jack Lalanne? He is the perfect example of how if we do the right things we can stay fit and with good posture. But when it comes to your bone health, exercising is not enough. That is why I've designed the Osteoporosis Reversal Program as a complete package, which also includes nutritional and lifestyle suggestions.

Stand tall,

Question & Answer #10

What do you think of using xylitol as a sweetener? Is it alkalizing?


Dear Nicole,

Xylitol, an acidifying sugar alcohol, was discovered towards the end of the 19th century. Although it is marketed as a naturally occurring sweetener, xylitol and other sugar alcohols are created through a manufacturing process. Because the body does not require insulin to metabolize xylitol, it is mainly used as a sweetener for diabetic patients.

So stick to bone-healthy alkalizing stevia and honey.

Remember, life is sweet!

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  1. Deborah

    Somehow I am not receiving your updates via e-mail. Please put me back on! Thanks!

  2. Anila

    Dear Vivian,

    I am an albanian and live in Tirana. I was really lucky when I came through your website and get information on Ostopenia and osteoporosis. Couple of years ago I was told that had osteponia. Your information is a real releif. I am trying to use an holistic approach and recently bought your programe SaveOurBones. I am looking forward to have it and apply. My question is: does jumping affects the pelvic muscles or blader, uterus to fall down? I am refering to persons that have problems with weak pelvic muscles or lower position of bleder and uterus due to aging or child birth.

    Thank you,

  3. Joan

    I really enjoy your newsletter. I have a question: Is rebounding on a mini-trampoline a good bone-building exercise?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Joan (and Elizabeth),

      Rebounding is a great low-impact weight-bearing exercise that can help develop balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility. However, do not use it without first consulting with your physician.

    • Elizabeth Weisman

      I was wondering the same question about rebounding. I use to sell the trampolines and they were suppose to be an asset to your over-all good health. Is that still true?

  4. Susan Wild

    My Dr. wants me to take a new medication called Atelvia for my Osteoperosis. He said it improves the bone matrix rather than just building more bone. Do you have any information on Atelvia?

  5. ndre

    Dear Vivian

    Can you recommend something to balance the acidity of a glass of wine?

    Thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Ndre,

      Don’t worry about an occasional glass of wine… What good is it to have strong and healthy bones if you can’t enjoy life? 🙂

      And of course you can help to balance the wine’s acidfying effects by eating a snack of alkalizing fruits or veggies.



    • Customer Support

      I’m sorry Norma, but the program is currently available only in English.

  7. Ofelia

    I was 55 years old when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and osteoporosis. My oncologist and endocrinologist suggested that I should have zometa due to my illness. Its 6 years now since then but I don’t see any improvement on my bone density though its stable. Do I have to stop having this zometa insicion every 6 weeks? Please advice.

  8. Nora Garley

    Vivian is mustard alkalizing or acidifying?? In your book on page 106 under Alaklizing Spices and Seasonings musterd is listed. then on page 109 under acidifying other mustard is listed. I have been following your program for over a month and I feel great…not sure how my bones are doing but Bone scan in September will tell the tale NG

  9. D.

    Vivian…this is my second email about Chapter 9 Page 107 where you list SPELT as acidifying and SPELT as alkalizing foods. Which is it? Also, Sherry Brescia foods differ from yours!

    Another comment is that I use ZERO water filter system. Haven’t seen any other comments about this system. What do you think? Please respond!
    Thanks, D. 6/23/11

  10. carole

    Hi Vivian,my cousin in Aus;is a herbalist she reccommended i take cherry juice/capsules which i find are helping me maybe your readers have heard of this i will try anything but drugs the doctors want to give you speak soon carole

  11. Sally Kotoff

    Vivian, I need to know what exercises I can do to aleviate “widow’s hump.” You did mention this in one of your newsletters but I failed to keep it and I am regretting this now.

  12. Brenda Russell

    Vivian, have just read your comments re: wrinkles and bone health.In my case this does not seem to ring true.I feel somewhat forward in my comments, but in spite of being 76 my complexion is virtually wrinkle free. I guess I have spent a great deal of money on moisture creams over the years,and kept my face out of the sun, but guess my good fortune is inherited from my mother who had a beautiful complexion.Brenda Russell.

    • nancy coleman

      what cream do you use?

