Save Our Bones Bulletin: Data Confirms Non-Stick Cookware Causes Bone Loss, Shocking Alliance Between Big Sugar And The NIH, Surprising Good News, And More! - Save Our Bones

We begin this month’s Bulletin with a just-published study on non-stick cookware and osteoporosis. While Savers have been warned about this from the get-go, the fact that a mainstream publication is bringing this back to light is certainly a step in the right direction.

Next, there’s a shocking revelation about the sugar industry and how, decades ago, it gained the auspices of the National Institutes of Health to manipulate data on the effect of sugar on cavities.

And I’ve saved the best for last – there’s some exciting positive news that I can’t wait to share, so let’s get started!

1. Study Shows Fluoride-Based, Non-Stick Cookware Causes Bone Loss

Scientists at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine noted a connection between osteoporosis in women and high blood levels of chemicals called PFASs, or perfluoroalkyl substances.

PFASs are used in the manufacture of many products, including stain-repelling coating for furniture, food packaging, waterproof clothing, and non-stick cookware.

Relevant Excerpt:

“‘These environmental chemicals are detectable in humans worldwide and are in the blood of 95 percent of the U.S. population,’ said first author Naila Khalil, Ph.D., assistant professor of community health at the Boonshoft School of Medicine. ‘We found significant negative associations between bone health and some of the PFAS compounds in post-menopausal women.’ …

Led by Khalil and senior author Kurunthachalam Kannan, Ph.D., professor of environmental health sciences at the University at Albany School of Public Health, the team of researchers assessed the association between blood PFAS concentrations in 1,914 U.S. participants and their bone density using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2009-2010 data.”1

As the article indicates, non-stick cookware is not the only source of PFASs; but it is likely to be the most widely used item that contains this substance, and it is one of the few sources of PFASs that result in direct ingestion of the chemicals.

Non-stick coating contains fluoride, a toxic substance that is, unfortunately, very prevalent in the environment thanks to the widespread use of fluoride-containing fertilizers and, of course, fluoridated municipal tap water.

Clearly, it’s best to use cast iron or stainless steel cookware and avoid non-stick coating.

Savers are well ahead of the game, because you’re not only aware that non-stick cookware is bad for your bones, you also know about the bone-damaging effects of fluoride.

The Osteoporosis Hydration Protocol, a free report on water that’s included with the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, expounds at length on the dangers of fluoride, why it should never be ingested, and explains that corporations had to pay to get rid of fluoride waste leftover from their industrial processes. These corporations then teamed up with municipalities across the U.S. to give rise to mass fluoridation of city water.

This is not the first time that such an unholy alliance has had a deleterious effect on public health, as you’ll see next.

2. New Evidence Shows Collaboration Between Sugar Industry And National Institutes of Health (NIH) In Dental Cavity Cover-Up

A newly-discovered collection of 319 documents reveals an internationally-accepted position by the sugar industry that sugar causes tooth decay…and their collaborative plans with the NIH to find other methods aside from the obvious (reduction in sugar consumption) to reduce incidence of cavities.

Relevant Excerpt:

“Thus aligned, the sugar industry trade organization and the NIH worked in parallel and ultimately together on developing alternative research approaches, with a substantial portion of the trade organization’s own research priorities – 78 percent – directly incorporated into the 1971 National Caries Program’s first request for research proposals from scientists.

‘The dental community has always known that preventing tooth decay required restricting sugar intake,’ said first author Cristin Kearns, DDS, MBA, a UCSF postdoctoral scholar who discovered the archives. ‘It was disappointing to learn that the policies we are debating today could have been addressed more than forty years ago.’”2

Sugar is a very profitable industry, not unlike Big Pharma. In fact, the similarities are noteworthy: Big Sugar’s alliance with the NIH is reflective of Big Pharma’s various alliances with the FDA, all designed to protect the industry in question.

It turns out that we’re coming up on the 20th anniversary of the FDA’s approval of bisphosphonates, a move that would never have occurred if the FDA had actually taken into consideration the ample evidence of bisphosphonates’ dangers.

Unfortunately, given the dubious nature of the FDA approval process, this is not the least bit surprising.

I promised that we’d end on a good note, so that brings us to the third and final headline…which is great news!

3. Scotland Places Ban On Genetically Modified (GM) Crops

Joining countries like Kenya, Hungary, France, and Italy, Scotland will not be giving its consent on the cultivation of GM crops. Rural affairs secretary Richard Lochhead believes that giving consent would be a gamble of the country’s future food and drink supply.

Relevant Excerpt:

“[Lochhead] said that Scotland was known around the world for its ‘beautiful natural environment’ and banning the growing of genetically modified crops would protect and further enhance its ‘clean, green status.’

Mr Lochhead added: ‘There is no evidence of significant demand for GM products by Scottish consumers and I am concerned that allowing GM crops to be grown in Scotland would damage our clean and green brand, thereby gambling with the future of our £14bn food and drink sector.

‘Scottish food and drink is valued at home and abroad for its natural, high quality which often attracts a premium price, and I have heard directly from food and drink producers in other countries that are ditching GM because of a consumer backlash.’”3

How refreshing! For one thing, this story showcases the power of the informed consumer to shape policy. And this is an excellent example of leadership on the part of Mr. Lochhead, who is choosing to listen to the people and make choices based on consumer desire, not profits or special interests.

