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Question & Answer #1

I'm a strict vegetarian for many years and I have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. You write that vitamin B12 is important for bones, but here’s my problem. I don't tolerate vitamin B supplements well, so I'd like to know which vegetables or fruits are a good source of B12. Thanks for all you do!


Dear Karen,

Indeed, the highest food sources of vitamin B12 are found in animal protein such as liver, beef, and fish – a challenge to vegetarians. Yogurt has good levels of B12, and if you have it plain and sweetened with stevia, honey, or your favorite natural sweetener (besides sugar), it's alkalizing. An excellent plant source of B12 is wheatgrass juice. In fact, one cup of wheatgrass juice provides you with more than the minimum daily requirement. This according to tests conducted at the Irvine Analytical Laboratories in California.

And wheatgrass also contains lots of other bone-healthy nutrients. Check out more very interesting information on wheatgrass here.

Keep saving your bones!

Question & Answer #2

Since you recommend not drinking tap water which contains fluoride, will only brushing my teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride prevent cavities?


Dear Sonia,

Several unbiased studies have shown that fluoride is not necessary to prevent cavities, and that it has great potential to harm your bone health. And the skin on the lining of your mouth was shown to absorb the chemicals in toothpaste. I don’t recommend fluoride, whether it’s in water or toothpaste.

For more about bone health and fluoride, read ‘Bone Health Alert: Fluoride'. And you’ll find recommendations for fluoride-free toothpastes here.

Stay cavity free… and fluoride free!

Question & Answer #3

I just started using a Rebounder and I am also taking Tap Dance lessons. I’d like to know if these forms of exercise are good for building bones. Thank you sincerely!


Dear Celestial,

Rebounding is an excellent low-impact weight-bearing exercise that can help develop balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Tap dancing is also a wonderful weight bearing exercise, in addition to being lots of fun! With either of these, make sure you check with your doctor to make sure these forms of exercise are okay for you.

I recommend a trampoline with a support bar such as the Sunny Health & Fitness 40″ Foldable Trampoline with Bar.

Enjoy your bouncing and tapping!

Question & Answer #4

Could you please let me know if it is advisable to do the Heel Lift and Jump exercise on a carpeted surface by people having osteopenia problem. And is brisk walking advisable?


Dear Maria,

The Heel Lift and Jump can be done almost anywhere. You can do it outdoors on grass (as I demonstrate in the video), or indoors on a hard floor or carpeted surface. If you have any issues with your feet or knees, I advise doing it on a softer surface like carpet or grass (or on an exercise mat). And although you didn’t ask about this, Maria, others have – this exercise can be done either barefoot or in shoes.

And yes, brisk walking (or even walking at a moderate speed) is one of the best and most accessible weight-bearing exercise.

Keep jumping for your health…

Question & Answer #5

Just wanted to ask why you don’t suggest wearing both wrist and ankle weights together? Seems to me that if you were taking a walk, or working around the house, you could benefit twice as much by doing both?

Just curious why you say not to…thanks I am really enjoying reading your material; I’m new to you and I can’t wait to have improvement!!


Dear Jhones,

I’m glad you’re enjoying the material!

Good question. The main reason I don’t recommend wearing wrist and ankle weights at the same time is to prevent accidents. Wearing both can be a bit unwieldy and could throw you off balance as you move around. For that same reason, I recommend wearing weights around the house only while doing regular chores, not when you go for a walk or do other types of exercise.

Note: Jhones’ question refers to a recommendation I make in Simplecise, a free report you can get here.

To safe and bone healthy exercise!

Question & Answer #6

When you have osteoporosis in the lower lumbar spine is stair climbing a good way to strengthen the back muscles?


Dear Louise,

Stair climbing is an excellent weight bearing exercise for increasing bone density in the hips, as well as in the whole body. Here’s something important to remember when you climb the stairs: keep your abdominal muscles tight to properly support your spine. For a specific exercise to strengthen your back muscles and increase bone density in your spine, check out my Spine Strengthener video.

Continue your “climb” toward bone health!

Question & Answer #7

Vivian, One doctor. prescribed Celebrex for my arthritis, now my other doctor wants me off (too many side effects) and to do Reclast? Your thoughts please. I so enjoy your book.


