What The Oceans Can Teach You About Your Bones


My path to discover the truth about osteoporosis has been fascinating and arduous at the same time. As you probably know by now, the hundreds of hours I have dedicated … Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Event Feeds More Than 310


I am thrilled to let you know that thanks to your participation in our Save Our Bones Thanksgiving event, our donation to the Broward Outreach Center fed more than 310 … Continue Reading →

Choosing A Natural Osteoporosis Therapy? You Are Not Alone


If you feel alienated and ‘on your own’ because you are considering or are already following an alternative treatment for osteoporosis or osteopenia, I have great news for you: you … Continue Reading →

How To Get Even More Bone-Building Benefits from Tomatoes


Did you ever stop to think what makes tomatoes turn red? It’s the powerful bone-building antioxidant lycopene, also present in watermelons, pink grapefruits, apricots, papayas, and other fruits. What makes … Continue Reading →

Do You Have A Hard Time Making Decisions About Your Bone Health?


Decisions, decisions, decisions! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to make them? The answer is no. You should welcome being in control of your decisions because nobody is … Continue Reading →

Prevent Fractures With Simple Balance Exercises


Mike Ross, an exercise physiologist, recently contacted me and sent me a copy of his book on balance exercises, "The Balance Manual." His book reveals how to train your balance … Continue Reading →

Exposed: The Osteoporosis Trick AND Treat


It can be great fun to get spooked. A few years ago, my sons and I set up a makeshift haunted house in our backyard complete with strobe lights, fake … Continue Reading →

Osteoporosis Exercise: The Heel Lift And Jump


In this video I show you a little-known osteoporosis exercise for the hip that I unearthed during my research and that I do often to keep my bones strong. The "Heel Lift and Jump", as I call it, has been studied by Dr. Bassey and published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research to increase bone density of the hipbone and has great overall bone building benefits.

The Flu Shot: Everything You Need To Know


Most of us love the change of seasons, and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are you are enjoying the cool autumn air and the lovely shades of … Continue Reading →

Boost Calcium Absorption With Bananas


A reader challenged me the other day to come up with one everyday food that will improve her calcium absorption and bone health. My answer surprised her since the food … Continue Reading →

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