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But going through them all can be a bit overwhelming. That's why today I've compiled for you some of the most popular blog posts ever, all into one handy page, so that you can have them at your fingertips and not miss out. And to make it even easier for you, I’ve split them up into categories.

I'm also happy to introduce our…

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Osteoporosis Drugs

Boniva: What If Sally Field Told the Truth?

Fosamax: When Good Things Happen to Bad Osteoporosis Drugs

Atelvia: My Review

Reclast: The Miracle Oral Bisphosphonate Alternative?

Prolia (Denosumab): My Review

The Forteo Mystery: What You Should Know About This Puzzling Drug

Meet Binosto: Fosamax’s Bubbly Twin

Strontium Demystified : Everything You Wanted To Know

Bone-Healthy Foods (some include recipes)

Study Shows Grapefruit Slows Down Bone Loss

Boost Calcium Absorption with Bananas

How to Get Even More Bone-Building Benefits from Tomatoes

Debunking the Milk Myth: Why Milk is Bad for You and Your Bones

The Incredible, Crunchable Cucumber

Powerful Bone-Building Antioxidants Found in Apples

Which Mushrooms Increase Bone Density?

Surprising Facts About Avocados and Osteoporosis

Are They Right About Milk? The Milk Myth Revisited

The Purple Food That Builds Your Bones

The Peculiar Bone-Healthy Fruit

The Tiny Food With Big Bone-Building Benefits

Osteoporosis Exercises

Osteoporosis Exercise: The Heel Lift and Jump

Osteoporosis Exercise: The Spine Strengthener

Osteoporosis Exercises: Build Your Bones While You Sit

The 15 Minute Secret to Preventing Fractures

Home & Lifestyle

How to Test Your Bone Health at Home

9 Bone Damaging Chemicals You May Be Using Everyday

Breathe This Way and Help Your Bones

3 Simple Lifestyle Secrets to Improve Your Bone Density

Osteoporosis Supplements

My Gift: The Ultimate Calcium Guide

Low Levels of Vitamin B12 Linked to Osteoporosis

Vitamin K: Your Osteoporosis Knight in Shining Armor

The Latest News on Vitamin D: What Does It Mean for You?

New Study: Is Vitamin E Linked to Osteoporosis?


The Fox and Cat Principle: Follow It for Better Bones

A Tale of Two Ladies: Who Would You Rather Be?

Why the Osteoporosis Reversal Program Is Not a Natural Treatment

Choosing a Natural Osteoporosis Therapy? You Are Not Alone

The Top 14 Things You’re Doing That Are Damaging Your Bones... And More!

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  1. Susan Colvin

    Now that we can’t buy Slimtevia from Jim Healthy’s, I can only find it on Amazon. Do you still recommend Slimtevia or something else?
    Thank you.

  2. tricia

    I’ve just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after a lifetime of normal thyroid function. Please can you tell me if Marine D3 & Osteoplus (both of which I take), have any iodine content? Thank-you

  3. David Parry

    what do you think of oyster shell for building bones
    David Parry

  4. Irmgard Krause

    I enjoy reading all the questions and answers, however in your “safe our bones program” which I bought I did not find anything about vitamins interacting with medications. On my Vitamin K2 (M7) container it says: do not take if you are on a blood thinner. I am taking Pradaxa and do not know what to do? Should I take the vitamin K2 anyway? A reply would be greatly appreciated.


  5. Nu Ly

    This is a great compilation, thank you so much. I pay attention all bone-
    healthy food and exercises to increase my bone density, thank you again.

  6. Betty

    On May 3, 2012 I ordered Marine D3 from Nugenics Health–doing this after reading your article regarding its benefits. As of today, June 22, 2012, I have not received the product. I have called requesting the statis of my order every week (usually on Thurs. or Fri.) and have been told it is on back order. I have been given false information–we expect shipment from the manufacturer on Mon. or Tues. and will fill your order ASAP after arrival. Each time I call I get the same responce=will arrive Mon. or Tues. This Friday I was told that the product has arrived and to expect shipment and delivery within a week to 10 days. I then went on to Amazon.com and searched Nugenics. On their home page was feedback from customers that had received their product within a week after order so—while I wait for delivery, they are ordering and receiving orders. I called Nugenics and was told they have two groups of people filling orders- those that fill new orders and those that fill backorders. They don’t want to lose their new customers so they are filling their orders as they come in—while I, basically a new customer–wait. Guess they don’t value my business!!!! I am writing to the CEO of the company and to you, as you are the person recommending this company and product. I am very anxious to try the product and hope to get results. I am, however, disappointed that I have waited 6 weeks. Thought you should know, Vivian!

    • Ellen

      I also ordered Marine D3 on May 3,2012 after reading about it on Save our Bones and had to cancel on May 23 because we were leaving the area for the summer. I received an email on Mon June 25 that the product was finally in stock but when I went on the link that was given it said the product was sold out! I then tried to call the order in and after seven trys in three hours gave up. I have emailed them again but still have no response from them. The product sounds good but I am beginning to have my doubts about the company.

    • Jane

      Me too – I haven’t received anything yet..