Dear Belinda,

Your doctor is right to be concerned about the side effects of Celebrex, but I don’t understand why he or she wants you to replace it with Reclast, which comes with its own set of potentially devastating side effects. I’ve written three blog posts about Reclast, so in case you haven’t yet, I urge you to read them:

ALERT: Reclast and Kidney Failure
ALERT: New Life-Threatening Reclast Side Effects
Reclast: The Miracle Oral Bisphosphonate Alternative?

Information is the best way to make decisions…

And remember, the choice is always yours!

Question & Answer #8

Thank you so much for your devotion to your work and for all of us who are concerned about our bones. My question is , what is happening to our bones when we shrink as we get older? Is it natural or can it be prevented and if so how?


You are most welcome, Joy! Thank you for the very kind words.

No, your bones do not have to shrink as you get older. If you follow a bone smart program like Save Our Bones, you can have healthy bones and an active lifestyle throughout your golden years.

However, as we age, we do tend to have issues with posture, which can make it appear as though we’re “shrinking” even when that’s not the case.

Stand tall and stay healthy…

Question & Answer #9

My husband and I started on the program about a month ago. We are loving it and my husband has lost the weight he wanted without any effort. However, he still has a craving for ice cream and is eating a fat free frozen yogurt almost every day. The product is “Eating Right” and the ingredients listed in order are non-fat milk, sugar, cultured non-fat milk, corn syrup etc. etc. I feel that the sugar and corn syrup alone are bad enough and wonder if I can find something else in a frozen dessert that would satisfy him.


Dear Jackie,

I’m so glad you and your husband are enjoying the program, and please give your husband my congratulations on his weight loss! That’s one of the “side effects” of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program: easy weight loss for those who need it.

You’re absolutely right to be concerned about the frozen yogurt. “Eating Right” is definitely a misnomer in this case; the large amount of sugar and corn syrup make it an acidifying food. But that doesn’t mean your husband has to give up his treat.

Your best option is to make your own frozen yogurt. Here’s one of my favorite recipes – it’s super quick and easy, and you don’t even need an ice cream machine.

Luscious Lemon Yogurt Freeze

3 cups strained or Greek-style plain (unflavored) whole-milk yogurt

1/3 cup honey, liquified (you can adjust sweetness to taste)

1 tablespoon lemon juice

2 tablespoons grated lemon rind


In a large bowl, mix together yogurt, honey, lemon juice and lemon rind.

Freeze the mixture in a shallow metal pan until solid, about 6 hours. Break into chunks and process in a food processor until smooth and creamy.

Refrigerate for at least one hour.

Garnish with mint leaves and sprinkle with slivered almonds (optional)

Enjoy the yumminess!

Question & Answer #10

Does yoga work as well as weight training for bone health?


Dear Ginger,

As I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, besides being a great stress reducer, yoga increases physical strength and flexibility, both of which are helpful in preventing fractures. Done consistently, yoga can be every bit as effective as weight training. Using your own body weight, yoga places healthy stress on your bones, and that stress triggers Wolff's Law of Bone Formation, which I discuss in detail in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

And yoga has many other benefits as well. From the Osteoporosis Reversal Program:

This ancient Hindu discipline blends the body, the mind, and the spirit with the goal of achieving a state of perfect tranquility.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can give a sense of emotional stability and clarity of mind. It consists of exercises and poses as well as calming breathing exercises, and is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Cardiologist Satish Sivasankaran and team published a study conducted at the Yale University School of Medicine on patients with established coronary artery disease (CAD). After taking six weeks of yoga and meditation, study participants who had heart disease had a 69 percent improvement in endothelial function (the expansion and contraction of arteries, veins, and capillaries necessary for blood flow).

If you’re looking for an effective, easy to follow program that is focused solely on building and supporting your bones, take a look at the Densercise System, a four-week program that incorporates weight bearing, resistance, and postural exercises.

The Densercise moves are easy to do, and I’ve designed them so they’ll effectively increase your bone density in only 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

Here’s to your bone health!

The Top 14 Things You’re Doing That Are Damaging Your Bones... And More!

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  1. Hans Schumann

    Hi Vivian

    Regarding B12 – My understanding is that wheat grass does not contain B12 because plants cannot produce it. Accordingly, the USDA National Nutrient Database reports that wheatgrass contains no vitamin B12. Any traces of B12 that are found in wheatgrass juice comes from the bacteria living on it and are neglectable.