  13. Carol Haines

    I have been on your program for 2 1/2 years. It took me a while to balance my PH, but now I am too alkaline. When I check my urine throughout the day it is usually around 8 or 8.5. 7.5 first thing in the morning. What am I doing wrong? Do I need more acidic food? Is it unhealthy to be so alkaline?

    I am not clear on the 80/20 guidelines. Is it by weight or by item number? If a small amount of artificial sweetener can change an alkaline food like plain yogurt acid, is the same true for a small amount of Steevia on an acid food like oatmeal? Please help.

  14. Christina Seastrunk

    My doctor just shared with me that I will need a hip replacement, and he also said that I am in the beginning stages of osteo. I am in extreme pain and have been taking Motrin and or Aleve to ease the pain. Is there anything else that I can do?

  15. Patty Morris

    Dear Vivian,
    I was on a “bone-building” drug for approx.

    7 years. Will it leave my body naturally?


  16. Cyndi Hester

    I have well water with a purification system. Do I need to drink distilled water or is well water safe for my bones?

  17. Susi Mayhue

    What do you think of the Body-Aline machine for improving posture and strengthening back muscles?

    • Claire

      I’ve owned my bodyaline machine for about 1 year. I ordered it because I have severe degeneration of the lower back and a scoliotic rotatory curve. Plus, I worked slouching on a stool on a factory line for most of my life. Back aches were excruciating and I knew posture had to have something to do with it. It was bad. Although I was born with scoliosis, constant slouching certainly wasn’t helping. So I’d go through rounds of physical therapy which helped straigthene me up and made me feel better, walking taller and all, and I would look good but the insurance would always run out and I didn’t feel like I was doing the exercises right on my own. So everything would always come back. I looked for a long time for posture products but nothing seemed practical as I wasn’t going to wear a vest. I found the body-aline on youtube and thier video made perfect sense to me. I could get the same benefits I got from therapists. Since purchasing, I haven’t stopped using it since. I’ve worked up to 4-5 times a day on the machine now and the low back pain is almost completely gone and the scoliosis curve is 5-6 degrees better. Sometime I sleep wrong and the pain will comes back but ultimately I am very very happy. This machine is everything they say. Pain used to be a big part of life and now I go somedays without even thinking about it. Which didnt seem possible before. You actually feel it working every time as evidence by standing up straighter, which is why I use it so often. Ultimately, if you can afford the body aline, I highly recommend it.

  18. Susi Mayhue

    Thank you so much for emailing me your Q&A. They reflect questions I have, as well as some I never thought to ask. I really appreciate the info I receive from your answers!

  19. Nu Ly

    From this e-mail, I learned a lot about the water, thank you for our communities.

    To choose a water filter is a great job, because it can give you a hand to help your
    health. Thank you all.

  20. mary

    Hi, I am a newcomer to this site and I am so impressed with all that I have learned already regarding the condition of my bones….and what to do about it. Thanks so much I am eager to learn more.

  21. Arlene

    Hi Vivien,
    After reading everyone’s comments, I noticed that you have not responded to any of them. However, Sheryl Ann has made numerous responses most of which seem like good advise.
    Is she employed by you and if so are her comments your comments ?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Arlene,

      No, Sheryl Ann does not work for us. She, like many of you, is a very helpful community member. 🙂

      Thanks to all of you for supporting each other!

  22. Joyce Hall

    I drink a coffee called Mayorga Family. The one I selected “Mocha Java Blend”. It has a rich coffee flavor and is delious. The compsny tells me it has a very low acid content. How do I check it out. PS: It sounds like flavored coffee. Honestly it has a smooth coffee taste. My room mate “the Nurse” says if it had any flavoring she would not drink it. She loves it. We got it at Costco. Joyce

  23. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,

    If People Have Lost A Couple Of Inches In Their Height; Can They Every Get Their Height Back Somehow?


    LOVE, MS. L.

    • Carolyn Livingstone

      I shrank from 6′ to 5’10” between ages 55 and 65, but recently have added 1/2 inch to my height through Pilates exercises. I not only stand a bit taller, but also the “height” has appeared as a waistline definition I NEVER had before!
      Cannot recommend this type of exercise enough. It was invented by Joseph Pilates as a way to help hospital patients stay in shape, so it can be done in some form by everyone.

  24. Helen Sears

    Thank you for your continued good work. Thank you for taking questions and offering candid answers that include explaining why. It’s wonderful, sustained comfort.

  25. Rebekah

    I have two questions: what about BioSil or JarroSil? and what about horny goat weed? I’ve read that both help with bone density. Thank you!