      • Customer Support

        Hi Betty, Ellen, and Jane,

        I’ve personally contacted them directly on your behalf and demanded that they resolve your issue. I’m so sorry you had this terrible experience with that company. We’re not happy to hear all these complaints to say the least. You should be hearing from them very soon. And if you don’t please let us know.

        Save Our Bones Support

  7. Sandhya

    Dear Vivian, thank you so much for your support.

  8. Christine

    Wonderful. Thanks Vivian

  9. Leonard Green

    Hi Vivian,
    Thank you for help. Someone asked you of distilled water with lemon juice.
    I doubt also of long term continious drinking of that stuff.
    Distilled water is acidic (without lemon juice) because there is no minerals to alkalize it. It’s probably more acidic then some spring waters.
    Also it can easily draw good minerals from internal environment. It could also absorb impurities from outside environment.
    Why not to use regular spring water (like Poland Spring) with lemon juice?
    Reverse osmosis filtered water with lemon juice is another alternative.
    Distilled water is good to draw toxins from the body in am only.
    How about ionized water?
    Could you please recommend?
    I hope you would respond this time to me
    Best wishes

  10. dot gaze

    I have just read through your book and I have always believed an alkaline way was the best way. I have taken Evista a number of years and was interested in what you had to say. I copied your list of alkalines and will use it to choose better than I have in the past.

    Thank you,
    Dot Gaze

  11. Karen

    I love your new format. It is organized and easy to use. Thank you for all of the great information that you provide us, Vivian.

  12. yasin

    thank you Viv
    your articles always brief but get to the core of the fact and sound to readly understood
    warmest regards

  13. allen ola PhilAm

    Thanks for the compilation. As a 75 yr old this is what I need.

    God bless

  14. Dolly

    Vivian, thank you so much for the compilation. Its great & wonderful!

  15. Annamay Brown

    My Doctor and I are in a controversy about drinking distilled water to get rid of the Fluoride. He says that it will change the electrolites in my body, and that I should not drink it continuously. What is your comment on that subject?

    • Leonard Green

      That’s probably a reason of bottled Smart Water creation. It’s distilled water with added electrolites
      (ca chloride, mg …, potassium…). Though it’s more expensive. I consider bying Smart Water and add lemon juice or buying distilled water and add baking soda and lemon juice. People think that baking soda can add electrolites. I see a lot of warning on Internet of distilled water usage without electrolites.
      It’s good to get rid of fluoride with distilled water but they talk of lack of electrolites as a threat for bones. That issue should be addressed.
      Best Leonard

      • Leonard Green

        On another note there is information of lemon juice content. It has Ca, Mg, Potassium in it. However I am not sure that they are in the form of electrolites.
        Though nobody talked of adding lemon juice to Smart Water. Director of the famous Florida Health resort Dr. Clement told that he has used distilled water for 30 years and got exellent results.
        Note: lemon water should be warm (not hot or cold) and better use draw to drink it to avoid acidity in the mouth- lemon water gets alkiline only after its metabolizing;
        also lemon water has multiple health benefits; especially important to drink it in am to clean the body of impurities

  16. Isabel

    Vivian, whant can I use to whiten by teeth with out affecting my bones.

    • Moon

      Baking Soda powder, the kind one can buy WITHOUT aluminum at the health food store, mixed with a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide and, if one wishes, a few drops of peppermint for taste can be used to make a whitening toothpaste. After brushing, one can swish some more hydrogen peroxide (3%) around one’s mouth to heighten the whitening effect and give a double whammy to mouth bacteria.

  17. thanks

    thanks for the free booklet which I will hope to receive soon.
    a wealth of research to help us stay bone healthy .

  18. mary t ball

    Vivian this compilation is wonderful. Thank you a million times over. Just couldn’t get any better! Mary

  19. Patricia Ducey

    Thank you so much for all the information Vivian.

  20. Feona

    Thanks so much for your trouble, Vivian, this is a great compilation!

  21. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    Is NATURE MADE VITAMIN D3 A Good Brand For That Vitamin?


    LOVE, Ms. L. (LESLIE)

  22. justin

    is it power or is it the mighty dollar that controlls all those supp. suppliers?
    only MY brand of CoQ 10 is worth your $
    take only this Ca for your bones
    NEVER touch Ca supps or it destroys your heart or/and BV
    coffee is great…coffee is your enemy
    drink 8 glasses of water…water is so destructive blah blah blah

    all of us [little idiots] are thoroughly confused lost and getting hoplessly sick!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Justin, knowledge is power. And I’m here to help you sift through all the misinformation that’s out there… So don’t get frustrated… get informed 🙂

  23. Claire

    Thank you Vivian. This is WONDERFUL!

  24. Annabelle

    Thank you so much. You think of everything. Just what we need to keep our minds focussed.


    I am VERY interested in your book .I am 81 trying to improve my computer skills keep in touch.GOD BLESS you in your work.

  26. Cindy

    This is awesome! I ran out of my commercial veggie wash and knew you had written something a while back about making your own but couldn’t remember. I just typed vegetable wash in the search engine and went right to it. Thanks for all you do.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      There you go, Cindy!

  27. Marc

    Thanks Vivian, this is what I have been looking for. It makes it so simple to find subjects you want. Good onya.

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