    Kind regards


  2. Patricia Harding

    All of your articles are wonderful. They are full of common sense. I learn something useful in each one. Keep up sending them to your readers. Thanks a good bonefull, Pat

  3. Irina

    I know you don’t advocate drinking milk but I don’t like the taste of the alternatives. Can’t I just add some PH drops to a glass of milk to reduce acidity and get all the benefits of the calcium?

  4. Sharla Sherman

    I have your book. I am so glad I discovered you. Blessings on you. I read that there are calcium blockers – chocolate, strawberries, spinach,rhubarb,nuts, tea, wheat bran, and dried beans. The article stated that you eat these one hour before taking a calcium supplement (or eating foods that are rich in calcium) or take the calcium and wait two hours before you eat these foods.

  5. Don Seagren

    Hi vivian, Do you have a natural remedy for vertigo? I am a vegetarian but have a little fish once in awhile. I,ve been on the 80% alkaline 20% acid for a little over a month now. Thank you for your input.


  6. Tricia

    Dear Vivian, I use an algae derived calcium supplement & wanted an absorbable magnesium, as I don’t seem to absorb magnesium very well & adequate amounts cause me loose stools… On the web I found liquid ionic magnesium where the claim is the magnesium goes straight to the cells. Can you enlighten us on this? Is it a scam? Are we being conned? Would much appreciate your take on it.

  7. sandra

    Hi Vivian
    I have bought your bone building book and it’s great. I know your program fills and builds bone density but can you also build back bone length. I have had three compressed fractures of the spine and have shrunk two inches, will I be able to get height back in my vertebraes, thank you.
    Kindest regards

  8. Sharon

    Hello Vivian. Have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis and am intrigued by your website. I have refused to take the bisphosonates(as they scare me with all their side effects). Was wondering your thoughts on Calcitonin- haven’t found anything on your website about that. Will that help stop the bone loss while I begin your program?

  9. Maureen

    What is your opinion on excercising using a Vibro Plate for someone who has Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.

  10. Daniel Bartsch

    hi Vivian, I’m wondering if you could check out ZyCal’s “bone protein” products that are supposed to reverse osteoporosis.
    Mom and I both have osteoporosis (I’m a 34 year old male, she is 64). I’m a little suspicious of something so ‘high tech’ — it sounds a bit like the latest version of snake oil. But if it will really help…? Thanks in advance (and for having such a helpful web site).

  11. bea

    hi vivian where do you get this wheatgrass juice? bea



  13. Myrtle Brown

    I am wondering if pure non-hydrogenated coconut oil is good for osteo.It is a suggested treatment for Alzheimers on a cbn news cast.
    Love the Save your bones program and the food.Myrt

  14. Gloria Jones

    As far as I’m concerned the biphosphonate drugs are the same as poison to me, so there is no way I would ever take them, even though I do have low bone density. I am also weaning away from Strontium per your recommendation. However, I have asked why you have included Miacalcin, and it’s derivatives, Fortical and Calcitonin Salmon among the biphosphonates, since they are a totally different type of medication based on salmon derivatives. I take Fortical, which is a nasal spray. What research if any, have you done on this classification of bone builders?

  15. Carolyn Fetttes

    Dear Vivienne, I am following the program and doing everthing that you suggest. I do have one question. I go in the sun each day as you suggest for Vitamin D and reduction of stress. However we have just moved to Northern Queensland near the Great Barrier Reef. There is a high prevalence of Melanomas here and I am worrying that I now need to use some sunscreen. Please could you let me know your thoughts on this as I know you advised against sunscreen. I have very fair skin.
    Thanks so much

  16. Renee

    Thank you so very much for all you do for our bones. It has given me renewed hope and a healthy bone building agenda to follow. Again, Thank You!

  17. Carolyn

    I cannot tolerate stevia,it gives me terrible bowel cramping and exacerbates my IBS. Any suggestions????