    • Linda Sue

      I have found two excellent products that have aided in moving from osteoporosis to osteopenia in the spine. My numbers continue to get better.

      The first product that I used for two years was Algaecal and it is an excellent product. This can be found at

      The other that I am using currently is EZorb and it has taken away the pain I once had in the joints, it is no longer there. This product can be round at

      The results from these products are returning great results and my T scores continue to show immprovement with every bone scan.

      The many pieces of advice on this site add to the plant based calcium supplements mentioned above. They go into solution within 30-minutes and the body can actually use them as building blocks.

      My friend who was at a -6 has moved to a -3 in one year. The bone that was built using Fosamax had to be rebuilt using the plant based products. I think it is beneficial for all of those who suffer from this malody and to change dietary habits as stated on this site. Added exercise also.

      • Carol

        I tried EZorb for 6 months and my fibromyalgia kept getting worse until I stopped taking it. It may be good for bones but I personally do not recommend it for joint pain.

      • elle

        I am looking at the best way to treat my multiple sclerosis. I am a retired RN and 21 years with MS. I just finished 3 days of IV prednisone 1 gram. I have osteopenia and want to take the best calcium for my bones. I have been taking ortho-Molecular but just read Linda’s suggestion and think I;ll try that unless someone tells me something better. I am going more alkaline and am upbeat to try to manage my ms the best possible way. Any suggestions will help me. Thank You elle

  26. Janelle

    Regarding vegetable juices, a nutritionist told me that V8 has very little nutritional value because of the way it’s processed. Do you agree?

    • Sheryl Ann

      Not only is it processed, processed, processed, they try to lie & tell us it’s healthy. A good rule of thumb is that If something is sold in a box, a can, a jar, or a bag, it is probably processed. Most canned & jarred items are cooked twice, once while making the product & again during sealing in an effort to prevent botulism. What’s left is nutrient devoid, but it won’t get you sick.
      V8 gets even worse for the human body when you buy it in cans. If you ingest canned V8, you are also exposing yourself to extra high levels of BPA, since V8 is a tomato product. You see, the acidity of tomatoes interacts with the inner lining of the cans & releases a chemical called BPA. This is the reason endocrinologists do not ever eat canned tomatoes nor tomato-based soups, as they know better. If learned doctors avoid it, us common folk should at least be bright enough to heed the danger as well.

      BTW: regular V8 is so full of salt, it is best to avoid it. Also, the low sodium version is no sodium-free.

      I’ll just eat the same vegetables raw, get undamaged vitamins & minerals in the form nature intended & skip the added salt & BPAs. I’d listen to the nutritionist whose education & training is aimed towards helping people make healthier food choices over a V8 ad which is aimed towards selling a product. If new research comes out & confirmed, a good nutritionist alters advice given to reflect that; whereas, the V8 ad will always & forever claim their product is the healthiest & easiest way to receive good nutrition. But to each his own

      • Concursuri

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  27. Robin

    I’ve recently been told that all water is acidic and many bottled waters are contaminated as well.
    The Kangen Water ionizer generator creates alkaline water from the tap water, and is considered to be the most beneficial for the entire body. Considering that this unit cost
    is about $4,000; my question is: Do you know
    of an equally beneficial way to alkaline water that is more economical? I did notice that the alkaline water made me feel more hydrated then the distilled water I produce with my distiller. Thank you……enjoy getting your
    very informative SaveOurBones!

    • Sheryl Ann

      According to, which I find to be a relatively accurate & informational site concerning health & lifestyle issues (though he has yet to embrace the alkaline diet model), when it comes to water says:

      Five Sources of Water – What You Need to Know About Each

      1. Tap Water – Easy, quick, convenient. But many pollutants lurk in that water, in spite of all of the chemicals that municipalities routinely add to supposedly make it safer to drink. Chlorine, flouride, the list goes on & on. There is a health risk associated with drinking, cooking with & bathing in common tap water. Tests prove that there are usually many different forms of pharmaceutical, pesticide, &/or chemical contamination in a municipality’s drinking water.
      2. Bottled Water – 40% of bottled water is actually TAP WATER -with or without added filtration – so you’re paying through the nose for what you could have easily drawn from your kitchen tap &/or filtered onsite. No lugging bottles, scheduling deliveries, paying bottle deposits, all at additional cost of time, money & energy. Worse, an independent test by the Environmental Working Group found arsenic, DPBs and 36 other harmful pollutants hiding in bottled water. None of us purchase a bottle water intending to pollute or poison our bodies. Plus, the actual plastic which you purchase this water is bottles is less than optimal idea for anyone’s health, as they can contain the potentially hazardous chemical BPA. And new studies show even those expensive polycarbonate, PBA free & Nalgene bottles all release BPAs as well. All of his on top of that the devastating environmental impact discarded bottles have upon landfill space.
      3. Distilled Water – Use with caution… Long-term use can invite many health problems, because the water’s natural minerals are evaporated out. So to try to maintain mineral balance, your body literally sucks minerals out of your bones. Also, supposedly, any remaining contaminants in the water are more concentrated in the finished distilled water.
      4. Alkaline Water – Although there is plenty of controversy on this, most experts believe that this water should be used for short-term detoxification only (1-2 weeks max). Additionally, the alkalinization process does NOT filter the water. In many cases, the alkalizer may simply be adding minerals to alter the pH while otherwise leaving the water unchanged. This means that a careful evaluation of any specific alkaline water unit is necessary.
      5. Vitamin Waters – Don’t be fooled… Vitamin waters contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial colors, additives, preservatives, and caffeine. Even worse… producers of these waters use distilled water to make these products – which as you just read, is one of the worst types of water you can consume.

      According to Sherry Brescia’s site (her Great Taste No Pain program is centered around the alkaline diet):

      Drinking alkaline water has no benefits one way or the other, unlike eating alkaline-forming foods. Any water that a person drinks mixes with one’s stomach acids & is diluted. Water makes no residue, or ash, so even if it goes in your mouth alkaline, it doesn’t matter digestive wise. The effect on your body comes from what a food or drink turns into during the digestive process & the pH of the resulting ash, not the initial pH of the food. This is why oranges, lemons & grapefruit, which are initially acidic, are beneficial to the alkaline diet while meat, which is initially is alkaline, is not. Always keep in mind that an alkaline food or drink is not necessarily an alkaline-forming food & there are also gradations thereof. Heavily, moderately, or mildly acidic or alkaline & those which are neutral.

      As for my take on the water matter, my parents had a distiller for years & my mother hated the taste of the water while my sister & I didn’t care one way or the other. At this point, I periodically (not often) drink & enjoy the taste of alkaline water finding it easier for my stomach on those occasions when I stray from the alkaline diet while eating with friends. I do avoid distilled water except to pour into my radiator of my car, though I have read that setting distilled water in the sunlight for an hour or two returns it to a natural health balance (though I won’t stake the health of bones on that). Otherwise I for the most part, I drink water that I have filtered at home, believing that to be the best I can afford at this time. As an example, raw cow’s is neither alkaline nor acid, & grass-fed beef is also neutral, whereas both milk & meat are acid-forming when purchased mainstream. Moral: Keep aware there are always exceptions to the main rules, become informed, stay alert, be aware of any entity’s intention for promoting something untried, search the Internet & most importantly, keep learning.

      As far as $4k to buy a Kangen system or $3k for a water ionizer or $2k for a water generator, I would think long & hard. Alkaline water more than likely will turn out to be a marketing gimmick. No concrete, reliable studies have confirmed nor denied the magnetized water that is so popular in the Orient. And a water generator is basically a system which collects the condensation which drips off of the ac coils while running your air conditioner & then filters it & purifies it by various means. Post filtration (another misnomer) may add carbonation via a CO2 cartridge or may add add minerals to it via an add-on mineral filter, thereby theoretically alkalizing it. Keep in mind that water generators do require a certain amount of humidity in the air to function properly, so be aware of your local conditions before you buy. It all could be snake oil or one of them could be truly healthful. Only you can be the best judge for your health & your pocketbook.

      • Ibra

        Yeah, we got obnoxious, but DUDE there were free didlos involved. Want me and Britt to throw you a Twitter party? You gotta bring the *goods* tho.Reply by on March 14th, 2009 at Saturday, March 14, 2009 @ 12:38 amFree didlos are always good. Drew should totally pay you money for the party you threw!Reply by on March 14th, 2009 at Saturday, March 14, 2009 @ 12:41 amOh he’s paying all right! You I will be charging in lap dances.

    • Mary Barton

      I also would like to know your feeling about the Kangen water ionizer. I have several friends who have it in their homes but it is way too expensive and is only sold on a multi level basis which always makes me suspicious.
      Thank you for all your good information and help.