It’s heartening that other countries are making the non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) choice as well to varying degrees. China, for example, does not allow GMO crops to be grown domestically, and due to the European Union allowing individual countries to make the choice themselves, countries such as Germany, Greece, and Austria have banned the cultivation of GMO corn, the primary GMO crop that’s grown in Europe.

Let’s hope this is a trend that continues worldwide. As Savers know, GM crops can harm your bones and your overall health. And let’s not forget the environmental impact of GMOs.

Research has shown a disturbing tendency for GM foods to cause liver and kidney damage, something that can be devastating for anyone but is of particular concern for those with osteoporosis. This is because your kidneys and liver must be in good working order for the acid/alkaline balance to manifest in your body – a balance that is the very starting point for reversing osteoporosis.

It’s Impossible To Avoid All GMOs

Given the prevalence of GM foods, it’s easy to consume far more GM foods than you realize. That’s why it’s a good idea to be aware of the warning signs that something is not right with your liver and kidneys, and it’s also why a periodic detoxification is such an important step toward bone health. Remember, good kidney and liver function are crucial to reversing and preventing osteoporosis.

The Osteoporosis Fresh Start Cleanse: The 7 Day Bone Building Accelerator is so named because it gives you a boost on your bone-rejuvenating journey. It’s an important addition to the Osteoporosis Reversal Program not only because of its bone-building effects, but also because of the prevalence of toxins in the environment. These poisons need to be flushed out of your system to allow your bones to thrive.

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What are your thoughts on this month’s headlines? Please share with the community by leaving a comment below.

Here’s to staying informed!


1 Maurer, Heather. “Researchers show nonstick chemicals may be linked to osteoporosis in women.” Medical Xpress. June 10, 2015. Web.

2 “‘Sugar papers’ reveal industry role in 1970s U.S. National Caries Program, analysis shows.” Science Daily. March 10, 2015. Web.

3 “Scotland to ban GM crop growing.” BBC News. August 9, 2015. Web.

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  1. Prince Dr David H M J Mawanda

    Dear Vivian i real appreciate my gifts and indeed what you wrote is the gospel of Save our bones i have been preaching to my patients for instance you talked about animal proteins and milk yes it is true these force the body to produce a lot of arachidonic acid that leads to depletion of calcium in our body and now you are on processed sugar thank you for your gospel dear

  2. Carolyn Molinosky

    I am so glad to have found the “Save Your Bones” program. It has been encouraging and helpful. I too just purchased the ceramic fry pans and appreciate the comments
    I read today and will watch for any additional comments made on them for safety.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      We’re glad you found the Saver community too, Carolyn!

  3. shula


  4. Marion


    Is the amount of aluminum in TrueOsteo safe?

  5. Sylvia

    I have a carbon steel crepe pan. Do you know if it has fluoride or any other harmful substances in it ?

  6. Dora

    Can I use the kidney cleanse if I have insulin dependent diabetes?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Dora,
      OsteoCleanse is based on detoxifying foods, drinks and easy lifestyle changes. Just because you’re insulin-dependent doesn’t mean you can’t do it. But make sure you adjust your insulin to the foods you’ll be eating, and when in doubt, do check with your health practitioner.

  7. L.D.

    Hello All,
    I visited an herbal store a few months and she believes cast iron pans are lethal do to the iron which can as we know oxidize if we don’t dry them properly. I’ve used them all my life and have old ones, Grandmother and Mothers. I think perhaps new ones might not be a good idea but not convinced she’s right at all. My bone loss is due to anti-cancer meds that weren’t labeled as the poison they are for those with osteoporosis. If anyone has an opinion, please share..

    • K Clayton

      Unless you have hemochromatosis, using iron cookware is completely safe, imho. I also use cast iron, as did my ancestors, and they all lived to be very old. If your pans are seasoned properly, they are also non-stick. With a proper seasoning, that is the surface the food cooks on, not the metal anyway.

    • Ara

      What about ceramic coated cookware?

  8. Ellen

    What about Hard Anodized cookware?

  9. Terry

    Is ceramic cookware considered a non-stick cookware as well?

    • Terry

      Sorry, just saw Dee’s question below 🙂

  10. Ron

    Aluminium lethal. It also appears that ceramic non stick may have arsenic in it

  11. Dee

    Question: do ceramic fry pans contain the fluoride compounds?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Dee, generally speaking, ceramic cookware is safe. But there are many varieties on the market, and the coatings used are just as varied. You can read more in-depth information about various kinds of cookware and bone health here:

      Clicking on the link “avoid non-stick cookware” above will also take you to the above post. 🙂

  12. Karen Williams

    Hi Vivian,
    I stopped using Teflon or nonstick cookware, but what about Aluminum cookware, such as Magnalite. Is it safe to use?


  13. Carm

    I was unable to connect to ”
    The Missing Link”. I got a message “This page cannot be displayed.”

    • Customer Support

      Hi Carm,
      The link is working fine on this end – I am not sure why you weren’t able to view the page. Here is another one for you to try:

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