  18. Lynne Pendleton

    Dear Vivian,

    Have you answered the question–What are good alkalizing foods to help one gain weight? I try to eat right but then I lose weight and start to eat junk food because I am tired of looking like a human skeleton. There must be a diet for us thin people with osteoporosis! Help!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Lynne – There’s such a wide variety of foods you can eat on the Osteoporosis Reversal Program (and no limit to the amount you can eat) that it should be easy to adjust for either weight loss or weight gain. You can add more complex carbs that pack calories, such as bananas, grapes, alkalizing beans, green peas, sweet potatoes, potatoes with peel, etc. And you can up the calories of the acidifying foods. For example, replacing chicken with beef. What also helps is having multiple snacks throughout the day. If that doesn’t do it for you, you could try switching to a 70/30 alkaline/acid balance, so as to increase consumption of higher calorie foods (pasta, brown rice, bread, etc.).

  19. Suzanne

    Hi Vivian,
    My mother forwarded me your website after learning that my done density was -2.52 at only 50 years old. It’s very interesting. Thanks for helping us gals!
    I have always been thin (5’11” and 145 pounds.) Too, I have been extremely athletic; downhill ski team, raced bialthalons, walked, ran, cross-country skied, cycled 100 miles/day. I also drank milk like a fiend…a gallon/day as a youngster.
    I have read “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell and am convinced that the milk drinking/ice cream eating lifestyle is responsible for my lack of bone strength. (Though I have never broken a bone in my life, I do have arthritis and cartilege desentegration too.) Can you comment?
    I still am bicycling about 50 miles/week. With the above T-score, can you enlighten me about my chances of breaking a bone. I.e., if I was to sustain a fall while cycling at 16-20 mph?
    I begin a Bikram Yoga class tomorrow. I am so glad to know that you endorse it!

  20. Lee

    Hi Vivian,

    Thank you so much for the work you are doing. Do you recommend Instaflex for joint support?

  21. Cheryl West

    Hi Vivian, I recieved my Save Our Bones Book today , and cant wait to get into reading it.Thanks for all your advice .Can we buy your exercise DVDs from you ? Regerds Cheryl

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Cheryl – I don’t have a stand-alone exercise DVD at this time. The Densercise System includes an Online Video Collection where I demonstrate each exercise, but it is intended to be viewed online and used in conjunction with the Densercise manual, which contains all of the details and instructions.


    thank you vivian for all your advice and for all the trouble you take to
    reply to each one of us. much appreciated. God bless.

  23. Carolyn

    Hi Vivian

    Love your question and answer sessions! Your program has been a source of great interest to me. I have followed the program for almost 2 years now. I will have a second dexascan in April to see how my bones are progressing.

    I have recently read a great deal about diatomaceous earth. The silica content is supposed to be very beneficial to calcium absorption. Wondering if you have found this to be true in any of your research?

    Thank you for your never ending work to keep our bones healthy!


  24. Diana Baker

    I am a member of Curves and was wondering if this circuit training is good for building or maintaining bone health.

  25. Linda

    I have Ataxia. Is there anything i can do to help my balance.? I have fallen 5 times in the last 3 weeks. Thanks for all the info you have given to us on “Save Our Bones”.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Linda – In Prevent Fractures with Simple Balance Exercises, you can listen to an interview with Mike Ross, who wrote The Balance Manual. You can also get his free 6-part report. But due to your underlying medical condition, please check with your doctor before you attempt any of these exercises.

  26. LynnCS

    I am 73 and am hoping to avoid these kinds of injuries. You are part of helping my journey by your honest discussion of what you are going through. I Sincerely hope you, and I, will get a lot of help from adhering to Vivian’s program. I will get the weight belt to help strengthen my left hip. I just hope it’s not too late. I am worried. Good luck, Ed. Thanks, Vivian. Every day I find something new on your site. You are a wealth of information. Lynn

  27. Jan Wood

    Dear Vivian

    I purchased your book and have found many good suggestions to combat osteoporosis. My question is regarding the spine building exercise you recommend which I tried a year or so ago. Unfortunately I suffered my first compression fracture after doing so and am wondering if it is a safe exercise to try again – having had no fractures since. Alternatively could you suggest another exercise specifically to strengthen the spine. I attend a gym but am confused as to what are safe exercises to do.

    Looking forward to your reply with thanks. Jan

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jan – As with all of my exercises, I recommend that you check with your doctor to make sure the exercise is appropriate for your particular condition. I would strongly urge you to do so before trying this exercise again.

  28. Marc

    Vivian, I enjoy your columns and agree with so much. At 68 I have no back or bone problems…really have no problems healthwise. Insurance companies take all their bucks to the bank as no claims from me. One drug about 30 years ago, an unneccessay antibiotic for a scratch on the head which I threw out quickly. I don’t have an aspirin in the house.