      • Sheryl Ann

        I agree with your wariness of anything sold on a multilevel basis. Many times it is not on the up & up. Every time you are not paying for the product; you are paying multiple people good-sized commissions. When the customer basis dries up, as it may in this economy, so does many participants interest & use of the product. Oftentimes when a multilevel goes belly up, a purchaser is left high & dry with no usable product warranty, no accessibility of replacement parts or access to service.
        I’m not saying that any of this will happen with Kangen, but it is a high ticket multilevel marketing product so it is healthy to be wary. If you can’t see yourself affording it, you can’t afford it.
        Just go over to your friends’ & enjoy some of their water & watch what happens over time. Eventually, prices come down on that type of thing if it lasts.

  28. Brenda Russell

    Vivian.I am in my late seventies.Have had diagnosed osteoporosis for about ten years, so far, cracked wrist bone, & cracked pelvis.I grew up drinking jersey milk straight from the cow.Do you think our general life style has changed so much.Now I drive everywhere, wheel my goods in a supermarket trolley.The days when I cycled, walked and carried goods by hand are long gone.Do you think osteoporosis has taken advantage of our soft lifestyle.I grew up in a farming village where the women worked on the land as well as looking after their families.As far as remember no one had osteoporosis, a touch of the rheumatics, but no time for the doctor.Most of them grew to be graceful 80 to 90 years old,including my mother.?????????

    • Brenda Russell

      Thank you. I received a reply from Sherly Ann, who seemed to echo my thoughts on,our so soft lifestyle,in recent years.Thank you Sheryl Ann.I thought maybe I was the only one who had had these thoughts.I live in the United Kingdom.My family is mentioned in the Domes Day book.So guess I only have British ancestors.Have done a great deal of research on my family, and never have diseases of the bones been mentioned.Think I must be the first in the millenium years, which leads me to my opinion that we lead a very soft life style nowadays. Brenda Russell

    • Sheryl Ann

      I personally believe that exactly what you are saying is true. People today of any age bracket have trouble lifting or doing most anything it seems. In “the old days” everything was shipped in wooden crates, heavy flour sacks, glass bottles. There were no cardboard boxes, paperboard, plastic bottles, plastic bags, featherweight luggage, backpacks on wheels. People actually had to lug stuff. People who drove cars had no power steering, no power brakes, no power windows, no automatic garage door openers, car doors & hoods were heavy to open & shut. Kids carried their books in front of them fastened with a bookstrap or in a cloth tied to a pole over their shoulder, and they carried their supplies in wooden cigar boxes. Kids walked to school each day, that was their PE. People, both men & women, chopped wood. Women usually washed clothes using natural washing soap, not detergents, by hand or using stones, washboards, using boiling hot water, scrubbing at each & every stain. They lifted & wrang out sopping wet clothes & lifted wet articles up to pin them on the line to dry. There were no power tools. People had to tote buckets of water for bathing & boil the water on the stove.
      Today’s generations is soft, too soft for it’s own good. Just go to an antique store & pick up or use just a few of the gadgets or tools of yesteryear. You may find you can barely lift these objects, much less use them. Things were made of cast iron, hardwoods, bone, glass, brass, etc. They were not cheap, lightweight & disposable the way most everything is constructed these days. A person can’t even purchase goods as durable as our ancestors used. Everything was built to last & perform & the people who used them were strong because of it. Life was full of work unless a person was very rich or a member of royalty. Even clothing was thicker & much heavier in the past. Just try to pick up a TV built in the 70’s or a computer built in the 80’s, handwash just the the clothing you’re wearing today or knead a loaf a bread dough & you’ll agree that we’re getting too soft. Women don’t even have long hair anymore because it is too much work to brush it style it, braid it, etc. Rarely do people use cloth diapers, even writing was exercise, constantly dipping a quill into a inkwell. Women had to sew & mend her families clothes. Men even knit their socks, just talk to WWII veterans. These were example of fine motor skills exercises which complimented the weight bearing & strength exercises.
      People in the past exercised all the time performing the tasks of daily living. They ate nutrient dense, organic foods. They went to bed earlier because candles & oil or gas lamps were used, so they got more sleep. Now, with all our gadgets & lightweight everything, we go, go, go all day & all night, essentially neglecting our bodies. Even those who go to the gym for a couple of hours a week are still not receiving the total overall workout of our forefathers & mothers. As a society, we overeat acidic, chemical pseudofoods, don’t exercise, & don’t get adequate sleep. No wonder Americans are getting fatter, sicker, lazier, are more depressed & the people’s bones are literally falling apart.
      If the average Westerner was time warped back just 100 years, he or she would probably have a very, very hard time adjusting to the physicality of the time. They would most assuredly be shocked & ill prepared. But given time, that person would probably become slimmer, more physically fit, healthier, & have stronger bones & muscles, than they have now.
      Also, check the ages of our ancestors. It is true that the median lifespan was younger in former generations, but more of the population died during childbirth, both infant mortality as well as maternal, of infections since antibiotics had not yet been discovered, accidental injury, & even doctor induced bloodletting & tonics which contained mercury & other poisons. Keep in mind that people did not suffer from heart disease, diabetes, MS, cancers, & Alzheimers, diseases of today. If a person was born safely, bore young safely, did not get sick, work in a hazardous environment or suffer some sort injury, that person had a very good chance of living a long, strong life with a stronger body & decent mental wits about them.
      So, yes, I agree that today’s Soft Lifestyle combined with the Modern Diet and Increased Man-made Chemical Exposure is the cause of the new age of disease of the body, mind & BONE.

  29. Helen Pages

    Dear Vivian,
    Since purchasing Save Our Bones,I have been following your advice as much as possible-and five months have passed.
    I bought Algaecal plus and Strontium Boost online, as they’re not available in Healthfood Stores. I desperately need your “OKAY” to know that I’m doing the right thing. Is there any possibility of your letting me know by e-mail as soon as you can?
    Eternal gratitude,
    Sincerely, Helen.

    • Anne

      Helen, I am just a community member like yourself, and I was also wanting Vivian’s OK on strontium. She did not approve. I did more research, and found out that strontium does have a disturbing side effect – – hair loss. Of course hair is not as important as bones, still, if it causes hair loss, it may be doing other things we don’t know about. While on strontium I did build some impressive bone in my jaw, and a broken collar bone did finally begin to heal after I started vitamins and strontium. (The broken collar bone was NOT from minimal impact, but took about six months to heal)


  30. Rita Black UK

    Thank you, Vivian, for Answers Day 15 and all the earlier ones.
    I note that very many of us are asking about EZorb calcium.
    Please do your famous research task on this question to include it in the next Answers Day . Now yet another query:
    Have you an opinion on a supplement called STEM ENHANCE which is reputed to have almost miraculous curative properties by releasing into the blood stream large numbers of one’s own adult stem cells from the bone marrow so that they can repair many other damaged tissues?
    Best regards
    Rita UK

  31. Ray Harding

    Hello Vivian,
    My daughter bought me a copy of your book two years ago and I began to follow the advice as much as is practical. My second DEXA scan – on the same machine – showed a further reduction in density of more than 7 percent, despite over 18 months of striving to follow the dietary advice. My vertebrae have continued to collapse and the latest collapse was from ‘minimal impact’. So many vertebrae are damaged now that my hips and lower ribs are almost touching and I am in constant pain. The displacement of internal organs that results from the reduced abdominal cavity is having other, unpleasant effects on my physiology.
    My GP tells me that even if my vertebrae heal and attain a stronger profile – whether from drugs or my continuing attempts to remedy the bone modelling imbalance – the loss of height cannot be restored and I must expect a deal more pain and discomfort for the rest of my life.

    My pain is too severe despite powerful analgaesics to permit the exercise needed to assist achieving bone remodelling balance. At 73 this is somewhat dispiriting – to say the least.

    Do any of your subscribing clients have a similar problem and is there anything I can do aside from continuing to follow the advice in your book?

    Thank you,


    • Anne

      Ray, I added a bit of height during the period when I was doing inversion therapy (strapped to an inversion table and hanging upside down.) Of course, you would need a very watchful spotter, to make sure that you don’t have trouble, and some sort of medical/professional supervision as well.

  32. Terri Rexroad

    May I ask a question? Is Truvia a sweetener that is alright to take?