    I agree totally with you on the flouride issue..don’t drink the water, don’t brush your teeth with any toothpaste containing it. Sad to see the Tom’s of Maine has a new one out without flouride but has sodium laurl sulphate…no thank you! Soaps, shampoos, all that contain such thank you. From a can, no thank you. Fresh and organic all I can. Exercise, knonw how to breathe correctly, watch your posture, believe you can…lose cravings for sweets and processed foods. Life gets better! Best supplemnts (not the cheap Big Pharma ones), Vitamin K2, Krill oil, no genetically modified foods or bromated breads. Now to bound down the stairs to check on some good cooking!!!

  29. Dr John Dzineku

    Dear Vivian: This is yet again to express my appreciation for the courtesy extended for being such most effective inspiration to me.

    l have never had such experience, inspiration etc. from other sources in my lifetime.

    Thanking you so much and wishing you the very best.

  30. jean

    Hi! Vivian lovely to e-mail you, I do lots of walking mostly brisk and never stop doing things all day until about 6.30pm, eat all that you suggest to make my bones healthy, am I doing o.k. with all that hope so, also I swim Jean B

  31. Laura McFarland

    Is the taking of a statin drug to lower cholesterol harmful to bone health?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Laura – I discuss statins in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. They share some characteristics with bisphosphonate drugs and are of course acidifying, as are all drugs. Following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program will provide some protection, and it is especially important to take coQ10 if you are taking a statin drug.

  32. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You VERY MUCH For Being There For Us, And Answering Our Questions!

    Take Care And Stay Well!


  33. Heloisa Piccinelli

    Dear Vivian,

    I am really enjoying the articles I’m getting.
    I have one question. I started to drink destilled water, first plain, and after a week I started to put lemon.
    The problem is that I developed a very hard itching on my armpits. I had change my laundry detergent and started to drink destilled water. I did the elimination process, but when I stoped with the water, the problem was solved!!! Why?



    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Heloisa – It’s certainly possible to have an individual reaction to any substance, but I know of no reason that distilled water would cause itching.

  34. Jo Lynne

    Here is what I do to satisfy the craving for ice cream and I find it easier to do than the other suggestions. Simply freeze peeled, very ripe bananas in zip-lock bags. I buy them by the case from my grocer when they get very ripe and he needs to move them quickly. I have gotten them for as little as .10/lb. To make enough for 4-6 people, put about 2 cups soy or almond milk in a food processor. Add 1 Tb vanilla or to taste. Put in 6-8 frozen bananas cut into 1″-2″ chunks. Start the processor a bit slow so as not to splash the milk. You may add a couple handsful of frozen berries. I have raspberries from my garden. With strawberries I like to add 1-2 Tb of orange juice concentrate and leave out the vanilla. It tastes more like strawberry for some reason. Blueberries are good. It can also be made with cocoa or carob for a chocolate flavor. You will notice that all of these ingredients are on the list for the Save Our Bones program. Just run the processor until it is smooth and creamy. So easy and sooooo good.

    • Nancy Jones

      I would like to copy your recipe using the frozen bananas and soy or almond milk. Can you e-mail me a copy?
      Thank you. NJ

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That sounds yummy, Jo Lynne! 🙂

  35. Elisa Gonzalez

    Thank you so much for this program. It was seeming to me that addressing bone density in a sensible way was simply not happening until I saw your program. Just a quick question.
    In the quickstart guide, spelt is in both the alkalizing and acidifying columns. Was this just a typo?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sorry about the error, Elisa. Although spelt is a variety of wheat, it’s alkalizing.

  36. Kathy Raymer

    Wondering about possible benefits of diatomaceous earth. I have read that it helps replace silica in bones, as well as lower cholesterol.
    Thanks for any input.

  37. aline piechatzek

    Hi Vivian, I wanted to know if you have heard of Mila seeds.If so what are your thoughts about it.Thank You

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Aline – Mila seeds (chia seeds) are an excellent source of organic calcium and also have very high levels of omega 3 fatty acids (in the right balance with omega 6).

  38. Paul Foshee

    I have Bone Spurs on both my little toes, is that too much calcium? And do you know how to get them off? Here is an address that says they can dissolve them These people have a calcium they say will give you an absorption rate of 92.06%.