  33. Bea

    Thank you Sari-I look forward to trying some of your recipes

  34. Mary

    Hi Vivian:

    Recently on the national news I learned of a “nerw” way to determine if people have bone loss. Apparently by looking at the amount of wrinkles on a person’s face a doctor can determine if a person has bone loss or not. The story indicated what a bargain it would be to just study a person’s face to determine bone health as opposed to an expensive bone scan test. Then the “saving bones meds” could be prescribed. I was a bit puzzled by this as everyone who is a little older will have wrinkles unless they have plastic surgery or botox. Have you heard about this and what do you think?

  35. Patricia VanReenan

    I have been following your program for almost a
    year. My question – how do you feel about the
    Curves exercise program?

  36. Shula

    So happy that you continue with the Q & A program for us, your readers. Many Thanks!


  37. Joan

    Are you familiar with Nature’s Plus Osteo Nutrients Liquid Bone Power mineral supplement with boron? (milk free vegetarian) It’s 2 Tbls daily for 1000 mg calcium citrate complex w/magnesium, and 3 mg boron.

  38. Wendy

    What do you think of the Santevia water filter and its supposed added alkalinizing qualities for helping with bone density.

  39. Jane

    Can the Lift Heel and Jump exercise be done by women who already have osteoporosis? Would the jumping put any strain on the spine and cause small fractures?

    • Mrs Webber

      I would like to know the answer as to whether exercising can be still done
      while suffering Osteoporosis

      • Carole

        Yes, you can exercise with Osteoporosis. It’s best to join a fitness class who cater for this, and they do stretching exercises for the hips and legs. No jumping about though, just things like walking forward for four steps and backward for four to music, two steps left and two steps right, alternate steps left and right gets the circulation going before the stretching exercises. If you are a bit unstable you can hold onto a chair back.

    • Sheryl Ann

      I thought Vivian was pretty clear in the video that the heel lift would be for beginners or those who would be in immenent danger of injury. Just like a kindergartener is expected to wrote a doctoral paper, someone with severe osteoporosis probably shouldn’t be doing any jumping whether or not they are holding a chair. But in the same way, that 5 year old will, with time, perseverance & practice, improve his or her writing skills, someone with osteopenia using heel lifts along with diet, etc. Should strengthen their bones. In the same way that 5 year old may or may not write a doctorate or even graduate college or high school, someone following the Save Our Bones eating & exercise program may or may not ever be capable of progressing up to the Jump portion of the video. Only time will tell. Most importantly, use common sense & remain safe in whatever exercise regimen you use or start. It took years for your bones to become less dense, it will take time for rejuvenation, so take it slow if you have any doubts.
      As far as I know, heel lifts are safe for just about anyone. I seriously broke my right ankle due to serious high energy impact at 36 years of age & during the resulting physical therapy, I was often reminded that the heel lifts are one of the most beneficial exercises I could do to prevent reinjury of my ankle. It strengthens your muscles, bones and improves balance. All of those attributes are very important for anyone hoping to benefit from this program. Better balance means less chance of a fall. Stronger bones & muscle mean less chance of injury should you fall.

  40. Feona

    I’d like to leave some words of encouragement for Cecile, who broke her wrist recently. I broke my wrist in August 2008 and it took 8 weeks before I could remove the cast, so having it removed in 5 weeks is good going! I also had to have a metal plate inserted which is there for life now. Yes, it hurt for a good while, but it’s VERY important to do the exercises that your physio gives you as these will help with a)the pain and b) to get back complete flexibility in your wrist.

    Don’t give up, Cecile, keep exercising your wrist and fingers and eating as Vivian advises and you’ll be so much better in four or five months that you’ll wonder why you got so down about it!

  41. Charlotte Hedges

    Should the goal be to have the 80/20 ratio per meal or per day?

  42. Elef

    Thank you Vivian for the articals that you send to me. I bought your book and I am reading it, trying to change my diet to be alkaline and doing exercises. All the relationship with you gives me confidence to continue. I stopped Tavenate (another word for Fosamax) two months ago. I am interested to see in the future the results.
    Thank you again

  43. Penny

    Will you please address teeth health? My family has a history of weak enamel and teeth despite excellent oral cleaning practices. Is this also tied to an acidic diet? What can be done besides paying huge dental bills?

    • Guy

      Topical xylitol has been shown to increase tooth enamel. The Japanese soaked extracted teeth in a solution of calcium and xylitol and found that this increased enamel thickness (just search the web for the study). Xylitol chewing gum is effective for this. But also using a xylitol tooth paste/powder is even more effective.
      I have had good results with homemade tooth powder – 80% to 90% calcium citrate, 10% to 20% xylitol by volume. Use about 1/4 tsp., and do NOT rinse after brushing – you are trying to keep xylitol in contact with the enamel as long as possible.
      You can buy loose powder Ca-citrate and xylitol over the web, or at a local vitamin store. I do not use the capsules because they contain various additives that may be too abrasive.
      Xylitol also reduces adhesion of bacteria (etc.) to mucus membranes. Consequently, it helps alleviate gingivitis when used in gum/tooth-powder, bladder infections when ingested, and nasal problems (infections, pollen) when used in a nasal spray or wash.

  44. Suzanne Slade

    One thing you’re leaving out is what type of gemstones one should wear in helping to build bones. If you have addressed this issue, I did not read anything about it.

  45. Bettie

    I am still waiting on an answer about EZORB as a calcium supplement. Everything I read about it is great, but I would like to know if there is something better. I cannot find the calcium with algae at any of the health food stores in my area.

    • Carole

      Google Algae Cal into the web. The site will take orders and send it from the U.S.A.

    • M Kerr

      I also would like to hear Vivians thoughts on Ezorb I have used it and my bone density has increased by 10%.

    • Don Gignac

      I can get mine at the local GNC. They carry New Chapter.

    • Luc Chene

      I have been using Ezorb for the past 6 months among other things, but no other calcium supplements.
      In one year, (I was taking calcium citrate for 6 months before discovering Ezorb) I increase my hip bone density by 10% and my back bone density by 7%, which is more than expected on biophosphonates or Forteo.
      Other things I take is Mercola’s multivitamins and minerals, Biosil (silicon), Vitamin K2 MK4, 7 mg per day, K2 MK7 90 mg per day, Milk Basic Protein, 40 mg per day, Mercola’s Krill oil.
      I walk 20 – 30 minutes per day with a vested vest (15 pounds) and 8 pounds in each hand.
      Need more help, you may contact me at lchene AT
      My condition is severe osteoporosis with fracture of the ankle, is said to be genetic. I am a man 56 years old and too thin for my own good. (Can’t put on weight, either muscle or fat)

    • Pauline Rotta

      Take a look at Garden of Life – Vitamin Code Raw Calcium. It does contain a very small amount of Strontium but Vivian has responded that it is ok at the low level. Be careful they have product that is a high amount of Strontium that has the same name – don’t buy that one.

  46. bea

    i have 8 fruits in the morning and a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter what i want to know is how much of each fruit should i eat afourth of a cup each or whati hope you will answer my question i know you are a busy lady also when is your cookbook coming out? thank you bea

  47. elle

    I think you remember that I have MS but I’m active, do yoga, try to alkanize, drink teaspoon of baking soda with lemon every day. Yesterday I went and did a gram of IV steroids because I had become weak. MS is a difficult disease and the 96 degree weather in wisconsin did the damage. Anyway I feel so much better today so I still want to buy your scratch and dent book. If you get any extras, I will buy today. Thanks Vivian.. You are my angel because being at the dr. office yesterday they tried talking me into a lot of drugs but I said NO.

    • Shirley

      I know a lot of people that do Tai Chi exercies for ms and some have recovered from being in a wheel chair to using a cane. I have been doing Tai Chi for five years and it has helped my bones and back problem. I also used to do yoga, but don’t anymore. I am 76 years old and in great shape.


    • Zoe Ann

      Are you on a NO Gluten diet? That seems to be the key for a lot for these diseases these days. I’ve researched for a long time, and found that the “Paleo diet” is the best for everything. I’m feeling much better and I’m only taking thyroid medication now.

  48. Marcia

    I have a hip t score of -3.1. I am following your program, but my doctor wants me to go on Calitonin. I am considering doing that. What are your thoughts?

  49. gloriabernstein

    my computer cannot access your ‘restore video’. is there a manuscript available?
    thank you.

  50. Virginia Cordoba

    What is your opinion of Stevia as a sweetener? Does it have any drawbacks healthwise?

    • Susan

      Virginia, Stevia is just fine, what Viv recommends. I think everything else is acidic, lots of chemicals. Buy it in bulk in the big green packag, between 7 and 8 bucks. You can also use honey.

      • Angela

        I use stevia as a sweetener, however, the Stevia plant is green but the tablets I buy are white so they must be bleached.

        Does this make them unhealthy as well as acidic?

        I believe that once upon a time the plant was able to be bought at the Health Food Store. It then could be ground for use.

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