  39. Gerri D.

    Tap dancing can certainly help if you have osteoporosis. I joined a class about 3 years ago , and I go 2 x a week. I gradually went from beginner to
    intermediate/advanced to be safe.(They told me I had severe osteoporosis.)
    Well,I just had a dexa scan,and I was told my bone density had greatly improved.I have one thing to say. Be careful,but keep moving. By the way,I am 70 years old. Thank you Vivian for all the information you have provided,and I also have your book.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Congratulations, Gerri! Keep dancing! 🙂

  40. Lena

    Regarding Rebounding: I would highly recommend everyone who is thinking about starting (after consulting your care giver) to look into the different kinds of Rebounder before you decide. I belive that the Rebounders with ”bungy band(cords)” is protecting your back from any jolting or jarring and are superior compared to the ”spring based” Rebounders. So I do not agree with Vivian’s Rebounder recommendation!
    Please look at this test
    Rebounders with bungy bands are more expensive but it is worth it !!!
    Good luck
    P.S. I dont receive anything for recommending this and I do not work for this company! But I own and use a bungy band Rebounder called Bellicon and it has changed my life. (In case you wonder I have had compression fractures some years before I started to rebound).

  41. gail braman


    • Karen S.

      This is for Gail who has neuropathy. I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in 2003. At the suggestion of Dr. R. Becker who has a program called “Your Health” on t.v., I started taking alpha lipoic acid 100 mg. twice a day. He recommends up to 1000 mg. to start out with if one has severe neuropathy. I now take one capsule a day and have eliminated all the symptoms of neuropathy. Alpha lipoic acid can reverse the neuropathy, even if you’ve had it a long time.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Gail – I’m sorry, but this is outside my area of research. My suggestion would be to consult with a local naturopath or other alternative health practitioner.

  42. Feona

    Hi Vivian – I was very interested to see that you use whole milk yoghurt in your recipe for frozen yoghurt. I’m trying to follow your eating recommendations more closely than previously and wondered if you think low fat products are a waste of time? The full fat versions certaily taste better!

    Thanks or all your helpful advice. I’m always quoting you to my friends and I hope some of them are registering with you, too!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Feona, The Osteoporosis Reversal Program is not designed as a weight loss program (although healthy weight loss is often a welcome side effect!). If you choose to use low fat products for your own reasons, just make sure that the fat is not being replaced with toxic, acidifying additives.

  43. Feona

    Hi Vivian – I as very interested to see that you use whole milk yoghurt in your recipe for frozen yoghurt. I’m trying to follow your eating recommendations more closely than previously and wondered if you think low fat products are a waste of time? The full fat versions certaily taste better!

    Thanks or all your helpful advice. I’m always quoting you to my friends and I hope some of them are registering with you, too!

  44. Ed Murfin

    Hi All! Six years after my first lumbar vertebra collapse from osteoporosis, my height has reduced from 5′ 7″ to 5′ 1″ and my lower ribs are within less than an inch from the upper portion of my hips. Despite taking care in bending and twisting, in recent years i’ve enjoyed numerous lower rib fractures. My doctor is a good man, always happy to discuss alternative ways to treat the condition without drugs but thinks that, once collapsed from osteoporosis, vertebrae never regain their normal dimensions. I can cope with the constant pain, albeit becoming a bit of a grouch because it is neverending, but am finding the need to be on my guard every waking moment to avoid further rib fractures as i go about my life – I get afraid to cough sometimes as that too can fracture a rib, leaving me in unpleasant pain for many weeks each time – is making me very depressed at times. I’ve always been active and a quick mover with good flexibility and such lifetime habits are hard to change – I hate being slow! I am wondering if any other osteo sufferer has noted any regain of vertebra size once bone metabolism begins to return to something like normal? Since following Vivian’s advice after getting a copy of her book from my daughter as a present, I have noted fewer instances of vertebrae collapse, although density according to latest scan two years ago continues to reduce. I’m a 75 years man, and finding getting into and out of my car, on which I rely heavily to get around, can fracture a rib unless I take forever getting in and out. Am dreading having to give up driving and riding my motorcycle. Tis very wearing to think about, for sure. Any advice others might have learned to be useful would be very welcome. Blessings on you all, Edxx

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